A few weeks ago, the WeddingLovely team went on an adventure. Not just ANY adventure, but a real live engagement shoot. Not just ANY engagement, but the one of our lovely and talented Julia! Josh Gruetzmacher Photography was kind enough to let us tag along to Half Moon Bay and share in the excitement of Julia and Luis. The photos in this post were taken with our iPhones, thanks to a camera battery mishap. But, that’s okay because tomorrow we’ll be sharing Josh’s photos – which are all kinds of awesome. Thanks Josh!

Shoot with Josh Gruetzmacher Photography

Can you believe that this is practically in our backyard? This is the spot where Julia said “yes.” If you missed it, you can read her engagement story here. Half Moon Bay is such a beautiful place.

See Josh at work after the jump…

Shoot with Josh Gruetzmacher WeddingPhotoLove

As we were heading down to the beach on what felt like 300 stairs, Josh hopped right up onto the rail and proceeded to shoot. I’m not going to lie, I was a BIT nervous he’d fall with all that expensive gear – but it was totally second nature for him. Without a doubt, Josh is a pro!

Shoot with Josh Gruetzmacher WeddingPhotoLove

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. It got a little bit chilly, but Julia was a trooper and battled on through. At one point, Luis ran down the beach and brought her his coat without even asking, she’s marrying a total sweetheart you guys! As he came back with it and draped it over her, Tracy and I “aaaaawwwwwwwwwwed” in unison.

Shoot with Josh Gruetzmacher WeddingPhotoLoveShoot with Josh Gruetzmacher WeddingPhotoLove

Aside from his gymnastic jumping and balancing abilities, Josh is a well-rounded photographer. As he unloaded his gear for the shoot, he informed us that he’d be shooting film– it takes a very confident and experienced photographer to shoot film in this digital age where we are spoiled by our viewfinders. Josh brought along a few vintage Polaroid cameras to give us a little instant gratification. Here’s one of our favorites:

Shoot with Josh Gruetzmacher WeddingPhotoLove

The shoot ended with the most amazing sunset – it was like something out of a movie.

Shoot with Josh Gruetzmacher WeddingPhotoLove

Josh was so so sweet and personable from the moment he met us. Julia and Luis warmed right up to him, which resulted in such a great shoot (just WAIT until you see the photos tomorrow!). This group photo was taken by Luis, who apparently should not quit his day job to become a photographer. ;)

Shoot with Josh Gruetzmacher WeddingPhotoLove

Check back tomorrow for Josh Gruetzmacher’s photos from the engagement shoot!

Check out Josh Gruetzmacher Photography on WeddingPhotoLove, or visit his site for even more of his wonderful work.


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