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One of the most important parts of a wedding is the photography because it will always bring fond memories of the sweet moments that took place on your special day. The exercise of finding the best wedding photographer within your budget can be a very daunting task, but it is worth the hunt when you find a quality photographer who meets your price and delivers the type of photography you desire. Every wedding has a venue whether it is the local courthouse or a rooftop with the city skyline in the background, and your photographer should capture the venue and location in your photos. Of course, the happy couple is the focal point, but if your venue and location are in the photos, you will receive beautiful and unique photos you will cherish forever.

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Do Your Homework

Planning is always a crucial element of a solid plan, and for your wedding photographer, you should research photographers who take more than cookie-cutter photos and venues that you feel can be used as a part of your photos. Look for venues that have standout features you can incorporate in photos or travel around your city and take photos in places that have a special meaning to you or are iconic to your city. Speak to your venue and see if they recommend any specific areas on their site. If you speak to your photographer about shooting with local landmarks in the background, they will be able to track down ideal locations for the shots.

Prior to your wedding day, you should tour your venue with the purpose of finding unique photography locations. If your venue is large, you might not be able to view everything on the wedding day, and it would be a shame to realize when you are leaving that you just found the perfect spot for a photo. If you are shooting photos around a city, you should double check the locations are open and not closed due to construction.

Inside or Outside

The decision whether to take your wedding photos outside or inside the venue is determined by the season and weather. If you are having your wedding during the summer, you can discuss with your photographer about the best outdoor locations for wedding photos. When the weather or season does not allow for outdoor photo sessions, identify the best indoor setting to have your photos taken. However, do not be afraid to think outside of the box. If you are having a winter wedding, throw on a coat and venture outside, or grab a few umbrellas if it’s raining. You only have one wedding day so make sure these photos are ones you will treasure, and if you want specific photos taken, go outside and take them.

Incorporate Your Wedding Theme Naturally

Consider incorporating any features that will reinforce your wedding theme as long as it brings a natural and tasteful feeling. If your wedding theme is centered on basketball because of your love for the game, think of how you can naturally incorporate the theme into your photography. In the end, you will want the props to help tell the story without becoming the focal point.

Location, Location, Location

No matter where you get married, there is some part of the location you can incorporate in your wedding photos. If you are married in New York City, you can shoot some photos with the skyline in the background or perhaps in Central Park. If you are abroad, you can pose with famous landmarks or even a café on the street corner. The most important part of incorporating a location in your photos is to make it something you will treasure. Your photos will be unique to your wedding, and when you see the photo, you will be swept back to the magical moment.

Integrate Nature into Your Photography

Every season has its own unique features and natural themes that you can incorporate into your wedding photos. Nature provides an abundance of materials that can be converted into eye-catching accents and breathtaking decorations. From snow to blooming flowers, there are plenty of outdoor items that can create fond memories of your wedding day through photography. For instance, you can create natural pathways using multi-colored leaves if your wedding is held during the fall.

A wedding is one of the most important events in your life, and you certainly want to make it a day you will treasure. By incorporating your venue and location in the photos, you will have standout photos that are unique only to your wedding. Instead of your traditional wedding photos, think outside of the box and capture moments that you will treasure forever.

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