A rather delayed post (whoops) — back when I was in Toronto (in June!) I was able to go see Kid Icarus and their beautiful shop and workspace.

I just received this announcement yesterday:

If you haven’t already heard, we’ve taken our biggest step yet and are moving down the street from our cherished Nassau street location into a larger space that will help us pursue our dream of fostering a vibrant arts and crafts community in our city. Our new space will be part retail shop, part community hub, where we can provide space for other professional screen printers to create and host workshops and talks for the community at large. It’s really exciting!

Which reminded me that I hadn’t posted the pictures of their soon-to-be former space! Better late than never, right?

Additionally, Kid Icarus is running an IndieGoGo campaign to help them through this transition! Here’s their video:

Handmade products, hand built business, Kid Icarus needs help to take flight. from kidicarus on Vimeo.

Our campaign is to take what we have built, and bring it up to it’s true potential. A financial bridge is needed to help us:

  • Move into a new space and retail shop where we can continue to expand and foster the arts and crafts community
  • Heighten awareness of traditional print methods and the visual artists who work with these antiquated and time honoured traditions.
  • Foster local and regional handcraft especially via workshops and talks
  • Provide space for other professional screen printers to access our equipment and create.

So great! Donate to their campaign here, and check out the photos from the studio tour below: