Weddings are expensive, there’s no denying that fact. And if you’re spending a whole lump of savings on a single day, you’ll want it to be memorable. After all, who wants a boring wedding? But, bearing in mind that every detail of your day will likely find its way onto social media, how do you make your wedding different to the oodles of other ceremonies you and your guests will ultimately attend?

What better way to make a lasting impression than by taking inspiration from a beloved TV show? It’s a growing trend – we’ve seen everything from Friends-themed nuptials to more opulent Downton Abbey style affairs – but one that has not yet been oversaturated. But what do you need to consider for a television-inspired wedding day? Here, we’ll run through everything you should consider, as well as some extra bits to really help transport your guests to another world.

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Set the scene with your wedding location

Choosing a location should be one of the first things you do when planning your wedding. Not only is it important to know how much space you’ll have to play with, it’s absolutely essential in setting the scene for your themed day. If your venue doesn’t scream period drama, action adventure, or whatever TV theme you’re going for, it’ll be hard to convince your guests otherwise.

If you want your venue to be as authentic as possible, try looking around the world. Fort Lovrijenac in Dubrovnik, for example, is perfect for a Game of Thrones themed wedding. Fans of the show will recognise the historic fortress as the filming location used for the Red Keep and is available to hire for weddings.

If you’re looking for something a little more Downton, Sandon Hall is a stunning stately home set in Staffordshire countryside. The Grade II* listed mansion is available to hire along with an experienced team who specialise in vintage weddings. This is ideal, especially if you have any questions about how to decorate a heritage building if you’re travelling to the UK from abroad.

Order bespoke decorations in plenty of time

Once you’ve hired a venue to set the scene, it’s time to source the decorations and finishing touches that will really bring your theme to life. This could be anything from table settings, name cards, flowers, or wedding favours. These gothic props for a True Blood-themed wedding are the perfect example of how you bring elements of even the most outlandish shows.

If you have something very specific in mind, you might need to custom order products, especially if you want them personalised. Bespoke items will take much longer to be made and delivered, so make sure you order them well in advance.

Consider bringing themed dishes to the menu

It may be possible to include elements of your chosen TV show within the menu for the wedding ceremony. Granted, it will not make sense for all TV shows, but if there is scope for a themed dinner it can really make guests feel as though they’re in the show. Whether this involves the entire meal, or just one element of the menu, having themed food is sure to keep your guests entertained.

For example, for a Mad Men themed affair, you could serve a 1960s inspired menu of retro recipes and classic cocktails. Alternatively, you could experiment with molecular gastronomy if your big day is inspired by The Big Bang Theory.

If you’re relying on having your food provided by caterers, make sure they can offer what you’re expecting. The last thing you want is realising your caterer can only offer grilled chicken when your heart was set on a lavish hog roast. Shop around and talk to a few caterers, but stay realistic with your budget and what can actually be achieved.

Make sure you look the part

Whether it’s with the colour scheme or the style of outfit you wear, it’s important that the bride’s dress and the groom’s attire fits in with the theme. We’re not saying you have to go in full costume, you can be as subtle or dramatic as you like, but a theme will only carry through if you look the part.

Historical or period shows, such as with Downton Abbey, can make planning your outfit much easier; you can take inspiration from the 18th-century outfits, or wear a full wedding gown that could have been taken directly from the show.

There’s plenty of inspiration out there, and there have been plenty of iconic TV wedding dresses. A few of our favourites include Amy Poehler’s homemade newspaper clipping dress from Parks and Recreation, Leighton Meester’s beautiful blue lace gown in Gossip Girl, and Cynthia Nixon’s iconic velvet burgundy suit from Sex and the City.

Offer your guests extra ‘easter eggs’

Adding little references to the show around your wedding is a sure way to keep your guests entertained, giving them something new to find as the day progresses. This Friends-themed wedding table plan, for example, is a whimsical way to let your guests know where they’re sitting, and easily fits in with the theme without too much work. You could even include your theme in the wedding invitation, keeping everything consistent and giving your guests an idea to what the big day will be like.

Regardless of how you plan your wedding, the important thing is to have fun and enjoy it! If that means including just taking a little inspiration from your favourite TV show, or even going so far as to reenacting an entire scene, stay stress-free with careful planning.