Today’s wedding vendor interview is with Jeremy Senn, Developer and Creator of Picshare Party, based in Portland, OR! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

As a Ruby on Rails full-stack developer that likes photography and getting down at weddings, I realized that the typical wedding picture sharing process is broken and needed to be “debugged”. Typically, there are three ways brides and grooms try and gather the pictures that their guests take at their wedding:

  • Text friends and family directly asking for any pictures after the wedding.
  • Try and convince everyone attending their wedding to download and install a phone app before the wedding, then post pictures via the app during.
  • Place disposable cameras around the wedding venue and hope that people will contribute.

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The problem is that in all three of these cases there is too much overhead to getting people to participate, and too many pictures fall through the cracks. My goal with Picshare Party is to allow couples to spend more time enjoying their pictures and less time chasing them down, but using the one technology we all have an know how to use: text message.

How did you get into the business?

I started creating web applications in 2008, working with text messaging technology for 2-factor authentication (where you receive a text message to verify you are who you say you are). It wasn’t very exciting, but I always wanted to utilize the text messaging technology in a more creative and fun way. Through the years I played around with text message and voice bots, where you could have a “conversation” with a programmable phone number. I also did a lot more with picture and picture storing on websites. Then, one winter in while in Hawaii vacationing with family and friends, we were all texting pictures of our trip back and forth amongst each other and I thought “wouldn’t it be nice if we all just had one number we could text our pictures to, and one gallery we could all access them from?”. Picshare Party was born.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part is personally hearing from wedding couples who had a great experience using Picshare Party, and easily gathered up invaluable pictures of their wedding from their guests’ perspective.

If you could pick one unique product or service offering, which would be your favorite, and why?

Simply the fact that we don’t require an app download and install, makes us a very unique service in the wedding photo sharing space.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to others just getting started in your field?

Listen to your customers, and talk to them directly as often as possible (phone and email). Learn their pain points and needs in order to provide them the best features and services as possible.

What are your hobbies or non-work-related activities?

I am very into health and fitness, and work as a part-time personal trainer in the evenings. It allows me to socialize and get out from behind a computer!


Any great stories from working with a client?

Speaking with a bride on the phone during morning of her wedding, helping her to get her gallery exactly the way she wanted so that she didn’t have to work on it while she was getting her makeup done.

What makes you different from others in your field?

Personal touch. I answer questions and calls directly myself to make sure customers get exactly what they need.

Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

No more disposable cameras on tables!

What tips or advice can you give to couples who are in the midst of planning their big day?

Let your guests do some of the work by taking pictures of your wedding. You’ll be happy with all the candid shots they give you!

Thanks, Jeremy! For more information about Picshare Party, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile.

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