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That’s the plan, at least!

I’m Tracy, founder of WeddingType. Excited about the future. Enthusiastic to get things done. Not that there is a lot there yet — WeddingType is solidly in production stages and haven’t launched anything of note — but I have a lot of confidence that we’ll have something awesome soon.

Backstory: A few years ago, like many people with a wedding on the horizon, joined a bunch of wedding communities primarily to ogle over pretty weddings and plan my own. I was also a designer-in-training (have since graduated), and loved looking at DIY invitations. I’ve never been a fan of “plain” or “typical”, and DIY is typically where creativity shines. However, people with fantastic DIY skills suffered by a lack of tools and knowledge, in particular with clean and beautiful typography. I have beautiful and professional fonts, but that’s because I’m a professional designer and I’ll reuse them over and over, justifying the cost. Someone building their invitation has no reason to buy an expensive font, and therefore, a lot of these invites were done in typical system fonts like Times New Roman (arrrrrrgh). That’s where this all started — why couldn’t we have an easier, online editor for creating wedding invitation typography?

I have a lot of ideas and lots of directions to go, but first I just want to launch a service to give DIYers beautiful fonts and typography in the next few weeks. Big picture, we’ll create a community of designers and couples, break the mold of the typical flower-with-text invitations, and make invitations cheaper in the long run for everyone. There’s a lot of competition in this space, but there are a lot of reasons why I think WeddingType will succeed (I think “simple-to-use” is a dirty word with wedding vendors). Stay tuned!