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It is challenging to find the perfect engagement ring for your significant other because of a lot of factors that you have to consider before buying one. You have to make sure that the engagement ring will match the personality of your significant other. You have to carefully choose what kind of stone you want on that engagement ring. The engagement ring can consist of sapphire, emerald, diamond, ruby, or a combination of two or more stones.

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Diamond engagement rings are the most common type of engagement rings but there are still some who prefer emerald, sapphire, or ruby engagement rings because of their color and symbolisms.

There are 4Cs to consider in choosing a diamond engagement ring: Cut (it doesn’t have to be always round like the traditional ones which are believed to be a symbol of eternity), Color (this must be something new and you must be wondering if what you’ve heard is right because most diamond stones are colorless), Clarity, and Carat.

How To Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

The biggest factor to consider is your budget. How can you find the perfect engagement ring that meets your expectations yet stays within your budget?

Here are some tips:

The 4Cs can be compromised when it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring.

Cut: Look for stones that come in fancy shapes like emerald, marquise, or pear and stay away from the common round. Round-shaped diamond cuts often look smaller than the fancy cut ones even if they have the same carat weight. Fancy shaped diamond cuts cost less than the round-shaped ones and give character to the ring because of its uniqueness and symbolism they represent.

Color: Diamonds come in different colors. Diamonds can be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, or gray. The rarer the color of the diamond, the more expensive they cost. Go for the colorless or near colorless ones like yellow or pink diamond rings because they cost less. But then again, each color has a meaning so before picking the color, look up the symbolism of each color.

Ways to Make Your Ring Look Big
Clarity: The difference between the scales of clarity of a diamond cannot be seen by the naked eye. It can only be seen when it is magnified 10x. VSI (Very Slightly Inclusions) is a good option which can still be bought at a well-balanced price.

Carat: If the budget is tight, one can get a .9 carat instead of a 1 carat diamond. The difference is not visible to the naked eye and the price is 10-20% less.

Mount the diamond with a halo setting.

This means that small diamonds are put together to cover a large surface area of the ring and accentuate the central stone. The clustered diamonds give an illusion of a single big stone because the small diamonds are held closely together and create a fused appearance. The disadvantage of a halo/pavé setting is that it could incur additional costs due to material and labor costs.

Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger

Accentuate the diamond with side stones.

Having side stones draws the attention towards the center of the ring. It makes the ring look more classy and expensive and it adds sparkle to the main stone. This is almost similar to cluster setting. A cluster setting bunches up smaller diamonds which are usually of equal size, with or without a center stone. The effect makes the whole ring sparkle because the light reflects in different directions in the ring contrary to the halo setting where the sparkle is focused only on the center stone. This even costs less than a halo setting.

Choose a thinner band for the engagement ring to make the center stone look big.

A thin band gives a contrast with the center diamond making the stone in the middle stand out.

Ways to Make Engagement Ring Look Big

Look for stones with an excellent cut and a shallow cut.

… just make sure there is no window in the center of the stone as a result of the shallow cut. A shallow cut or spread diamond appears larger than it should because it creates a “fish-eye” effect.  Since this type of diamond is cut shallow, most light entering it is lost. The sparkle is compromised. An ideal or deep-cut diamond has measurements that maximize brilliance and sparkle. A shallow cut diamond lacks depth but since it gains width, it makes the stone look larger. This is a good alternative if you have a tight budget for a diamond engagement ring but is not really recommended because this type of cut makes the diamond lose its sparkle effect.

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