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An engagement ring can be one of your most important possessions. And it can be shattering if you damage it or, worse, lose your ring completely. Fortunately, as long as you’re careful and follow these pieces of advice, it’s a guarantee that you won’t lose such a precious item unless extenuating circumstances happen.

Make Sure It Fits Perfectly

Your fiancé is only human, and they can get the wrong ring size. They very likely got one that was a size or two bigger since that is easier to resize. It’s not a bad metaphor of how, since your ring doesn’t, you don’t fit together. It’s a simple problem with a simple solution. Get it resized. Go back to your ring’s jeweler or go to the closest one near you to have it resized immediately.

A loose ring has a greater chance of being lost. If you don’t want the same issue with your wedding bands, you may want to learn how to measure ring size and teach your partner how to do it (for future references).

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Give It a Designated Place

Rings may be sparkly, but unlike crows, humans don’t have the eyes to immediately notice glittery small things. You can easily lose your engagement ring if you don’t give it a proper home on your dresser or vanity.

Your partner probably spent days choosing the perfect engagement ring for you. You should afford it the same care. Get a drawer organizer or a jewelry box where you can organize all your precious trinkets, especially your engagement ring (and your future wedding ring).
If you have tons of jewelry, buy one that has multiple drawers and dividers, so you don’t lose small pieces under larger ones or tangle your bracelets and necklaces. Want something more creative? Try these DIY jewelry storage ideas.

If you’re taking your ring off while you’re out, bring a small purse where you can keep it. Mixing it with other stuff in your bag will increase its chances of getting lost and even scratched.

Keep It on a Chain

Some occupations don’t allow you to wear rings, particularly those in the medical and health-care industries. If you’re an artist, welder, or a crime-scene cleaner, then you probably don’t want to get dirt and stain (or bodily fluids) on your ring.

Consider putting your engagement ring on a chain and wear it as a necklace. This way, when you get your hands dirty, your ring doesn’t have to suffer with them. Cleaning your engagement ring can be easy or painstaking. Either way, you must learn how to clean your ring or get acquainted with a professional jewelry cleaner.

Never Take It Off in Public

Taking your engagement ring off in public is a sure way of losing it. You can forget it and leave your ring behind. Or you can drop it and lose it completely. Lots of things can happen to your ring if you’re not careful.

If you must take it off, make sure you have around your finger within the same minute you removed it. Keep your eyes on your ring too. It’s a small object, and it can get lost (or dropped) when passed around.

Get it insured

An engagement ring doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to be precious. You can have a discount diamond engagement ring, and it would still be more meaningful than any piece of jewelry you’ll have (except for your wedding ring maybe). Getting it insured is just another way of taking care of a precious asset. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to get your ring insured.

You can either use your existing homeowner or rental insurance policy or get a new one. Just have your ring appraised and prepare the necessary documents before you go to your insurer. Remember to ask about the coverage they’re offering. If you lose your ring and can’t find it anywhere, an insurance can help you get a replacement or reimburse you, so you can get a new one.

Final Words

Engagement rings are more than your decorative sparkles. They carry meaning to both you and your partner. Losing an engagement ring can be devastating, so take precautionary measures to avoid that. Make sure your ring fits perfectly, store it somewhere safe and organized, keep it in a chain, and always wear it when in public. Finally, get it insured just in case you lose your ring, or it gets damaged.

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