One thing that brides do when preparing to say “I do,” is think about how they want to look on their big day. For a boost of confidence, to ensure stunning wedding photos or simply to feel beautiful, every bride as their own plan for putting together her look. An idea to keep in mind for making the prep go as smoothly as possible is by preparing a bridal bag. This is a great idea for bridesmaids looking to do something special for the bride or something that the bride herself can put together to be proactive for anything that might come her way.

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Finding a cute bridal bag

Every bride is different. A glam bride might adore a bedazzled tote bag to hold all of her necessities, but a simple bride might be looking for something more classic. Etsy has a lot of adorable options that suit everyone’s unique style. The main thing is to find a bag that will hold everything and won’t become so overstuffed that it’s impossible to find what you need. Smaller pouches, plastic baggies or makeup bags are also great ideas for keeping smaller items easily accessible.

Choosing the right makeup products

Whether you’re going through a makeup artist or doing your own, don’t go trying new products for the first time on the day of your wedding. Make sure whatever you’re using works with your skin and will last through the ceremony and reception. A small tube of liquid concealer is great for covering up blemishes and allows for easy touch-ups in between photo shoots. Blush and highlighter are also great for playing with lighting and making sure your face is as glowing as your smile!

Making your wedding day hairstyle last

No bride wants to have messy hair in their photos, which is why their hairdressers often make sure their hair is firmly in place and isn’t going to come loose throughout the day. Your photographer will always make sure you’re looking your best and can let you know if you should move your hair from one shoulder to the other, etc, but it’s a good idea to have some hair pins and spray on hand, just in case. It’s always better to be prepared!

Making sure your bridal gown fits like a glove

Even after several bridal gown fittings, it still might not end up fitting the way that you want it to. Prepare to do some quick, minor alterations by tossing some wardrobe tape into your bag, white safety pins (easy to find at your local craft store) to match your dress, and a supportive, yet comfortable, strapless bra that will keep your dress held up and in place.

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Thinking about some finishing touches

Some brides end up getting a second dress, some simply swap out their heels for flip flops and some change their makeup, hair, and outfit altogether for a variety of beautiful looks throughout the night. No matter what you decide to do for your wedding, think about what items you might want to add a finishing touch. Maybe you’ll want flowers to put in your hair for a photoshoot outdoors? Maybe you’ll want to gift your groom with some cufflinks during an intimate first look? Or maybe you’re a laid-back bride that would really appreciate some flats and a hair tie to use when you’re ready to dance the night away. Think ahead to what you might wish you had, and tuck those essentials into your bridal bag.

No matter what you end up putting in your bridal emergency bag, focus on all of the excitement to come and what you can do to get any stress out of the way in time to enjoy every last minute of your big day. For more helpful tips that will help you feel confident and ready to stay “I do,” check back with WeddingLovely and explore the Planning Guide to make sure you’re on track!