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Today’s wedding stationer interview is with Chrissy of Invitations by Chrissy, based in Pennsylvania! Enjoy:

How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

It started about ten years ago with my sister-in-law asking me to do save the dates for her wedding. At the time I had plenty of experience with graphic design and I was an avid scrapbooker but had never given any thought to designing wedding stationery. I mean I hadn’t even done my own wedding invitations! So I initially thought she was crazy, but said yes (how could I possibly say no). I had the design part down, but I had a lot to learn… I did a ton of research on the proper etiquette for weddings and then progressed to researching the supplies I would need as well as the details for different printing techniques. In the end, I not only designed and created her save the dates, I did the invitations, menu cards, programs, place cards, favor tags, even a coordinating wedding album. After that, my brother-in-law asked me to do his wedding and it just went on from there. For a couple of years I just did friends, family, word of mouth. Once my youngest child started kindergarten, I decided it was time to make this business official and actually market it. I created a website and then contacted local wedding planners and the rest is history!

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What is your favorite color combination?

My personal favorite is black and white with just about any accent color. I love the clean classic look of the black and white and then the pop of an accent color here and there can really add a lot of interest and convey completely different syles depending on the color. For instance, gold gives an instant classic formal feeling while hot pink is more modern and fun.

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What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

That’s a really hard question to answer since everything I do is uniquely designed for each client. Some of the non-traditional designs I’ve done are: Kentucky Derby tickets, cruise ship boarding passes, an Andy Warhol pop art inspired design.

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Do you have a favorite typeface?

Absolutely! I love Bickham Script Pro because of all the flourishes and open-type options it has. It is just beautiful and perfect for wedding invitations. I love to mix it with print fonts by using it just for the bride and grooms names. It really makes them stand out that way.

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What is the most bizarre request you have received?

A toothbrush save the date if you can believe it! To explain, the bride was just finishing dental school before the wedding and thought that it would be really “neat” to do that. She wanted her save the date to be something that wouldn’t just be thrown away. In the end, I was able to convince her to go in a different direction and she ultimately chose to do a magnet instead.

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Ampersand or the word “and?”

I think it depends on the style of the invitation. Personally, I love a big flourishing ampersand, but that wouldn’t really work on a more modern, clean design. There is also the consideration of tradition/etiquette/formality. Some brides (more like their mothers) want to do everything old-school. In that case the word “and” would definitely be used.

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Any advice for brides?

When it comes to their wedding stationery, I would say make sure you have a good rapport with your designer and be sure to find out if there is any limit on revisions and/or any hidden fees. For example, I do unlimited revisions because I feel that if I truly listened to my client then there shouldn’t wind up being too many revisions anyway. 
As for weddings in general, for months and months you’ve been planning this day and then it’s over before you know it. I tell every client to make sure on the wedding day itself they really take the time to soak it all in and enjoy it!

Do you offer more than just stationery?

In addition to invitations, save the dates, menu cards, programs, etc., I also design seating charts, favor boxes, signs, tags, magnets, postage stamps…

Thanks Chrissy! For more about Invitations by Chrissy, check out her WeddingInviteLove profile, or head straight to her website.

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