Today’s featured invitation is by { little toad }, inspired by the Pixar movie “Up” (one of my favorites!) Such darling illustrations and a beautiful finished invitation set — I love that these are so silly yet loving, a really wonderful departure from the typical classic wedding invitation. Michelle, take it away:

Well first off I love all things Disney & all things Pixar but when I saw the movie “UP” I felt a whole different level of respect for these animated films. In the first 15 minutes it managed to beautifully illustrate the full depth of a marriage, needless to say I was balling my eyes out (to the dismay of my boyfriend & my fellow movie goers.) Fast forward a year later and I came upon two engagement shoots inspired by “UP” and I was blown away by the artistry, the creativity & interpretation of the film. I also loved that so many other couples were so moved by the film that it has become a very popular wedding theme. This along with my love for the movie inspired me to create these invitations and Save the Dates.

In creating these my biggest challenge was making sure people would recognize parts of the movie in my illustrations but also making sure to make them my own interpretation & in my own artistic style. I always start with a pencil and my sketch book. This is where I can experiment, screw up (yes it happens) and really work out how they are going to look.Once I have chosen & refined my sketches I scan them in and use Adobe Illustrator to create the final digital artwork. Another challenge is mixing your illustration with all the necessary text that has to be included and leaving enough room for the couple ordering them to feel they can include as much information as they need to without losing any of the design. The couple was modeled after me and my boyfriend but with all my designs they can easily be personalized to look like & match the couple’s individual wedding. Right now I’m in the process of creating “UP” themed thank you cards, table numbers and anniversary cards.

I always love invitations that tell a story and the more you look at them the more you discover in the illustrations. So look closely and you will see the following little “UP” touches:

  • The groom has a grape soda badge.
  • Balloons are present in the Save the Dates & on the RSVP.
  • There are handprints on the mailbox for the RSVP.
  • The groom has a bowtie.
  • The color purple is used throughout (even in the envelopes) to represent grape soda.
  • In the background you can see “My Adventure Book” which was a huge part of the movie but also makes great guest books & couples photo albums.
  • The detail on her dress and on the envelope make a heart pattern.
  • The colors used in the type represents not only the different color of the balloons but also the different flavors of soda pop.

I LOVED how these turned out as much as I LOVED making them. I hope they will be a great addition to a couple’s special day and will mark their lifetime of adventures ahead of them.

Thank you Michelle! For more about { little toad }, check out their profile on WeddingInviteLove, their Etsy store, or their Facebook page for more!