Are you back for more Ladies of Letterpress? Good, because we have some great stuff to share with you today. I tell you what, this group of ladies is oozing with talent!

HawkGerber, Ink

HawkGerber Ink WeddingInviteLove

At first, I thought that this card from HawkGerber Ink was a biology lesson. Then, I saw the payoff and laughed. I <3 this card.

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HawkGerber Ink WeddingInviteLove

So simple, yet so funny! HawkGerber Ink’s cards have such great personality that I think many people can relate to, don’t you?


Moglea Ladies of Letterpress

The type on this card from Moglea is so freaking awesome. I love how it dances so elegantly across the card…swoon.

Moglea Ladies of Letterpress

These cards are so great! The combination of cute illustration and maps is just genius – it works so well together.

Fancy Seeing You Here

Fancy Seeing You Here Ladies of Letterpress

Fancy Seeing You Here had such fun cards, it was hard to decide which ones to feature. This card was one of a kind – and because I have a couple of friends that are ALWAYS saying “oh snap,” I had to post it here.

Fancy Seeing You Here Ladies of Letterpress

This meter series rocks. The neon palettes and the graphics come together to be such a memorable design.

We love Ladies of Letterpress and all the great stationery that they produce. Make sure to visit each designers site to see all their lovely designs!



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