Meet Grace Ormonde, Editor in Chief of Wedding Style Magazine

Today we’re doing something a little different and getting to know Grace Ormonde, Editor in Chief of Wedding Style Magazine! Enjoy:

How did you get involved in the wedding industry?

I started out as a manager in three small engraving boutiques where I used to sell high-end jewelry to brides. During that time, there was a customer that asked me to help plan her wedding. While working with this bride I realized that there wasn’t a single, comprehensive resource for affluent brides to assist in their planning process. From then on I was on a mission to find all the right people to help this bride’s vision come to life.

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In 1987 I created a high-end luxury bridal fashion show that Robin Leach hosted and had over 6,000 brides in attendance. In my mind I thought this was going to be a one-time event and never thought this would turn into a business. Helping brides was so rewarding to me and the show continued on for many more years. In 1998, I started my magazine and now 28 years later I still continue to inspire brides with my international luxury bridal publication and

Where are you located?

I am located in Barrington, Rhode Island although my second home is in New York City.

What sites or blogs do you visit daily?

Besides my own site, I enjoy visiting interior design blogs like Design Milk to fuel my daily inspiration.

Meet Grace Ormonde, Editor in Chief of Wedding Style Magazine

When you aren’t working, what are you doing?

If I’m not working, I love to entertain and cook for my closest family and friends. I also love to go to the movies and enjoy a nice big bowl of popcorn.

What do you look for in wedding submissions? Do you have any tips for photographers who would like to be featured on your website?

My biggest suggestion to photographers is to submit on a regular basis. I tend to look for beautiful photography that evokes emotion. I love to see tears, couples embracing, beautiful décor and children. I also love sexy imagery that tells a story and photography that makes me feel like I’m at the event itself. I like to review romantic destination weddings even if there are only 4 or 5 people at the event. I also love viewing beautiful and fashion forward brides.

Meet Grace Ormonde, Editor in Chief of Wedding Style Magazine

What is your favorite wedding trend?

I don’t believe in wedding trends. I believe that couples set their own trends based on their personal style and taste.

What wedding trend are you ready to see left behind?

One trend that I would like to see go is bows on chairs.

Meet Grace Ormonde, Editor in Chief of Wedding Style Magazine

What is your favorite feature on your site?

This is a tough question to answer because I was involved in so much of the design process. I am very proud of our travel section as we now offer couples a personalized concierge service that assists them with booking the honeymoon of their dreams. I also love our shoe and bags sections as I have a personal weakness for shoes and bags. Another favorite is our Jewelry section. Diamonds are my favorite accessory and our Jewelry section boasts the most amazing designer collections from around the world.

Best advice for brides?

Have fun during the planning process and remember that the reception is not the marriage. Try not to over accessorize and stick to one beautiful diamond statement piece.

Meet Grace Ormonde, Editor in Chief of Wedding Style Magazine

Thanks Grace! Planning a luxury wedding? Check out her website or personal blog for helpful resources and real wedding inspiration.


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