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Today’s videographer interview is with Justina and Evaldo of Just Happy Together based in London, England! Enjoy:

Tell us about your company, how did you get started?

We are Justina and Evaldo, videographers at Just Happy Together and also partners in life. Before we started filming weddings, we were both filmmakers of different genres. Justina was keeping herself busy with documentaries, while Evaldo was doing animations. Our previous filmmaking experiences taught us invaluable lessons that we can now apply to wedding videography. Justina is amazing at capturing the most important moments completely unnoticed, while Evaldo is a genius at composing the perfect frame. Both of us decided to go into wedding videography because we wanted to be independent film artists and have the ability to work on the weddings that really inspire us.

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Lisa & James Bohemian Vintage Wedding from Justina Rude Video Production on Vimeo.

What are some things couples should look for when looking for a videographer?

First of all, see if you like their filming style. You have to make sure that you either have the same taste in film, or you are in love with the images they produce. If you agree with their tastes and style, then make sure they are offering exactly what you want. For example, the video format that your wedding film will be delivered in. At Just Happy Together we offer a 2-3 min. highlights clip and a 45 min. – 1.30 h feature film of the day. Other companies may offer longer or shorter versions of your film, or they might edit just one video instead of two. So make sure you are happy with what they are prepared to offer.

Alina & Radu | Wedding highlight from Justina Rude Video Production on Vimeo.

What is your favorite part of the day to capture?

The two of us enjoy capturing different parts of the day. For Evaldo it is definitely the morning when he is with the groom and they can get to know each other better. It is important for them to chat and get familiar, so they can be more comfortable with each other for the rest of the day. Justina’s favorite part is the photoshoot. This is the time when we get our beauty/cinematic shots, which lets Justina use her creativity to the fullest.

Iveta & Luke Red Christmas Wedding at The Knowle Country House from Justina Rude Video Production on Vimeo.

How do you feel videography has changed in the last few years?

The change has been mostly in the equipment that is used. At Just Happy Together we are constantly upgrading our gear to the latest and we try to introduce new equipment quite often in order to be at the top of the market, such as steady cams, sliders, external audio recorders, microphones, lights and drones for aerial shots. Also, we are keeping up with the works of the best wedding videographers from all over the world, so we can observe how films are evolving and learn all about the newest trends.

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Do you have advice for wedding videographers just starting out?

Always develop your skills. Find videographers that you like and see what you can learn from them. See what sort of filming technique they use and then try it out yourself. Also, if you want to gain more knowledge and experience, get employed on a freelance basis at other wedding videography companies. Every new videographer that you meet will have their own tricks and secrets about filming, editing or engaging with the client. If you were to make a blooper reel, what moment that you’ve captured would make us laugh the most? Well, it often happens that guests get confused a little, and (thinking that we are photographers) strike a pose and freeze. Their revelation that we are actually filming is usually priceless and pretty funny.

Shamil & Naomi | Purple Silver Wedding from Justina Rude Video Production on Vimeo.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most heartbreaking aspect of our job is that people yet do not see the value of the video. Of course, there are exceptions, but most brides leave the videographer towards the very bottom of their supplier list, while emphasizing the importance of the right photographer, venue, caterer, etc. While all of these are important, we argue that the right videographer will not only record the true grandeur of your emotions, the mood of the celebration, the sound, but it will also capture the beauty of all of your other suppliers’ products and hard work. Let’s not forget that a video holds continuous images and sound. It is real life played back – your life. It tells your story in the most remarkable, genuine way! In this case, we are quite happy and lucky as we get to work with couples who understand the magic of the video. And we do too. At Just Happy Together we have decided to limit the amount of weddings that we do in order to give the attention and creativity that each couple deserves.

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