Today’s lovely guest post, brought to us by Jeremy Senn of Picshare Party (Portland, OR) is a delightfully simple guide to planning a fun, laid-back wedding! Enjoy:

According to a report done by Zola, which surveyed 500 newly engaged or newlywed couples, 96% of them called wedding planning stressful. And nearly half of them used the words “very” and “extremely” to describe the wedding planning stress, making it worse than (for most) moving or public speaking. Yikes. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Gone are the days where everyone has to have a big, fancy wedding. More and more, people are trading in the huge stress-load of “traditional” for a simpler wedding. Here are some tips to make your wedding planning less stressful, yet still classy.

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Set a date

Seems simple, right? Well, it’s not always. But choosing a date early can sure help make the rest of the planning process easier. A lot of couples get stuck here, wanting to have the perfect date. But some things, like the weather, will simply be unpredictable. If you want your wedding date to hold a special memory for you, then pick a date with meaning (your parents’ wedding date, your anniversary date, your dog’s birthday), and stick with it. If you want your wedding at a certain time of the year, then pick the historically nicest day in Spring (or whenever), and don’t second guess it.

Be the CEO of your wedding planning

Don’t be afraid to delegate! You’re bound to have family and friends that will jump at the chance to help you plan your wedding. Giving them tasks you need done, if they’re willing, will help them feel special as they get to be a part of planning your big day. More to the point, it’ll help relieve some of the burden of doing everything on your own.

Let your guests replace a wedding photographer

You know your guests are going to be taking photos, anyway. Why not use that? Tasking your guests with taking your wedding photos will give them a fun way to be involved. Plus, they’re bound to capture some truly special, candid moments that a single photographer may not be able to. And services like Picshare Party allow you to collect all your guests photos simply through text, without having to download anything.

Let your bridesmaids and groomsmen take care of their outfits

If you’re willing to forego complete control over what your best friends and family wear, simply ask them to match a certain style or to wear a particular color in whatever style they like. This next part might be difficult, but then you’ve got to trust them and let go. If you want everyone to match in some way, you can always get matching corsages for the bridesmaids and matching ties for the groomsmen.

Choose a multi-purpose venue

Consider choosing a venue where you can hold both your ceremony and reception. You’ll save on both cost and transportation hassle. The space doesn’t have to be huge, as long as it can open up into a dance floor after the ceremony so you can get your groove on.

Minimize the guest list

While it may be traditional to invite everyone you know, it’s so much simpler to keep the guest list to those you’re close to. Chances are your third cousins and best friend’s uncle will understand.

Keep the menu simple

Poll a few of your guests if you like, and be considerate of any food restrictions. But whether you choose to get the menu yourself or get a caterer, don’t go overboard. If you’ve kept your guest list to those closest to you, then they aren’t there for a big, fancy menu. They’re there to help you celebrate your big day. The free food is just a happy bonus.

Keep the decorations simple

Choosing an already beautiful venue, like a historic church or building with unique architecture, helps here. You’ll be able to admire the simple beauty of your setting without needing a bunch of extra decorations. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you can save on decorations by choosing a space with a natural focal point, like a giant tree or a body of water. The natural setting will be refreshing in a way your guests will appreciate.

Go with the flow

Planning the perfect wedding isn’t easy. Actually, it’s practically impossible. The Murphy’s Law states that “things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance.” And the more you try to plan things to smallest detail, the more likely it is that something won’t go according to plan. So throw the idea of perfection out the window and focus on what’s most important: getting married and having fun.

Jeremy Senn is the founder and creator of, a web application built exclusively for gathering wedding pictures into an online gallery using nothing more than text message. When he’s not working on new Picshare Party features or chatting with customers, Jeremy can be found hiking the trails above his home in Ashland, Oregon.

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