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Today’s wedding calligrapher interview is with Maria Neufeld of Little Dove Calligraphy, based in Winnipeg, MB! Enjoy:

Tell us about your company and how you got started.

My parents owned a print shop when I was a kid, so I grew up in that world. I like to say my coloring sheets were gold foil and thick card stock. I’ve always been into fine art, especially oil painting, and when I picked up calligraphy in 2016 I started making wedding invitations using those two skills. I have an obsession with the highest quality papers, like handmade cotton rag, and little details like wax seals and silk ribbon.

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groom holding calligraphy wedding vowsPhoto Credit: Chopp Photography

Other than invitations, envelopes, and placecards, what else have you hand lettered?

Invitation design makes up the majority of my business, but other than envelopes, and place cards, I do a lot of seating charts, some signs, table numbers, and a good amount of vows, which I love to do.

calligraphy wedding invitation suitePhoto Credit: Charmaine Mallari Photography

What is your favorite paper color and ink combination?

I love so many color combinations, so this question is really tough for me. Gold ink on a dark colored paper, like burgundy or a deep navy blue. Also, white ink on light grey.

What makes you different from other calligraphers?

I’m a calligrapher but also an artist, so I create some really unique custom artwork for my clients’ invitations. My brides have the most beautiful and creative visions for their invitations and their weddings as a whole, and they put a lot of trust in me to bring that to life, which is a great honor.

calligraphy wedding invitation suitePhoto Credit: Lori Gospodyn and Ashley Nicole Photography

How much time should a couple reserve for calligraphy?

I usually recommend booking your wedding invitations 6-7 months in advance, and all your day of goods 3-6 months in advance. The sooner you can book your vendors the less likely you are to be disappointed because another bride got to them first.

calligraphy wedding invitation suitePhoto Credit: Lori Gospodyn and Ashley Nicole Photography

What tips or advice can you give to couples who are considering hiring a calligrapher?

I would say just go for it! Put it in your budget right off the bat and hire a calligrapher early on. I get so many brides who contact me at the very last minute, sometimes even the week before their weddings, because they thought they could make their own seating chart, place cards, wedding sign, whatever it is. They are so stressed out because they’re already dealing with their families, with people coming in from out of town, with 10 other vendors who all need something from them, and on top of it they have a bunch of DIY projects to complete. You have to have a seating chart anyway, so why not make it this gorgeous piece that will really wow your guests? There is no price to put on your time and sanity the week before the most important day of your life!

calligraphy place cardPhoto Credit: Charmaine Mallari Photography

What styles of calligraphy do you offer?

I specialize in modern calligraphy, which is an umbrella term for most of the styles you’ll see in weddings today. My style is natural and quite swoopy (I hope that’s a word!) as opposed to sharp.

What is your favorite font?

How can I choose?! For non-calligraphy in my invitations, I use a serif font called Mrs Eaves a lot. It’s a good semi-formal, swanky garden party type of font.

Maria Neufeld of Little Dove CalligraphyPhoto Credit: Lori Gospodyn and Ashley Nicole Photography

Tell us about your favorite job so far.

I don’t know if I have a favorite job, but I recently did pomegranate place cards and slate table numbers which looked gorgeous together. I’m doing a destination wedding in Israel next summer with a very stylish bride, and that very well might be my favorite job once it’s done!

Thanks, Maria! For more information about Little Dove Calligraphy, please visit her WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile.


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