Add Flowers to Your Cake — Inspiration for Cakes with Floral Touches! (1)

love flowers and floral touches, and I love wedding cake — so I just can’t resist any cake that features real blooms! We’ve partnered with Australian floral supplier Flowers for Everyone to bring you this inspiring roundup of floral cakes, perfect for pinning!

Naked cakes and flowers

Add Flowers to Your Cake — Inspiration for Cakes with Floral Touches! (2)

I love the rustic elegance of naked cakes — the one above *almost* looks like logs of aspen, and combined with flowers and a log as a stand, this cake would be perfect for any outdoorsy, rustic wedding.

Going to have a smaller cake? Overwhelm the cake with blooms to up the glamour factor!

Add Flowers to Your Cake — Inspiration for Cakes with Floral Touches! (3)

Rustic ruffled cakes

These cakes also feel outdoorsy but also romantic, with ruffle-y details that reminds me of my childhood wearing ruffled dresses to special occasions. The flowers below have also been placed “randomly” (in quotes because this is never random!) which makes the cake look more informal and whimsical.


Classic cascading blooms

A very beautiful and traditional solution to adding flowers to your cake — set up a cascade of flowers to flow down your layers. This obviously works best with cakes with multiple layers, either set together like the cake below or layers separated by columns.


Mini-cakes with floral layers

We love mini cakes, and it’s the perfect set up for a layer of gorgeous blooms! This is the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want or can’t afford a large layered cake (hey, I hear you, I’m in that boat too!) but still wants the glamour and impact of a gorgeous cake covered in flowers.

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Subdued and Elegant Floral Touches

You don’t need a lot of flowers to make a beautiful impression! The cake below is perfect for an elegant, upscale, classy wedding that still wants to integrate the outdoors. Instead of a massive explosion of blooms, you can accessorize your cake with a few elegant touches.

Thank you again to Flowers For Everyone for inspiring this post! What’s your favorite way to integrate cakes with floral touches? Do you have any favorite photos on Instagram you’d like to share? Would love to know what you think in the comments!

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