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Today’s guest post comes to us from Michal Kriesch, a renowned Australian wedding photographer who specializes in custom design albums and capturing life’s precious moments. His goal is to capture the details and the mood of the day that will be preserved as memories forever.

Stop Motion Videos are the hot new trend of wedding photography. For those who haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a novel approach to wedding video, where series of images are used to create the effect of video through rapidly changing photos. It’s a unique way to capture your entire wedding experience in a short and beautiful video that’s unique, personal and thus great for sharing with friends and relatives.

How can you make a stop motion video for your wedding?

Well, it’s actually not as difficult as it may seem – although it does require some planning and some post-processing work, almost anyone with the right camera and a dedication can do it. So here are some of the most important aspects of shooting a quality stop motion video for a wedding:

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Create an Atmosphere

First of all, just as with any wedding videography or photography, it’s important to decide on a mood and a theme for your stop motion video. While there are many options, you should consider emphasizing the positive mood and the personalities of the people involved as much as possible. The video will be rather short, so you want to make sure it packs a punch and has its own style – generic videos simply won’t be very interesting.

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Have a Clear Plan

Another important aspect of a good stop motion video is having a clear and concise plan on what will be in it – once again, the video will likely be up to five minutes in length, therefore you need to plan it to include only the essentials. The usual parts of a stop motion wedding video include the preparation of the soon-to-be-weds, the first meeting, as well as couple interactions (which also have to reflect their personalities), the actual wedding ceremony and meeting the families, the reception and, finally, exit. There are things that can be added in between, and changes can be made in the order, but these are the bare-bone essentials of what should be included.

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Use Natural Light

Since you’ll be doing a lot of sequential shots in a very short time, using artificial light will be difficult. Therefore you should do your best to do as many shots with natural light as possible. Not only will this allow you to take dozens of shots in each sequence, but also provide you with unparalleled lighting which will be great in post-processing, as the pictures will likely come out looking naturally gorgeous.

Take Lots of Images

You want to have as much images to work with as possible in your post-processing, so don’t forget to take many pictures in each stage of the stop motion video production. Also, consider that in order for the video to appear smooth and have that “live” feeling, you’ll likely need to use dozens of shots for each sequence, and it helps when you have at least some wiggle room in terms of what shots will you end up using.

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Don’t Rush the Post-Processing

Finally, if you’ve done the first four correctly, you should have a pretty solid foundation out of which you can actually make the stop motion video in the post-production. You can use a variety of slideshow programs – simply import each sequence and set the image timing anywhere between 0.3 and 0.6 of a second. You can make the first and last image of a sequence a bit longer, around a second, to make the transition smoother. Afterwards, connect the sequences together, smooth out the transitions some more, add the music, the final polish and the video is ready to go!

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