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Today’s wedding photographer interview is with Gareth of Gareth Davies Photography, based in Mexico City! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I am an English (non-tea drinking) wedding photographer residing in Mexico…a place I have grown to love and I now call home since I arrived here in January 2010. I juggle my free time between travel, my beautiful girlfriend and volunteering with NGOs in less fortunate areas around Mexico and abroad. Every couple I photograph is unique, and I take the utmost pride in capturing the emotion and feeling of every wedding without being invasive, so as to ensure every image is of high quality and conveys an authentic story that can be shared for years to come.

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How did you get into wedding photography?

I had already done commercial and portrait photography work, and I thought I would give wedding photography a try about 3 years ago. The first wedding I shot was a friend´s wedding in the Riviera Maya, on the Mexican coast. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, from shooting the wedding to the post production, I´ve been shooting weddings all over Mexico and in Europe ever since.

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What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

For me it varies, as I mentioned before every couple is unique, so I am unable to put my finger on an exact favourite. There can be some really magical moments and emotions in capturing the couple getting ready, laughter and tears between family members…those moments are priceless! The start of the ceremony as well can provoke some treasurable emotions too, such as the unforgettable small exchange of cherished glances.

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What is the most awkward moment you’ve experienced while on the job?

The second wedding I shot, mid ceremony I went to the front of the church and I crouched down next to the bride´s mother to get a shot and my trousers ripped all the way down my inside leg. It was embarrassing to say the least! I continued shooting despite the unfavourable trouser situation, which provided infinite smile and laughs for me to capture. Fortunately, I was able to change into a spare pair of trousers about an hour later.

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What is your favorite venue and why?

The Riviera Maya with pleasant sunny skies, turquoise waters and pristine white sands makes for an unforgettable location. I’ve also shot weddings in the outskirts of Mexico City in some majestic listed buildings with beautiful gardens that just radiate elegance and beauty.

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Nikon or Canon?


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What is your dream location to shoot a wedding?

It would have to be Italy, it’s a country renowned for its romantic culture and history and has so many picturesque wedding locations and breath taking landscapes, it would most certainly be my dream wedding shoot.

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If you could shoot any celebrity wedding (past, present or future), who would be the lucky couple?

Most likely David and Victoria Beckham.

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What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding photographers just getting started?

Practice, and more practice. Photography is an art, and not a mathematical equation that can be mastered overnight. Combine camera mastery with your unique vision and it will come to you! It is also important to distinguish your photography from the photographer standing next to you. Contacts and referrals are also priceless, be as pleasant as you can to anyone you meet, you never know….that person you bumped into at the super market…they may be just be a cousin of that couple looking for a wedding photographer. Building relationships with Wedding coordinators, venues etc. is of paramount importance too. All that said, if you are a new wedding photographer looking to learn the ropes and around my area. Feel free to get in touch for a friendly chat and advice.

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What tips or advice can you give to couples who are looking to hire a photographer to cover their big day?

There are endless wedding photographers who can accommodate every budget, need and style, the obvious question is finding who and why. Some points to adhere by; make sure you check out multiple wedding photographers work, ensuring you also review complete weddings they have photographed. Once you have found a photography style you like that suits your special day, you want to find a wedding photographer with whom you “click”. Someone authentic who you both feel comfortable with and who is going to make you both feel special in front of the camera. Natural instinct will tell you.


Great, thanks Gareth! For more information about Gareth Davies Photography, please visit his WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to his website.

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