We have this dream of the perfect wedding. The perfect wedding encompasses many different things for each couple. Part of that perfect wedding encompasses the desire for the dream to not transform into a nightmare. One aspect that can shoot your wedding from a dream to a nightmare is a room full of guest-zillas. Catty, loud, and obnoxious guests can ruin the ambiance of the moment. Here are some quick tips to help tame the guest-zillas before the ruin the wedding.

Appoint a Family or Friend Who Can Monitor Guests

You have a brides-maid, a ring bearer, a best man, grooms, and a maid-of honor. Why not appoint a trusted family member or friend to maintain control in the room while you prepare for the ceremony and enjoy the party? When a problem occurs, he or she will deal with it before it becomes a serious issue and ruins the mood. If the wedding is big and the guest list large, you can appoint more than one person to the task.

Give a Task

Idle minds and hands can lead to fights and other unsavory misbehavior. In order to maintain order you can ask the guest-zilla to help out. If they agree, they will no longer have the time to cause issues. This can also provide you a vital helping hand. There are always a lot of little tasks to complete and family members to show to their seats on the wedding day. If you don’t have anything, make up a task. The troublemaker doesn’t know that you don’t have enough people for an usher.

Request That They Stop

Sometimes all you need to do to stop someone’s disruptions is to draw attention to them. You can either draw the person to the side or address them openly. Explain why the behavior is wrong and ask them to stop.

Some people may not realize that their behavior is inappropriate and others who know better might not care until they are shamed into behaving. Shaming someone may seem harsh, but the alternative is letting the offending party ruin the wedding.

Find Their “Guardian”

Whether you are dealing with a child or adult guest-zilla, you can locate a guardian. I define guardian as someone that has authority or power over the troublemaker. The guardian once located can use his influence with the troublemaker to solve the problem.

If you are unsure which person present has the most authority over the troublemaker, I would talk to the mother or father of the bride or groom. They should be able to locate the best person for the job.

Attendance is a Conditional Privilege

If you have exhausted every tactic and have yet to tame the troublemaker, you might need to remind the guest that their attendance is a privilege. You may love them unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let them ruin the ceremony with an unconditional invitation.

Give them this ultimatum: shape up or leave. You have to mean it. If you count to four and their still being a nuisance have someone help you escort them off the property. If you don’t carry through with the ultimatum you lose what little authority you have. They make take that as an invitation to sink into worse behavior. Offer them the opportunity to shape up and if they refuse, show them the door.

Due to the fact that life isn’t fair and people don’t always behave as they should, guests may need to urged or guided into proper behavior. Hopefully with the tips and tricks provided, you can have the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Mary Potter isn’t a professional wedding planner, but it’s easy to forget that when her family and friends drag her from her flower gardens to plan another wedding. She enjoys giving quick tips and tricks about gardening, flowers, and wedding planning. Currently she spends her time writing about bridal flowers.