Centerpieces are solely for the guests. They came to show love and appreciation for the couple. The centerpieces also provide a holistic view of the beauty of the venue and the theme for the wedding.

Needless to say, centerpieces are an integral part of the wedding décor and takes up a good amount of your floral budget. Hence choosing the right table centerpieces is important. Wholeblossoms are usually used as part of the centerpiece rather than dispersed parts.

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Know about table structure

The tables for the guests come in various shapes and sizes. The arrangements must be done keeping that in mind. At first, decide what kind of tables you would want in the venue. If you are already set on your floral designer, take suggestions from him or her as well about the tables. The shape of the tables includes round, square or rectangular.
For round tables, only one single centerpiece in the middle is the most common approach. But for rectangular tables, the number is higher depending on the length of the table. While choosing the tables, keep track of the number of guests.

Go for larger blooms

Going for larger blooms is a better approach for decorating your tables. A whole blossom of large flower is good enough to be a centerpiece. This saves you both time and money. Smaller blooms can be used as complementary parts for the square or rectangular tables. For the chair decors, you can use smaller blooms. But yes, do keep in mind about the wedding theme while selecting the larger blooms.

Choose the right flowers

As vague as it sounds, choosing the right flower is important. Do not choose something with strong fragrance. Since the guests would be directly sitting there, they might get uncomfortable with the strong smell. Also, since they would be eating at the table, the mixed smell of food and flowers can be confusing. It is better to go for flowers with subtle fragrance.

Our favorite color combination for centerpieces would be shades of violets and blues. It is sleek and classy and goes well with white fabric for the tables. If your tablecloth is of dark color, lighter shades of flower would be better.

Keep it simple

Do not overdo with the centerpieces. Even if the tables are bigger, you need to keep ample space for the guests to see each other and move their hands freely. Keep in mind about the height of the centerpieces. If the height is too long, it becomes difficult for the guests to interact with each other. For tables of any size, just stick with some basic flowers or whole blossoms. There is no need to use much greenery and stems as added layers to the centerpieces.

Utilize the space well

Space is important. If you do not keep ample space between the centerpieces, the overall look won’t be the expected one. Try to keep it as minimalistic as possible. Even if you have a good budget allocated for the centerpieces, do not use it to increase the numbers. Rather use the budget to buy expensive and exotic flowers if you want. Focus on the quality over quantity.

Prioritize the guests

The other decors should solely be according to you and your partner’s preference. However, in case of centerpieces, we would recommend that you think about the guests first. Do not choose something that would create inconvenience for the guests. Make sure to give them enough space to interact with each other. Choose flowers with a subtle smell and something pleasing to the eyes.

Don’t forget about the theme and budget

With all the other variables in place, last but not the least, do not forget about the overall theme of your wedding and the allocated budget for the centerpieces. Make sure you choose the flowers relevant to the theme and align that with your budget.

Be it small or grand weddings, it does take a lot of preparations and you need to keep track of everything. While choosing the centerpieces as well, few things should be kept in mind so that you can relax and enjoy with your loved ones on your special day.

WeddingLovely and Whole Blossoms teamed up to share this partnered list of tips on how to choose the perfect table centerpieces for your big day.