What do you put on your wedding regisrtry when you and your sweetie already have all the stuff you need? Today’s lovely guest post from Honeyfund is here to to help! Enjoy:

Weddings are changing and so too are wedding registries. As millennials are entering the wedding market, we’re doing so with our own set of rules– tossing tradition to the wind, opting for social media worthy wedding locations while thriving on creating our own unique wedding experiences. Getting married on a mountain? Cool! Escaping away to Jamaica? Even better! I’m on a boat! We, just wanted to say that, but hey, why not get married on a boat?

We’re also changing up how/where we register opting for “experiential registries”. Here are the top reasons why an “experience” registry might be the best registry or you.

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Getting Married Later

Unlike our parents, many of us are getting married later. The average age of couples getting married today is 29. Getting married in your late 20s-early 30s means you’ve probably upgraded household necessities like pots and pans, dining ware, a full silverware set…yes a FULL set of knives, forks & spoons that can feed multiple people! We know, it’s crazy. So “bon voyage” miss-matched pot/lid set from 1995 & “hello” modern ceramic-ware!

Getting married later in life also means that you are FINALLY on the career path you’ve been working so hard toward in your early 20s and now you actually have money to spend on everyday items for your home and life in general…so long piping hot bags of noodles!

Shacking Up

Also unlike our parents, we tend to live together before saying “I Do”. That means when you moved in with your special someone there is a safe bet they had a bunch of “upgraded” home goods too. All of the sudden you go from one of each to two or three of things you just don’t need multiples of…like how many pizza cutters do you really need? Though we won’t say no to double the stand mixers.

After combing through all the boxes and creating a massive “donate” pile of things you’re left with a pretty well stocked home. So… what’s left?


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Experiences Vs. “Things”

Rather than forcing yourself to find things you “need” to fill a traditional registry why not consider the modern alternative? Annie Banks had it right when she almost canceled her wedding over receiving a blender for her anniversary. Bad, Bryan…so bad…“I mean what is this,1958?” We get you, Annie.

That’s where a registry like Honeyfund comes in. You can literally register for your honeymoon! You pick your honeymoon destination and build your registry from there. From airfare to your hotel room, to dinner in Paris for two, the possibilities of what you can register are really up to your heart’s desire. We’re talking gondola rides through Venice, a dip in the natural springs in Reykjavik, Iceland or a weekend stay at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya. Literally, ANYTHING!

BUT, if you still need things for your house or just have your heart set on a tangible register, Honeyfund has partnered with Target to deliver the best of both worlds. No matter what you “need” or what you “want”, make your registry about you and your boo because that’s what getting married is all about.

Founded in 2006, Honeyfund is the #1 wedding registry app, and a crowdfunding pioneer. With 100% free options, Honeyfund has powered all kinds of experiences and savings goals, for couples looking to create a firm foundation together with a passion for travel and financial freedom. Honeyfund has helped over 800,000 couples receive more than $500 million in gifts to-date to make their dream honeymoons happen.