This luxurious styled shoot comes to us from fashion writer Yinsey Wang. To accompany the styled shoot, Yinsey shared with us a Q & A session that she did with fashion designer Sarah Catalfo of By Catalfo. Enjoy!

Sarah Catalfo, behind the brand By Catalfo, means business. She entered into the wedding industry after flirting with fun, playful designs in fashion, after realising that one of the most fulfilling aspects of her work as a designer is creating bespoke pieces that espouse romance and personality. Catalfo’s gorgeous bridal robes kimonos come in prints, lace and all manner of styles, and are produced with care to make a bride’s perfect day complete. Now, what drives someone in the competitive industry of wedding dream making? Catalfo shares the insights into her future plans and a little bit about one of her recent creative projects.

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By Catalfo has been making brides’ dreams come true for some time now. Tell us what is the most fulfilling part of managing a business that caters to the individuality of your respective customers.

I find it so fulfilling to, not only have the opportunity to work with like-minded, creative brides, but also make their visions come to life. Each new custom piece is a challenge for myself as a designer. I love being able to offer brides and bridal parties the design and customization options that they aren’t able to find anywhere else.

Your robes are all very unique in design and often showcase beautiful lacework and/or patterns; where do your inspirations come from?

Thank you! I am a very visual person. I need to touch and feel fabrics before I can fully visualize what they could become. I’m always on a search to find a new print that I love or textiles with beautiful applied designs. I’m very inspired by mixed-media art (of which more than one medium has been employed). I try to translate this inspiration through to my designs by creating new artwork, which I then have printed on to fabric.

Tell us about this styled shoot and how it all came together.

It was a beautiful collaboration of so many creative talents. Our theme was inspired by the very French and feminine decor. It’s the perfect setting for a bride to have hair and makeup done in, or for a bridal boudoir shoot. Our long lace robe was the perfect piece to highlight these moments. The masquerade piece was especially stunning, fully decorated with real tiny flowers.

Tell us about a career milestone that has happened and why it matters.

As of this year, we officially have a designated studio space! It was much needed, for all of our client meetings and bridal fitting parties. I hope to host many bridal parties and collaborations in our new space this year.

As a businesswoman but also a creative, finding time to juggle the commercial and designing aspects of By Catalfo must be challenging. Tell us how you keep grounded and how you develop your brand and strategy.

It can be tough, because as a business owner it’s easy to prioritize my own personal needs last. I always try to make sure I keep time set aside to cuddle with my pug and spend some weekends with my friends/family. I’ve been focusing on developing strategies for automation and efficiency, which are much easier to teach and train.

If you could have told your younger self a piece of advice that you’d wish you had known before, what would it be?

Since I started my business so young at only 17, there was a lot coming I had to learn. I was bold, fearless, and my mantra was always, ‘Dream bigger’ and ‘Go-for-it!’. I knocked on some pretty big doors, even invited a television entertainment news show to my studio (and they accepted). Over the years I’ve become a lot less naive and have taken smarter risks. But there is something admirable about having a fearless spirit, especially in youth. I would tell my younger self to enjoy those years and to always ‘Dream big’!

Tell us about your favourite piece and why it means so much to you.

My favourite pieces are the first party dresses I ever completed. They remind me where my love for design all started and my inspirations. I loved embellishing the bodices of my party dresses. On one, I used Swarovski crystals and glitter to embellish a white unicorn on the front.

What’s your plan for the future of the brand?

My brand will evolve and change as needed to offer my customers custom designs and new collections, as trends change. I hope to make it easier for these girls to discover By Catalfo and order their dream designs.


Lovely ladies, thank you for sharing! For more information about By Catalfo, please visit her WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to her website.

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Model: Torn and Polished
Hair & Makeup: Bridezilla Beauty
Cake: Glady Cakes
Wardrobe: By Catalfo
Florals: Hello Midge
Photographer: Alisha Lynn Photography