Yay, something brand new to the blog! Katie from Invitations by Ajalon graciously invited me to a studio tour up in Northern California near Santa Rosa (the roadtrip itself was a treat with the discovery of the best cupcakes in the world), and I had the best of time seeing their office and watching their press fly on a set of custom invitations. Ajalon Printing & Design has been providing print and design services for over 50 years — find special deals on their invitations on Facebook or read more about them on their website.

Beautiful red ink for the invitations.

The best picture I could get of the press running. I wish I had video ability on my camera!

(This shouldn’t be hilarious, but it is.)

Letterpress plate.

Ink mixing — so pretty!

These pantone chips make mine look pristine by comparison. There is something awesome about how grungy these are.

The office, in front of the printing area. I didn’t want to disturb their work so I snapped this one stealthily. ;)

Another stack of lovely invitations.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! If you run a custom invitation studio in the California Bay Area, I’d be more than happy to take a tour — just email me at [email protected]. I also travel to NYC often!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!