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Today’s wedding photographer interview is with Tracy of Tracy Doyle Photography, based in Cincinnati, Ohio! Love her photography, make sure to check them out below.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

My name is Tracy Doyle and I am a Cincinnati based photographer. I absolutely love what I do for a living. It’s a chance to have some creative freedom and meet some cool people at the same time. I am very passionate about art in general and my camera is my tool. My favorite thing in the world other than photography is my family and the time we spend together.

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How did you get into wedding photography?

My business started a few years back after working for multiple photographers including some commercial, magazine and wedding photographers. I’ve been in the photography world for over 10 years now. Weddings is where I found my first real shooting job and I’ve been in love with photographing people ever since. I book a limited amount of weddings each year to keep things fresh and give a little extra attention to my clients when needed. My goal is to create creative and natural images that WOW you. I think everyone deserves to have photos of themselves that they love. I make it my job to create those photos.

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What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

My favorite part of the wedding day changes from wedding to wedding. Again, I like to keep things fresh so I approach each wedding day open minded. The people involved really add to the creativeness. In other words, I take what you give me and make the most out of it. Some brides really like the getting ready part and I can own in the candid moments with some great details. Other bride’s really feel more comfortable when I pose them, so the portrait part of the day becomes my favorite. Other times the reception can be the most exciting photos. The spontaneity is can be great.

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What is the most awkward moment you’ve experienced while on the job?

One of my most award wedding moments had to have been when I called the groom’s mother his grandmother. I was so embarrassed! On my behalf though, no one introduced me to the family that day. I learned my lesson to always say, “Introduce me to your family.”

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What’s the best thing you ever ate at a wedding?

The best food I’ve ever had at a wedding was a mashed potato bar with all the toppings! I love that!

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Nikon or Canon?

Nikon loyal.

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What is your favorite venue and why?

My dream location would have to be a woodland location. I would love love love to shoot a small private ceremony and reception in the woods! I can imagine the decor! I think what would top it off is having the capability to pre-light the location with the couple too! Hmmm… any takers on this idea? :)

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If you could shoot any celebrity wedding (past, present or future), who would be the lucky couple?

Honestly, I may have to pass on a celebrity wedding. Too much stress…

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What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding photographers just getting started?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is to know your clients. To any newer photographer this is key to your success in some many areas of your business. Better camera results, purchase totals and happiness for everyone involved. :)

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Thanks Tracy! For more about Tracy Doyle Photography, check out her WeddingPhotoLove profile, or head straight to her website.

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