We are so, so, so pleased to announce the launch of the new!

We (Julia, Marit, and myself) love weddings, which is why we’ve built our vendor directories — to help engaged couples find their vendors, and support the amazing community of local and independent wedding vendors worldwide.

The biggest piece missing has always been a solution for the wedding planning process. We’ve heard time and time again, “I loved my wedding, but man, am I happy that wedding planning is over!” Weddings and wedding planning should be simple, streamlined, and a joyful experience — much like the wedding itself. Over the last few months, we’ve tested a wedding planning newsletter on to share what we’ve learned about weddings and the process, but email wedding planning simply wasn’t enough.

Today, the new launched — full online wedding planning, complete with pages of information about every big wedding task. A couple can specify that they want DIY suggestions, or that they’re having an outdoor wedding, as well as a number of other personality questions, and the content we give will be tailored directly for their unique wedding.

We work with over 1,500 vendors worldwide, and soon, we’ll be tying and our directories together — so a bride in San Francisco looking for eco-friendly invitations will see all the available options for her. We’re so excited about bringing the vendors we work with and engaged couples together!

We’ve also included a wedding website generator, because if you’re planning your wedding, it’s just natural to have a wedding website as well!

Check out, tell your friends and family, and happy wedding planning!