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How important is a wedding ring? Depends on your beliefs and your wallet. Beliefs vary from one couple to another.

Some couples feel it shows one’s commitment to each other. They believe the ring represents the beginning of their lives together and a commitment to one another. The ring symbolizes two hearts beating as one. A statement that expresses not only love, but also a daily reminder that every decision affects one another. A ring is a form of silent communication that says how important each other are. A reminder of both happy and sad times.

Some couples feel there is no need or reason to wear a ring. They find rings are more of a nuisance and an expense that hinders a marriage during the early years. Others feel it is a sign of ownership more than commitment. What is in their heart is all that that matters, and a ring does not show those feelings.

How much should couples spend on wedding rings? Be careful. Many couples begin a marriage in debt due to ring price. There was once a diamond company that suggested a ring should cost two months salary to get more people to invest more money into diamond rings. When buying your partner a wedding ring, spend only what you can afford. Remember, the true meaning of what the ring stands for, your undying love, devotion and commitment to one another.

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