Certified Lovely Vendor

The wedding industry, as I’m sure everyone knows, runs off of advertising. The vast majority of vendor directories are pay-for-play, meaning that they only list vendors who can pay their rates.

Here at WeddingLovely, admittedly we started out with that model — but I’ve never felt comfortable with it. That’s one of the reasons why we will always have free profiles on our directories, because why advertise yourself as having the best vendors when you exclude those that can’t pay?

We’re taking another giant step forward to our goal of being the most reputable and comprehensive wedding vendor directory in the world. Our former “upgraded” accounts are going away, replaced with our new Certified Lovely Vendors™ program.

Each and every vendor accepted into this program will be personally reviewed and reference-checked by one of WeddingLovely’s staff, and will be subject to quality standards.


  • Your company is reviewed personally by WeddingLovely staff.
  • Certified Lovely Vendor badge after approval.
  • Top placement in our search results.
  • Add up to 10 additional photos to your business profile.
  • Multiple location support so your profile shows up on searches for all your business locations.
  • Placement on the WeddingLovely and WeddingLovely Vendor Guide homepages (rotated with other certified accounts)
  • Access to WeddingLovely’s Pinterest group board where you can share up to 5 pins per day with our 26,000+ Pinterest followers.
  • Yearly interview and every-other-month wedding features on the WeddingLovely Blog  (currently 50,000 views/month)
  • Dedicated promotion the day of blog features on our social media accounts — up to seven dedicated days per year. Access to nearly 45,000 followers across WeddingLovely social channels.

See our full media kit here.

There is a $190/year fee to become a Certified Lovely Vendor, to cover the time spent by our staff reviewing vendor applications. Denied applications will have their fee refunded. We find this price to be fair and worthwhile, but if there are any amazing vendors who need some extra help, we’ll be rolling out an assistance program soon that will reduce or waive this fee.

Interested in becoming a Certified Lovely Vendor? Sign up for a vendor profile here if you’re not already a vendor in our network, and if you’re already with us, log into your account to apply.