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Today’s wedding vendor interview is with Natalie Seng of Designed Perfectly Events,  based in Washington, DC. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

Designed Perfectly Events is a full service Wedding & Event planning company servicing the greater DC metro area and beyond. I was working in catering sales but started this company to be more involved and offer my creative ideas and strategic planning advice to my clients on a different level.  What some people may not know about me is that I was actually born and raised in Germany. I am technically half German and half Greek although a lot of people think I am Asian due to my husband’s last name. I was only 19 years old when I took a leap of faith and moved to the US just 4 days after my high school graduation. I love the unknown and new beginnings and was very excited to see what life had in store for me. I am your typical German – practical, organized, stubborn at times yet very honest and direct. I have always had a love for planning events but I never thought I would make it my career. I feel absolutely blessed to call this my job as it certainly doesn’t feel like one. I am excited to get up and go to work each and every day.

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How did you get into wedding planning?

I got really interested in the Wedding Industry when I was planning my own wedding in 2004. I absolutely loved everything about it and like so many brides, felt a void when the wedding and planning was over. I contacted local planners for internship or employment opportunities but got nowhere. Everyone was looking for someone with experience and planning your own wedding didn’t really seem to count. I found an ad for field staff for a local catering company and called to see if I would be able to intern in the sales department instead. I was excited when they said yes. My internship didn’t last very long when I was offered a full time position as an Event Designer. I excelled at that position for many, many years and I absolutely loved the logistical and event design aspect of it. For the brides that did not hire a planner or coordinator I basically became theirs when I felt someone was needed to take the reins. I loved the involvement and the relationship I was able to form with my clients. I soon realized that this was something I was even more passionate about and branched out on my own. Designed Perfectly Events was born and the rest is history.


What’s your favorite part of the job?

My clients! Every couple and every wedding is so very different. It’s exciting to look forward to each and every celebration and to work towards translating their thoughts and ideas into something tangible that adds their personality into the mix. This industry is ever changing and the passion really keeps on building by trying to exceed your client’s expectations on their big day. Revealing the reception space to my clients is actually my favorite moment at each of our weddings. This is where they can really see their vision come to life. It’s a very emotional moment.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding planners just getting started?

I was fortunate enough to enter into my business with years of hands on experience and a great network of vendors behind me. But I see a lot of new planners struggling to get started. Gaining hand on experience is key for any business. Offer to assist other planner with their wedding or work an event from the catering prospective. It’s good to know how everything runs from behind the scenes. In my opinion, hands on experience is much more valuable than classroom lessons.


What are your hobbies or non-work-related activities?

I love horseback riding and spend most of my Sundays at the barn with my family. It’s a great way to relax and recharge and do something completely different while spending quality time together.


Any great stories from working with a client?

There are of course tons but one moment that stood out from a recent wedding was during the recessional, when both set of parents got up and linked arms and processed down the aisle together. It was an amazing symbolization of two families coming together on such a special day.


What is your current favorite color combination?

I am a lover of all things purple so any color combo that included purple is a favorite for me :-)

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Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

I personally love bright colors and bold pattern but I love that neutral and classic color pallets that are really popular right now. Classic never goes out of style and it’s fun to pair it with some unconventional patterns or textures.


What tips or advice can you give to couples who are in the midst of planning?

I believe that every couple should treat themselves to have at least a “month of coordinator”. Most of my clients will tell me afterwards that we were one of the best investment they made for their wedding. But asides from that I tell my clients to enjoy the journey. Wedding planning can be very stressful at times and it’s important to remember why you are planning this grand event in the first place. We encourage our couples to plan date nights where wedding plans are off topic and just enjoy each other’s company.

Thanks Natalie! For more information about Designed Perfectly Events, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.

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