Today’s wedding videographer interview is with Derek Lamoureux of LC Productions, based in Ontario, Canada! Enjoy:

Tell us about your company, how did you get started?

LC Productions owned and operated by Derek Lamoureux began in 2011 with a main focus in the entertainment industry. Over time customers’ needs changed and LC Productions switched its focus to visual media (photography and video production). With our primary focus now being corporate, industry, and wedding videography, LC Productions is an industry leader and expert in these fields.

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What are some things couples should look for when looking for a videographer?

When couples begin their search for a wedding videographer it is important to determine what they are looking for from a videographer. Much like a photographer, every wedding videographer has his or her own creative style of filming and couples should ensure that the videographer matches their style and needs. After matching the artistic style of the videographer it is important to obtain references and sample videos. Wedding videography is a large investment in your wedding and provides lasting memories for years to come. It is important to make sure you are choosing a reputable videographer.

What is your favorite part of the day to capture?

At LC Productions, the whole day is magical and filled with amazing moments. However my favourite moment to capture is that moment after the couple has said their “I dos” and they walk down the isle hand in hand. A moment that will be captured on video and forever remembered in time.

How do you feel videography has changed in the last few years?

Videography, like technology is a forever changing and continually being innovated and improved. For example today’s technology allows us to create time lapses, aerial shots, and moving shots easily and cost effectively. Between new products, software, and creative styles it’s our job as professionals to keep up with these changes.

Do you have advice for wedding videographers just starting out?

Often individuals starting out in this business under estimate the amount of time required to produce a professional video. This results in disappointment with the revenue generated for the time required to produce a professional video. The best advice I can give to wedding videographers just starting out is- value yourself and your time.

If you were to make a blooper reel, what moment that you’ve captured would make us laugh the most?

My list for a blooper reel continually grows every time my team and I are on set. Whether it’s people in the wedding or behind the scenes stuff with my team, there is never a dull moment at any wedding. My favourite blooper moment of this year was when a bride hit the groom in the face with a champagne bottle during a toast.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of our job as wedding videographers is the constant stress we experience every minute of the wedding day. On your wedding day we only have one opportunity to capture every moment and memory with no mistakes. It’s not like a corporate video, where there is the opportunity for a second or third take. We always have to be in the right place at the right time and never miss a moment.

Any advice for couples?

Photographers do a great job of capturing moments throughout the day, but having a videographer there to capture sound, smiles, and emotion is something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. At LC Productions we take a very cinematic approach to wedding videography and feel our videos tell a story. A story that helps our couples relive the emotion and love that they felt on their wedding day. My advice is make the investment in your big day and hire a professional wedding videographer!

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