I’m obsessed with my wedding! I know other people have had weddings that were fancier and bigger, dresses that were more expensive and flowers that would put my white rose bouquet to shame. But I don’t care. I LOVE everything about my wedding.

I see so many brides that are stressed out, tired, cranky, moody and unhappy while planning their wedding. Some of them have actually said to me that they can’t wait until their wedding is over. Whaaaat???

If you’re lucky, your wedding is something that will happen only once in your life. It’s a rare day when all of your closest friends and family gather together to celebrate the love that you and your fiancé share (and to cheers the happy couple with a glass of champagne or two).  I can’t imagine someone wishing this day away.  I didn’t ever want my wedding weekend to end and I want you to feel the same way about yours!

So, how do you ditch the stress and enjoy your big day?  I’m going to share with you just how we did it!

Here are the top 10 things you need to know to have a stress free and amazingly memorable wedding day:

  1. Identify what’s most important to you about your wedding day.  Wherever you are in the planning process, stop what you’re doing, sit down with your fiancé and figure this out.  Try to stick to 3-5 things at most (ex. band, location, guest list, dress, food).  Then, create your budget and make decisions accordingly.  If you do nothing else, this one step will help you plan your wedding with minimal stress.
  2. Do not overextend yourself.  Decide what you want. If you can’t afford it, pick the next best option within your budget.
  3. Let people help you.  Don’t try to do everything yourself.
  4. Be thoughtful and considerate of what others want but be unapologetic about your choices.  After all, it is your wedding day.
  5. People may disappoint you along the way. Get over it and move on.  Don’t waste time and energy on people/things that you can’t change.
  6. Focus on one thing at a time.
  7. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Remember what the day is really about.
  8. When you look back, will you be happy with the choices you made?  The day should be a reflection of you and your fiancé.
  9. Be present.  Your wedding is an experience.  Make sure you take it all in.
  10. Don’t forget to breath and enjoy your big day.

Nothing will ever be perfect so if that is what you are striving for with your wedding (or your diet or your weight for that matter) you will always be disappointed.  Your vendors will never admit this but I’m here to tell you that most of the details don’t really matter anyway.  So on the day of your wedding, let go and know that it will all work out… maybe not exactly as you planned but the unplanned things that happen are the real precious moments.  Your wedding is about sharing your love with friends and family and about making memories… not about perfection.  In the end, if your wedding day is full of family + friends, good health and happiness + laughter, then smile and consider yourself lucky in love… and in life.  Cheers!

Kristin Brady is a Holistic Health + Lifestyle Coach and a certified NLP Practitioner.  After Kristin lost 30lbs for her wedding through diet + lifestyle changes, she enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to learn how to help others create lives full of health, happiness, passion and purpose.  Kristin is a blogger and the founder of www.thefreshequation.com. She helps women transform their lives through teleseminars and workshops.  Kristin currently resides in New York City and spends her free time drinking green juice, cooking, running and playing golf with her husband. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.