The oh-so-lovely Invitations by Ajalon sent us today’s guest post, thanks so much Katie! You’re going to learn all about letterpress from a true professional. Enjoy. :)

Brides and grooms all over the world are going crazy for letterpress wedding invitations right now and I certainly cannot blame them. There is something about that soft, luscious paper and those deep impressions that send my heart racing. Why do you love letterpress?

The versatility of this centuries-old printing process is another thing I will never get over. Any color in the Pantone rainbow looks amazing letterpress printed, and if ink isn’t your thing, shiny foil or blind impression looks fabulous impressed into paper.

Your options are endless. Let’s take a look at a few:

Invitaitons by Ajalon WeddingInviteLove

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No matter what your wedding color scheme, matching your letterpress invitation is no problem at all. Letterpress printers are usually master ink matchers who can create the perfect hue just for you.

Using multiple inks is awesome as well; we see a lot of gorgeous two-color wedding invites. If you’re feeling really extraordinary, I’m sure you could talk your printer into splitting the fountain. A split fountain results in the perfect blend of colors—think ombre!

Invitaitons by Ajalon WeddingInviteLove


Foil invitations are all the rage. The foils come in many colors; so again, matching your invitation with your wedding color scheme is not a problem. I love the class gold foil radiates with its shine!

Invitaitons by Ajalon WeddingInviteLove

Tint Varnish

If you’re not ready to commit to a second ink color, try a tint varnish. The color of your choice can be mixed with a varnish to create a lighter, more transparent hue to work with. Your invitation wording will look amazing on top of an intricate design printed with a tint varnish.

Invitaitons by Ajalon WeddingInviteLove

Blind Impression

One of my favorite letterpress printing methods is blind impression. Absolutely no ink is used when running your invitations through the press, and the result is truly elegant.

Invitaitons by Ajalon WeddingInviteLove

Save the blind impression for your invitation motif or monogram, or let loose and use it as an intricate background design.

Invitaitons by Ajalon WeddingInviteLove

Are you ordering letterpress wedding invitations for your big day? What print method will you choose?