What Does a Month-of Wedding Planner Do?

Today’s guest post is by Regina Brooks, of Régine Danielle Events & Design. Régine Danielle Events & Design is an award-winning wedding planner serving an exclusive clientèle in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana areas. She specializes in up-scale weddings with exquisite finishes and provides personalized service for all of your wedding planning needs.

It’s one month before the big day – your wedding. You’ve spent months diligently and carefully planning your ideal wedding; nonetheless, anxiety abounds as you fret over last minute details and long to see your wedding vision perfectly executed. You would gladly trade in this anxiety to focus solely on enjoying your last few months of engagement with the person of your dreams, but how could this ever be possible?

Enter “Month of” wedding planning services. “Month of” wedding planning services gives you time to enjoy the twilight of your engagement while leaving the last minute planning details to a professional wedding planner.

By focusing on tasks such as finalizing the logistical details with the vendors for your rehearsal and wedding day, a professional wedding planner will coordinate all of the final touches of your wedding day, ensuring that you and your family can relax and have fun. All you have to do is show up and enjoy!


Starting approximately a month prior to the wedding, a “Month of” wedding planner will:

• Help you create a wedding day itinerary that includes items for your wedding vendors and bridal party

• Confirm and coordinate details and logistics with your vendors, ceremony speakers and other service providers

• Meet with you to review the planning you’ve done to date and to discuss any details you
may have forgotten

• Provide recommendations on any services or items you may have forgotten

• Visit the venue with you to discuss the floor plan and make suggestions on how to execute your vision

• Meet with the reception musicians to discuss the flow and order of the reception

• Hold a final meeting the week of the wedding to discuss the wedding day timeline

• Collect all of the items for the wedding before the big day

• Coordinate your wedding rehearsal, ceremony and reception


The investment for your “month of” wedding planner can vary depending on your location and the planner’s experience but you should budget to spend between $900- $1,600. This investment includes all the coordinating for the last, and most hectic, month of wedding planning and for the planner and their staff to work your event.

If you’re looking to leave the burden of last minute wedding planning anxiety with a professional wedding planner at a budget friendly price, then “Month of” wedding planning service are designed for you! Go ahead and treat yourself to a stress-free end of your engagement and a flawlessly executed wedding day!

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