Today’s real wedding, brought to us by Julie Jenkins of Interior Scapes, is a flawless Country Club affair and Julie’s work behind the scenes pretty much epitomizes grace under pressure! Here’s Julie to tell us more:

Princess wedding ordered on the fly! It was a special treat to get to work with Gina.This was one of those last minute, traditional, Jewish weddings for 250 people that you start planning about 4/5 weeks before the big day. We were waiting on seating cards until the day before the wedding, but we got them and they looked amazing. “Not worried,” were my famous last words.

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High heat wave the week before killed 90% of the flower order. Solution? I called around Oxnard to the growers to get into the flower fields for fresh bunches of flowers one day before the wedding, all hand picked. Nothing was going to ruin her dream. It was one of those weddings, they were my last incoming text every night and first I received every morning. Every time the result was the same — thank you, we are so glad we have you. The feeling was mutual! I wanted to give this day to them flawlessly, my dream is always the same though — to make theirs come true.

Well I needed to tell you that because all you would hear from the bride, groom, and guests is “It was just like my dreams and I felt like a princess” and “it was the best wedding I’ve have ever been to and the club has never looked so magical!” She knew the colors she wanted and I knew how to meet all of their other needs, even the ones they did not even know they had. It was a wonderful event, dreamy, full of meaning and family traditions. I feel very lucky to have been a part! Can’t wait for the next wedding in their family!

Mazel tov to the happy couple and thank you Julie for sharing! For more information about Interior Scapes, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight  to their website.

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Event Coordinator: Tania Trombetta of Moorpark Country Club
Lighting: In the Mix
Linens : Sitting Pretty Elegant Linens
Cake: Sweet Lady Jane
Florals and Decor: Interior Scapes