Today’s wonderful guest post comes to us from Dallas based photographer Misha Wynn, owner of Lavishly Lux Studio! Enjoy:

Weddings are epoch events. Special moments and days that will create memories for a lifetime. A marriage ceremony can mean different things to different people, but almost everyone can agree on the things that make a wedding exceptional and memorable: gathering good friends, family and loved ones; intimate sharing of sentiments and emotions; some tasty treats and libations; possibly some snazzy tunes, a dance floor and an enchanted atmosphere.

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Yes, one can easily spend hundreds of thousands to millions on this one occasion. But keeping in mind the things mentioned above, it is really necessary? Is it still possible to create an atmosphere of enchantment and magic without breaking the bank? Of course the answer is a resounding yes! And here are some creative ways to save money and have the perfect wedding on a budget.

  1. Location. Location.–Possible savings: $2,000

Choosing an urban location versus a more traditional one like banquet hall, country club, or ritzy hotel could save a few thousand right off the bat. Some ideas to consider:

  • Art gallery
  • Art or photography studio
  • Friends backyard or second home
  • Gardens, city or community
  • Restaurants
  • Roof top of a large building
  • Yacht
  1. Flower alternatives. –Possible savings: $2,000

Use flowers that are in season. While you may be able to get your favorite blooms flown-in year round, sticking with locally grown, in-season flowers can help save some major bucks. Avoid budget weddings in February if at all possible due to Valentine’s Day demand and price gouging. And skip the boutonnieres; will anyone really remember them?!

  1. Decorating tip: candles, candles, candles.

Day or night, any venue is instantly enhanced with the glow of candlelight. Tea lights, tapers and pillar candles all look beautiful when artfully arranged around a room. Finding pretty vessels at your local dollar or thrift stores are great options as well.

  1. Skip Dinner–Possible savings: $3,000

How about a wedding brunch; or just a cake and champagne reception? It is also becoming quite popular these days to simply do a cocktail, hors d’oeuvres and dancing reception. Just be sure to plan it around normal meal times, either earlier or later.

  1. No Invitations –– Possible savings: $500-700

Try video Save-the-Date and/or video invitations. Setting up your own wedding website is also quite common these days where you can send invitations and people can RSVP as well as get all kinds of information about the big day. Local lodging, airports, recommended restaurants, gift registry and more can all be included.

  1. Limit Time.

If you have gone with the option of renting a reception location, see if it is feasible to settle for a 4-hour package instead of the normal 8 hours. This could cut your rental wedding budget in half with enough time to enjoy all your guests and create lasting memories as well.

  1. Combine Video & Photography Services—Possible savings: $1,000

Since these will hopefully be once in a lifetime moments, it is highly recommended that you have both video and photography services for your event. Finding a studio that provides both may offer the best deal.

  1. Negotiate

And last but not least, negotiate. Not many people know that almost anything is negotiable. If this is not an area you are comfortable in, bring someone in the family who thrives on making the deals. Best of luck and happy bargaining for that fabulous budget wedding!

At Lavishly Lux Studio we work hard and love hard. As one of the premier wedding collectives, we are passionate about our work. If you can even call it work! We love what we do. Nothing brings us greater joy than capturing the celebration of love between two people.Our talented team of photographers will tell your unique story elegantly while still capturing spontaneous moments. We are based in Dallas, TX and offer services in Houston and Los Angeles.

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