Today’s interview is with Claudia Murroni, Humanist Celebrant and ritual maker in Italy ! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I am an Italian woman in my forties, living in the wonderful island of Sardinia in Italy. I love my island, its perfumes, colours and shapes, the delicious food and friendly people. But I also love traveling and after taking the degree in international studies I lived abroad (Spain and England) for many years before coming back to Sardinia and founding a destination wedding planning agency  in the 2006 with a very good friend. We are solely dedicated to organize bespoken wedding in Sardinia for foreign couples. I have been writing and performing ceremonies ever since.

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How did you get into wedding officiating?

I start dealing with symbolic ceremonies since 2008. I run a wedding planning company since 2006 and I soon felt in love with that part of our weddings. I can say that it was natural and easy for me to start with. My first ceremony was a renewal of vows of a wonderful British couple. They loved the way I wrote and performed the ceremony and this is was my very beginning. I never stopped ever since!


What’s your favorite part of the job?

When I get the info from my couples especially those related to the way they met. It’s always incredible how the destiny make them meet. Another part I love is just before the ceremony when the groom is excited for the arrival of the bride and that sparkling in their eyes when they met in front of me. It’s pure love!


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding officiates just getting started?

The first lesson is to listen their desires, how they imagine their ceremony and invite them to participate to it by writing their own vows but also not pushing them if they are too shy to make them. It’s also to be flexible with the time. Sometimes the bride arrives a bit late. It’s important to respect her time. At the end it’s a very emotional moment of her life.


What are your hobbies or non-work-related activities?

I love travelling, reading and listening stories. I love tasting any kind of food but I will always be in love with my Italian food. I play different kinds of sports outdoor and when possible I enjoy the wonderful sea which surrounds my beloved island. I love jazz, soul and live music.


Any great stories from a wedding you’ve officiated?

I have officiated twice in the middle of the sea. The 1st time was on a sailing boat along the coast of south of Sardinia and the 2nd on a rock in the middle of a crystal blue sea that we reached by boat.


What advice would you pass along to couples planning their wedding?

I have noticed that sometimes that of the celebrant is often one of the last services booked while the ceremony is one of the most important moment of the wedding. Last year I had some desperate couples that had to change wedding date because couldn’t find a celebrant available at the last minute.



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