Meet a Wedding Videographer in Toronto, ON: Giancarlo Studios

Today’s wedding videographer interview is with Giancarlo of Giancarlo Studios, based in Toronto, Ontario! Enjoy:

Tell us about your company, how did you get started?

We do wedding videos. We are a small, bespoke film company based in Toronto, Canada and we love to express our artistic visions through storytelling, We specialize in wedding films as we sincerely believe a story is best told through moving pictures.

Back in 2011, my sister, who now works with me as my second shooter, got herself a DSLR and started getting into photography and videos. She would come to shoot random family events and other subjects of interest and I was always impressed with her video edits that I started to play around with videos soon after. I’ve always been interested in video in my younger years but back in the day, I didn’t own a computer powerful enough to render them. With the advent of more powerful computers, I now have the opportunity to really play around with NLEs and unleash creative potential. To make this long story short, I was inspired by my sister to really get into this type of work and the positive responses we get along the way is enough fuel for us to keep going and strive to be better after every shoot.

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Serena and Jason: Wedding Highlights from Giancarlo Studios on Vimeo.

What are some things couples should look for when looking for a videographer?

Style is really important when choosing a videographer. You have to look at their portfolio and watch the wedding highlights they’ve done or full features they’ve done and evaluate if you like their style. After all, you’re commissioning an artist for their creative “eye” so you have to make sure their style matches yours.

Another thing you should look for is personality. During the meeting with potential videographers, you should look for a ‘click’ as video captured when the couple is relaxed and having fun is a hundred times more natural and therefore, better for edits. You want to look for easy going, and fun people to do your video as it will almost feel like you’re just with friends.

Aileen and Kevin: Wedding Highlights from Giancarlo Studios on Vimeo.

What is your favorite part of the day to capture?

This has to be the morning preparations for me. You could really see the excitement in the couple’s eyes as they get ready for the big day. We also get much more natural interactions with the bridal party and their family which lets viewers of the video feel like they’re part of something intimate.

How do you feel videography has changed in the last few years?

In the last few years, DSLRs have played a major role in changing the wedding videography landscape as they provide that narrow depth of field, interchangeable lenses, more compact profiles, and relative affordability. With this ability to capture video from what used to be stills only cameras, we see a lot more players getting into the business which means more competition but also more creative variety. I also see the shift in the standards of wedding videos as same day edits, cinematic camera movements, and color grading all play a big part in telling stories and forcing video creatives to always be thinking and shooting for the edit.

Raissa and Earl: Wedding Highlights from Giancarlo Studios on Vimeo.

Do you have advice for wedding videographers just starting out?

Practice and get organized. To be a master of any craft, one must do it repeatedly to get better. Strive to learn something after every shoot and force yourself to do something new each time.

Get organized and look for inefficiencies in your workflow from field logistics to your edits. The more time you save from tedious administrative work, the more time you can use to focus on improving your storytelling.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of the job is being on our feet for hours on end. As we have to keep our cameras rolling to capture fleeting moments, we can go for hours without break and even forgetting to eat sometimes!

Nat and Kat: Wedding Highlights from Giancarlo Studios on Vimeo.

Any advice for couples?

As I’ve outlined in one of the previous questions, find a videographer whose work matches your style and you enjoy and who is a pleasure to work with.

Lastly – it’s your big day, so relax, smile, and let all moments of the day unfold itself into something beautiful and worthy of sharing.

Thanks Giancarlo! For more information about Giancarlo Studios, please visit his WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to his website.

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