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Today’s stationer interview is with Natalie of Fink Ink Designs, based in Florida! Enjoy the interview:

How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

I’ve always loved paper crafts and scrapbooking.  My business consisted mainly of branding and logo design when I reunited with a high school friend who asked me to design her wedding invitations.  From there it’s been referral after referral and I’ve fallen in love with designing for weddings.  These days I find myself looking at color combinations and thinking “wow that’d look good on a stationery set…” and I’m always looking forward to working on another wedding.

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What is your favorite color combination?

I’m a wide-range color fan! I love the elegance that ivory, blush pinks, and opalescent whites bring to a wedding.  I also love wearing bright colors that compliment just right.

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What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

I recently had the opportunity to create a very custom lace pocketfold invitation.  I dyed and hand-cut 125 pieces of lace to fit the shape of the card then adhered it to the sturdy invite paper.  I like for all of my projects to be very creative and original.  And, of course, I just love to see the bride and groom’s faces when their finished invites are delivered.

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Do you have a favorite typeface?

My favorite typeface right now is called lavanderia.  It’s such a beautiful script that I have to talk myself out of using it too much! My favorite everyday typeface is Clarendon Light and it’s mostly because of the “&” ampersand!

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What is the most bizarre request you have received?

Oh boy! I’ve had a lot of strange requests. In my graphic design work I’ve made logos for some crazy business names.  I have made some pinup styled calendars that were in an industrial theme (think girls and gears).  Most recently, I’ve gotten a stationery request for a Batman themed wedding.

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Ampersand or the word “and?”

It depends.  I am obsessed with ampersands, even to the point that if I am working on a project and see an ampersand I like I write the font name down in my journal. I think one, possibly two, ampersands tops on the stationery is enough. If it’s in a sentence I prefer the word and.

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Any advice for brides?

Trust your wedding vendors! Once you have communicated your vision and color scheme, trust them to take the ball and run with it. They have your best interest at heart.

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Do you offer more than just stationery?

Yes. I love all forms of design. My specialties include print and graphic design, branding and marketing, page layout, typography and package design. I also specialize in custom wedding & event stationery including invitations, place cards, menus, programs and more. I love the creative process and am always looking for fun ways to do my job.

Photo by Jordan Weiland

Thanks Natalie! For more about Fink Ink Designs, check out her WeddingInviteLove profile, or head straight to her website.

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Photo credits: All photos uncredited are by by Hannah Glogower Photography (WeddingPhotoLove profile)