rustic wedding invitation with greenery illustration and burlap bellyband

Today’s wedding stationer interview is with Cristina Pereira, Founder & CEO of PaperStudioByC, based in Porto, Portugal! Enjoy:

How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

Creating has always been a part of my life. Ever since I was a little girl that I created birthday cards for my parents. I LOVED doing it and I’d stay hours creating to stay perfect. I always thought that they could get better but I did not yet know what I should do to improve. My parents always loved when I’d gave it to them, and I always felt very proud of myself for knowing that I did something so special and unique. I was already a perfectionist and dreamer and I did not even know it yet. And these are some of the words that define me.

The wedding invitations came into my life as I began to organize my wedding. The first step was the creation of invitations and I thought it was going to be a huge challenge. After all, they were going to be our appeal to dozens of people which would receive them and enjoy them. I felt a great urge to be me doing them, I knew what I wanted and I started to create. I had some difficulties mixing colors and materials, it had several times changes until I felt it was perfect … It was that invitation that was our face and what I really liked.

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rustic wedding invitation with lace, burlap and kraft paper

The invitations for my own wedding were the first ones I made, and if it was today, nothing would be changed. A few months later, I thought about creating some wedding invitations, even without having defined a style of my own. I discovered that the Rustic Style was the one I was most identified with and I started to develop the first wedding invitations.

I’ve done a lot of experiments, created a lot of test templates, and took lots of pictures (I keep them all). I like to register all my evolution and growth, and therefore, I have everything archived. I kept creating without stopping. I was thirsty to create, improve new techniques, test colors, textures and new combinations. Without realizing it, I immersed myself in a new world that was already part of my life.

Meanwhile, the first online sales began to appear and the enthusiasm was explosive. I was thrilled with every new sale that I made and I felt I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. Sales were increasing and I became passionate about the new experience, dedicating myself “200%” to PaperStudioByC. I could not be happier and more radiant for doing what I do professionally.

Nowadays, I have a Studio in Penafiel – Portugal, where I spend my day connected to the World through the internet. I am passionate about my work and I thank all the clients who trust in my work to make me a part of the most important day of their lives.

My goal is to surprise every client and to make sure that they will be completely satisfied with the purchase / choice made. PaperStudioByC continues to grow, creating new articles continuously with the help of a team in production and recently on social networks.

rustic wedding invitation with tiny starfish; perfect for a beach wedding!

What is your favorite color combination?

Ohhh… it’s a difficult question. With each new creation, I fall in love with the colors and choices of materials. Sometimes I have preferences for monochromes, sometimes I like to work the harmony, and there are times where I work with contrasts.

I love every new combination that I create, and I often see myself trying to improve past ones. I give a lot of importance to the details and I try to make every invitation, or corresponding stationary items to be unique, balanced and related to some theme.

rustic wedding invitation with lace, burlap and kraft paper

What is the most unique invitation you have designed?

I feel that all the invitations I’ve created so far are unique in one way or another. Some for the pleasure of colors, others for details, others for simplicity and others for their symbolism.

Well…there are some that become more unique in a way they are created with more detail and incredible level of difficulty in its execution.

However, I am delighted with my recent creations that I will publish very soon, which are also VERY special. Inspired by nature with floral themes and watercolors. These are more elegant but I also consider them unique.

rustic wedding invitation on kraft paper with turqiose, lace and burlap

Do you have a favorite typeface?

I love combining fonts, but script fonts are my favorite when coupled with block fonts.

What is the most bizarre request you have received?

I believe that a really bizarre request is still to come. But I remember that a few years ago, I was asked to make an invitation in the form of a giant butterfly and would have the invitation rolled up in the middle section.

rustic wedding invitation with lace, burlap and kraft paper

Ampersand or the word “and”?

I do not have a preference. On more formal invitations, I generally use “and”, and on more informal ones, the ampersand (&). I do not rely on a specific rule and it often varies with what the client likes and wants to see.

Any advice for brides?

Start planning the wedding well in advance. Make a deep research and ask for opinions of your family and friends about everything. Hire a Wedding Planner or, if you don’t have one, do not hesitate to ask your friends and family for help in planning your wedding. Organizing our wedding can be a unique and super exciting experience, but also a very stressful one. Involve your friends and above all, enjoy yourselves.

Do you offer more than just stationery?

Not yet. But I have ideas and goals in mind that include introducing new techniques to complement and diversify the existing supply.

photo of Cristina, owner of PaperStudioByC

Thanks, Cristina! For more information about PaperStudioByC, please visit her WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to her Etsy shop.


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