Event Planners AssociationToday, WeddingLovely is teaming up with Event Planners Association! The EPA is a national trade association for professionals in the event and amusement industries, which includes professional meeting planners, event and wedding planners, inflatable games and amusement rental companies, florists, caterers, DJ’s, entertainers, venues and more.. We are constantly striving to find more ways to show off our vendor’s quality, and adding EPA to our partnerships is an amazing way of showing customers that we have amazing wedding vendors in all of our directories!

From the Event Planners Assocation’s website:

“The EPA provides a unique support system for independent business owners as members benefit from the EPA’s in-house law firm, in-house insurance agency, marketing specialists, professional certifications, local networking opportunities, continuing education, affinity programs and regulatory support. Our mission is to provide the foundational elements of a successful business and facilitate the highest standards of excellence and professionalism.

The EPA also acts a resource to the public as an educator and source of ethical, reliable, and competent business professionals for hire in the event planning and amusement industries.”

If you are currently listed on one of our directories and a part of EPA, then you now can edit your profile and add the EPA badge to your profile:

EPA and WeddingLovely

Not a part of EPA? They provide a number of amazing benefits:

As a member, you’ll have access to the EPA’s in-house law firm, in-house insurance agency, marketing specialists, continuing education, networking opportunities and affinity programs. Here are just some of the perks you’ll get:

  • Legal Assistance: You will have immediate access to the documents you need to operate your business as well as the ability to communicate with legal experts as you need them.
  • Insurance: Special liability insurance is offered to Event Planners Association members from the nation’s leading insurance providers to the amusement and professional event planners industries. Premium discounts are provided by many carriers to EPA members.
  • Networking: Access to other’s experiences and knowledge will allow members to broaden their insights, solve challenges and develop innovative ways to build businesses. The relationships formed through networking can be long-lasting and fulfilling from a personal and professional perspective.
  • Trade Credibility: Trade association membership provides credibility in the eyes of a client. Involvement in a local chapter provides credibility among industry peers. This activity indicates a business owner’s commitment to their company, their event planner career and the industry as a whole.
  • Internet Marketing: The EPA’s search engine optimized website marketing elevates members’ businesses to new heights – giving greater visibility to more potential customers!  Members receive internet marketing services targeted directly to customers in their service area via our integrated, search engine optimized, marketing sites.

Membership starts at $49, join today!

We want to thank Kim, Erin and the entire crew at EPA — we’re beyond thrilled to be working together!

A big big thanks to Kristen at Five Dot Design and 915 Monmouth for putting together this super informative post for us today. If you are engaged and thinking about your stationery, then you’re gonna want to bookmark this post!

Invitations seem to be the first thing that make the whole wedding process “real” for most brides. You’re taking all the details you’ve been organizing for the past however many months and putting them down on paper to send out into the world. Family and friends will come witness, not only you and your fiance getting married, but all the hard work you’ve put into pulling this event together and making it perfect.

So, of course, you want your invitations to be perfect as well. The basic invitation suite can be broken down into a few simple pieces… some are must-have’s, some are nice-to-have’s and some are added bonuses. Now, I realize that you might put some pieces in different categories and that’s perfectly fine. These are just the most popular pieces I have found with my clients.

JMM Photographer WeddingPhotoLove

Photo by JMM Photography

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It’s not often that we see how a design is rolled out into an entire wedding. Maria from Mgdezigns Wedding Invitations and Stationery shared one of her designs with us, and I knew that it had to be shared. I just LOVE how the cake ties into the stationery. It’s great when couples give that extra touch, don’t you agree?

Mmdezigns WeddingInviteLove

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Today’s interview is with WeddingPlannerLove’s Purple Meadows Events. Debra was gracious enough to share photos from a beautiful Miami wedding along with some insight to her business. Thanks Debra!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

Purple Meadows Events & Design is a full service event planning boutique that specializes in destination weddings and events.Our focus is to help busy couples who need help in planning their magical experience in eco-fabulous locations such as California, Hawaii and Costa Rica.

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I love this video from Fairfax Films for so many reasons, but I’ll spare you the rambling and give you five reasons:

  1. The brides dress and fur coat are so ridiculously amazing.
  2. In the couples welcome letter, she said “put a bird on it!” Anyone who is a Portlandia fan will appreciate that. ;)
  3. The venue??? OMG.
  4. The entire wedding is oozing with charm and adorable details.
  5. The videographer is so so talented and is gracious enough to be attending our Shindig to show off his skills. Thanks Jeremy!

See more of Jeremy’s work on Fairfax Films’ website!

Happy Friday! WHAT. A. WEEK. It was a crazy one with the release of the Lookbook. I’m pretty sure that poor Tracy can count the total hours of sleep she got on one hand. While we are so so so so so proud of how the Lookbook turned out, we’ve already got so many ideas of how to make it even better this Fall.  If you have ideas/suggestions/tips, let us know!

Your weekly blog recap:

Other lovely stuff:

Love brought Hardy Klahold to the United States from Germany. Now, he devotes himself to photographing weddings. I think it’s safe to say that he has a thing for love, and it truly shows in his work and his words. Thank you Hardy!

Hardy Klahold Photography WeddingPhotoLove

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

I started as photojournalist in Germany and I worked for a news agency in Munich/Germany. It was there that I met my wife, who is is from Denver. It started out as a very long distance relationship until I moved to Denver 2003.

I love my life and I love taking photos of it. Wedding photography became a big part of my life. Wedding photography is the work of a storyteller: It’s photo journalism… telling the important story of 2 families joining together, a story of romance and a lot of emotions.

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