I had the honor to go to the National Stationery Show and received tons of really awesome paper items. Now, it’s tempting to keep it all, but isn’t sharing more fun?

Quick details:

  • Estimated worth: $140
  • Enter by heading to http://weddinginvitelove.com and writing a comment in this blog post with sentence about your favorite designer listed there. BONUS ENTRIES: Get two additional entries by writing your own blog post about WeddingInviteLove.com and pointing out some of your favorite designers. Post the link to your blog post in the comments!

Contest details:

  • Contest is open internationally.
  • Contest ends 9pm PST, this Sunday (June 26th).
  • I will be choosing one winner to win it all, randomly chosen.
  • Winner will have three days to contact me back, otherwise I’ll be moving to the 2nd pick, then the 3rd, etc.

Specific details about the items in the giveaway:

Clockwise from top: Mohawk Papers, O+D, Puro Papel, Lulabelle Letterpress, Eat Shop NYC, Wendelline Papers, Paper Lovely (front bottom)

From Mohawk Paper, a set of 5 bright pink envelopes and a blank sketchbook; from O+D, a set of two delightfully tasteless cards; from Lulabelle Letterpress, a pretty mini-notepad with pen and mini-post-it notes; the great Eat.Shop NYC guidebook to locally owned eating and shopping establishments in NYC; two gift tags and a set of 8 placecards from Wendelline Papers.

Two adorable letterpress cards from Paper Lovely.

Clockwise from left: Cat Seto (3 cards + one other), Wild Ink Press, Delphine Press (2 stacks of 4 cards), Linnea’s Lights

A set of three cards plus one reusable gift card from Cat Seto; beautiful letterpress card from Wild Ink Press, two sets of five NSS Meetup letterpress cards from Delphine Press, and candle/matches by Linnea’s Lights.

Clockwise from left: Paisley Tree Press, Wiley Valentine , Egg Press, Fig. 2 Design Studio, The Knot (center)

Two letterpress cards from Paisley Tree Press; two cards (one letterpress) from Wiley Valentine; two letterpress cards from Egg Press (bird illustration by Angela Adams), one letterpress card from Fig. 2 Design Studio; and a couple trinkets by TheKnot.com.

Clockwise from left: Fig. 2 Design Studio, Pistachio Press, Wild Ink Press

The seen-above Fig. 2 Design Studio letterpress card; a Pistachio Press letterpress card, and the seen-above letterpress card from Wild Ink Press.

NSS Recipe Cards

I hunted down every vendor that was giving these away at NSS! A set of 15 gorgeous letterpress recipe cards from 15 different letterpress vendors, with Flywheel Press as the giveaway mastermind and printed on paper provided by Legion Paper. I *did* get a couple of these for myself, and these ones I’m definitely keeping!

From top: Dingbat Press, Igloo Letterpress, a. favorite design, The Nic Studio, Paper Mill Designs, Blackbird Letterpress, (unknown — can someone identify the studio for me?), Albertine Letterpress, Old Tom Foolery

…starting from the brown card, May Day Studio, Maginating, Wild Ink Press, Sapling Press, Pistachio Press, Blue Barnhouse.



115 thoughts on “National Stationery Show Gift Giveaway

  1. I love 622 press because it’s eco-friendly and they’re from my city. It doesn’t get better than local! And I love the fact that you would tell them about what you want and they would design it.

    • Erm, embarassing. That was my fake company for testing purposes that I forgot to make private after I used it last. Thank you for pointing that out, you’re still entered, but, umm, oops. *bad* :D

  2. My favorite designer is à deux: bespoke bridal paper because it’s eco-friendly and beautiful too!

  3. My fave is a deux,I went to an environmental school and I’ve been ecofriendly ever since

  4. I love the designs of Blackbird Letterpress. They are so playful, picturall and inspirational.

  5. I found some great designers from my local area,i like Paperreka from Cleveland Ohio.

  6. What a great giveaway! My favourite designer from weddinginvitelove is Rotated Designs. I had never seen wedding invitations that spin until now!
    Thank you! Marta

  7. My favorite is Cute Maps! The maps are very, well, cute! And I love how personalized they are for each couple.

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  8. ahhhh i love the “cute maps” vendor i am getting married this fall and just might have to get a custom map!!! thank you thank you

  9. I adore Taviori! I am so fond of Origami! Amazing designs!!!

    Thank you for the chance!


  10. It is so difficult to choose a favorite designer, but if I have to I must say that I am most drawn to Oslo Press. I love their use of wood in their products – taking it beyond ‘paper’.

  11. Loved Taviori’s and the Event Essentials, both work looks really stylish and unique!

  12. I really love Taviori’s work. Their letter design is exquisite and I am sure I would enjoy ordering from them.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. ~Pauline

    [email protected]

  13. I like Mitchell & Dent. I wish I had known about this site when I was planning my wedding.

  14. Jennifer Alison Designs – very elegant! Wish I found these before I got married!!

  15. I love the recipe cards!!! Would be great for homemade gifts

  16. I absolutely love the invitations by Lambert Letterpress. First, I love that they use products that are eco-friendly, but I also adore the use of color and detail. I initially fell in love with the orange tree invitations and wish I had found these first before choosing my own invitations for my wedding. There’s always baby shower invitations eventually though!

  17. I absolutley fell in love with Taviori’s design. Trying to find more of her work, she is so good.
    armadavolya at hotmail dot com

  18. I must say i couldn’t resist with Taviori’s design. They seems so magical – and that’s how my fiance and i picture our wedding..
    Thanks for the chance to win the amazing giveaway – hope we will be the lucky winners!

  19. If I win I could die smiling in those heavenly papers and cards. I’m a paper obsessed and this is like heaven to me! It’s really hard, I mean REAL hard to choose a favorite among those design gods, but I think I like madebybrian’s design. It’s eye catching !

  20. I think Taviori makes the most exquisite designs – a bit of a splurge but sooo beautiful!

  21. My favorite designer at the site is Yellowbrick Graphics. Very classy!

  22. Paisley Tree Press – I love their font and the colours they choose but what I love most of all is the feel. With modern technology at our fingertips and the use of email, twitter and facebook being so popular, it is so sad to see fewer people sending out real, snail mail. I miss the feeling of receiving an actual letter or card. Do you recall getting excited over a letter, using yr penknife to tear it open and the smell of the stationary. Pure bliss! Oh, how I miss it so…….

  23. Stands to reason why I would love Bloom Art & Design out of Austin…I’m a native Texan!

  24. I love In the Tree House, their items are so vibrant and full of life and laughter.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  25. i love the nautical themed save the dates that ice cream social has! theyd be perfect for my brother’s wedding since he’s getting married on st. thomas (and were taking a cruise ship there!)

  26. I love the colors used with Yellowbrick graphics. So great!

  27. Stationery. Oh my goodness. I LOVE STATIONERY in all its forms. And the typography of the all the invites? Now that makes it even harder of a choice to make.

    I loved the wedding invite made by Cartoules Press. It was all Greek to me! haha

  28. I love the SpinSugar Station. The pink designs are something that I’m in love with!

  29. how can you go past It’s A Date Event Design? they’re local (for an aussie, anyway) and their designs are so special!

  30. So hard to decide on a favorite! I love the whimsy of LOL Letterpress , but the total sweetness of Paper Silk Press’ “Allison Collection” is hard not to swoon over.

  31. I love the NJW Calligraphy! Real artistic talent with the hand-written calligraphy and down to earth pricing.

  32. I absolutely love the a deux design! I can feel the love with the soft color and clean calligraphy. They’re perfectly adorable!

  33. Oh my word. So many incredible designers. My head is spinning with all the loveliness. Then I come back to this page, see your generous giveaway, and my head is spinning all over again!

    I think my favorite designer is Doodlelove, though I could probably list another dozen I’m crazy about. Thanks for the giveaway.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  34. My favorite designer on WeddingInviteLove.com is Christine Meahan, I love the natural look of her invitations.
    Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  35. I liked Yellow Brick Graphics

    kyfaithw at aol dot com

  36. Lisa Samartino Atelier is my favorite…gorgeous work!

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