Today’s wedding planner interview is with Kristen Ley Green of Something New for I Do, based in Atlanta, Georgia! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I’m a recently married wedding professional living in D.C. while co-owning an Atlanta-based wedding business. Something New for I Do combines our love for both the planning and business side of the industry, as we’re known as wedding PR/marketing experts to vendors and vendor brokers to brides looking to brand their wedding. When I’m not working with brides to match them with various vendors that can help them pull off their themed wedding, I’m helping vendors grow their business or sharing insight as a blogger.

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How did you get into wedding planning?

My mom is actually my partner and we like to say that Something New for I Do is a marriage (pun intended) of our backgrounds. She has a background in catering, wedding cakes and the hospitality and professional service industries. And as I was studying public relations and nearing college graduation, we knew we wanted to go into business together, so Something New for I Do was born. Our first clients were wedding venues who needed help with multiple aspects of their business – wedding planning, sales, marketing/PR, social media, etc. Being able to work on both sides of the business has been incredibly helpful to the other side and helping us grow to where we are today.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

The wedding day is always the icing on the cake. While it’s fun getting to help brides bring their vision to reality when they come to us with a simple idea we turn into a truly inspired wedding and reception, witnessing the happiness and love on the actual wedding day never gets old. It may be a long and sometimes stressful day, but it’s all worth it in the end knowing you had a hand in making such an important day all your couple ever dreamed of.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding planners just getting started?

Know who your decision makers and main points of contact are from day one. Sometimes, other family or bridal party members like to be involved in the planning process, which is great, but when you’re suddenly juggling a handful of people who expect to be kept in the loop with every tiny detail… the situation can become quite stressful. Instead of having to have the same conversation multiple times with multiple people, establish your key points of contact in the beginning and ask them to keep their friends and family in the loop so that you aren’t the liaison. You’ll be highly efficient from the get-go, allowing you to focus more time on expanding your client base.

What are your hobbies or non-work-related activities?

I’m a foodie and fitness enthusiast and am blessed to have married someone who shares the same passions. My love for baking has expanded with my husband’s love for cooking. We can be found in the kitchen together almost-daily coming up with new dishes or recreating something we had at a restaurant. We keep each other balanced with great meals – and workouts to work them off!

Any great stories from working with a client?

It’s hard to just pick one, but what I can say is that we are currently at the sweetest spot that allows us to help so many friends, as well as family members. My brother, sister and I are all in our 20s with different friends getting engaged what seems like almost weekly. Whether it’s simply helping a couple find their venue or a few key vendors, or more extensive planning, we love being able to offer advice and guidance to so many people near and dear to our hearts.

What is your current favorite color combination?

Right now, I’m gravitating more toward neutrals with a touch of color. Light and bright palettes with a soft, airy feel never go out of style. This was the impetus behind our wedding planning, inspired by our Minted watercolor invitations and my husband and I’s combined minimalist style.

Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

Last time, I shared my thoughts on being ready to see mason jars and burlap go. Looking back, I can tell that wedding inspiration has come so far since that time. It’s exciting to see wedding professionals innovating and coming up with new ideas every day! I think fellow planners and designers are now better guiding brides to branch out of what they might see over and over on Pinterest to come up with decor and wedding themes that are truly reminiscent of the couple. While wedding trends have their place, the weddings I love most are those that don’t seek to follow what’s trendy, but rather those that have unique design elements that reflect the couple’s style and personality.

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What tips or advice can you give to couples who are in the midst of planning?

As a newlywed as well as a wedding professional, I think it’s so important for brides to remember this: your wedding day is a celebration about you and your husband becoming one – not about entertaining your guests with over-the-top favors and costly vendor add-ons. Don’t lose sight of the beauty of celebrating your marriage. Too many bells and whistles makes the day feel more like a production, and you definitely don’t want that.

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