Believe it or not, after all of the planning and preparing, your wedding day will pass in a blur. Because of this, the best thing to do in order to truly remember this day forever is to hire a videographer. While you may not watch the video for years afterwards, it will be good way to remember the day and catch the small things that you missed while you were busy doing other things, like cutting the cake and chatting with your friends and family. However, the last thing that you need to memorialize your wedding is an out-of-focus, static-y sounding, and completely boring video. After all, this is the day that both of you have always dreamed about, and you’ll need more than photographs and a bad video to remember it forever. In order to prevent a video disaster, here are some suggestions:

Hire a professional.

Sure, your cousin, uncle or brother may have a video camera, but will they have the same professional equipment as someone who shoots wedding videos for a living? Odds are that they won’t, and on top of that, they’d probably rather relax and enjoy the ceremony and reception – not be stuck behind a camera. A professional videographer will have up-to-date technology, know how to work with the available lighting, and will be able to edit the video in order to show you and your new spouse in the best possible light.

Choose a theme or mood.

It doesn’t need to be complicated or ostentatious, just have a plan in mind. Whether you want your wedding to be relaxed and carefree or extremely ceremonial and formal, pick one and stick to it. This will set the tone for the entire wedding, and prevent you from ending up with a video that looks like it’s from two different weddings. With that said, a clever, carefully calibrated theme, such as the “wild west” or even “The Wizard of Oz” will make the ceremony memorable for the guests, and will produce an extremely watchable wedding video.

Include line dances on your DJ list.

Sure, you may be tired of the Macarena or the Electric Slide, but your guests more than likely aren’t, especially once they have a few drinks. The key to a good wedding video is to have you and your new spouse as the stars and the rest of the wedding party and guests as mere participants. But, these participants need to be interacting, not just sitting and eating. Line dances get people up and moving, which will no doubt lead to hijinks getting caught on “tape.”

Have a second camera.

Set up a corner of the reception hall as a video confessional. Put a few chairs in this area, and add a backdrop, or choose an area of the hall that has interesting characteristics or architectural touches. Encourage your guests to stop by the corner as the reception goes on and say a few things to the bride and groom. Treat it as you would a guestbook, only with more interaction and from a visual perspective. You can then have your wedding videographer integrate this into the official video, or leave it separate.

Amanda Hevener writes for the wedding business and dishes out wedding marketing tips.