All You Need to Know About Colored Engagement Rings (4)

Attention engagement ring lovers: white is out, colored is in!

There is no denying to the fact that we all love jewelry. We’d be happy to choose diamond jewelry over any other piece of junk or artificial jewelry. And why not? It’s an investment for a lifetime, its luxury and complements any clothes, occasion and can be worn up and down.

Now let’s focus on the fact, what if we add a little color to diamond jewelry, isn’t it going to make it look wow. Yes, it not a bad idea, to focus on colored engagement rings. Who can resist the fact that your precious piece of jewelry is made with colored and white diamonds or precious gemstones.

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Let’s get into history

Celebrities love to wear color. Really? How is that so? Here are few of the famous celebrities are their colored engagement rings.


Married to King Edward VIII, later Duke of Windsor (m. 1937)

The Engagement Ring: A 19.77 carat Green Emerald Engagement Ring with the engraving “We are ours now 27 x 36.” How romantic isn’t it?


Married to Prince Andrew, Duke of York — Engaged in 1986

The Engagement Ring: An oval-cut Burmese Ruby flanked by 10 diamonds set in yellow gold. It’s a lovely Colored Halo Engagement Ring.


Married to Prince Charles — Engaged in 1981

The Engagement Ring: A 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds set in 18-karat white gold.


Married to Prince William in 2011

The Engagement Ring: An oval 12-carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by a cluster of 14 solitaire diamonds set in white gold.

Let’s get into Present

Trends in colored engagement ring

Make the colored gemstone as your center stone:

Halle Berry

American Actress – Married to Olivier Martinez

The Engagement Ring: A 4 carat Emerald center stone in Yellow Gold

Elizabeth Hurley

English Actress and Model

The Engagement Ring: A 9 Carat Blue Sapphire with trillion as side diamonds set in White Gold estimated around $1,00,000

Jessica Simpson

Married to Eric Johnson

The Engagement Ring: 5 Carat Ruby (it being her Birthstone – born on 10th July) with 2 diamonds on the sides.

Enhance your center white diamond with colored side stones.

Olivia Wilde

An irish American actress, model, producer and director Married to Jason Sudeikis.

The Engagement Ring: A 6 carat Round Diamond surrounded by green emerald made in white gold.

Ashlee Simpson

American singer and song writer married to Evan Ross.

The Engagement Ring: A 5 carat marquise diamond with a Rubies on the as side stone in an antique design made in white gold.

These are about celebrities wearing colored engagement rings, I’m sure we you want to know, if it’s worth buying a colored engagement rings as opposed to the conventional and timeless diamond engagement rings.

6 reasons that will help you make an informed decision about colored engagement rings.

Durability – Is that even a question? Well yes it is. The MOHs Scale of hardness helps identify which gemstones are excellent engagement contenders: Diamond is the hardest at 10, Sapphire and Ruby is a 9, Chrysoberyl an 8.5, Spinel an 8. Gemstones rated 7 and above can be safely worn with care on a regular basis, but we like to stay about 8 for engagement rings because they get so much daily wear!

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Choose the right color – Considering durability and if you plan to wear your engagement ring on a regular basis consider a precious stone. Did you know sapphire comes in lot of colors, for example: The royal blue, hot pink, baby pink, purple pink, reddish pink, different shades in yellow, orange etc. Your imagination is your only limit.

All You Need to Know About Colored Engagement Rings (2)

Budget – Gemstones don’t run as high as diamonds, sapphire, ruby’s and emeralds are among the expensive gemstones, you can wisely choose. Get a mix of diamonds and gemstones. It’s the best combination. Choose your jeweler wisely, they can make or break the moment of a lifetime. Read through a lot of reviews and make an informed decision.

Color of the gemstone – First comes the color of the gemstone while determining the value, you can easily say color is the king, you might have heard from people that royal blue or deep blue is the best color in sapphire, but that depends on you, if you like purple blue or a lighter shade of blue, you are the best judge to choose your gemstone. Yes, the color is one of the factors that determines how expensive the gemstone can be.

Cut of the gemstone – This is the second factor while determining the value of a gemstone, a well cut gemstone reflect the color even when not exposed to direct light. Some varieties of gemstones can even throw rainbows (technically called spectral color) like their diamond cousins. But poorly cut gemstones will leak light out the window in the middle and this seriously inhibits the sparkle potential.

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Care and maintenance – Like said earlier the harder gemstones are easier to maintain and clean just like a diamond, slightly softer They can be cleaned in an ultrasonic by your jeweler or by you at home with mostly water and some dish soap and a clean toothbrush. Cleaning often is recommended- clean jewelry is prettier and lasts longer!
We love both the options the timeless diamond engagement ring or the gorgeous colored engagement rings. Take into consideration the above factors are we are sure you won’t go wrong.

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