This featured invitation is one I’m particularly fond of: Design Recovery | Sarah Wolfsont, a designer, had never designed invitations before. But when it came to her wedding invitations? She jumped right in… and did a great job! Sarah wrote to us, saying:

My (now) husband and I really love the look and feel of letterpress work, but realistically it was out of our budget. I visited our local stationery store, The Envelope Please in Boulder, Colorado, and checked out the products they carried. Since I planned on designing them myself, I was looking for inspiration and materials. After checking out their options, I decided to go with Envelopments, a paper distributor that has a great selection of colors and textures, and can be ordered by the piece. One piece of inspiration in the shop was a finished invitation with a wood-block style print, made on an inkjet printer. Seeing that, I was convinced that I could pull it off by printing at home and using high quality settings. It’s not letterpress, but it’s also not a bad compromise.

Our wedding took place on a working farm in Boulder, so the earthiness was important to us, as was the vintage style I love. Living in Colorado, we also wanted to tie in the mountain theme. Using old topographical maps, I made a background for the actual invite, and used typefaces with a deco feel.

The other point we wanted to communicate was the fun and casual style of the wedding. The jumble of information cards held in the inner envelope provided all the needed information, but in a fun and unstructured way.

Overall, I’m really pleased with how the digital printing worked on the cardstock. I added some darker edges and a bit of a shadow on some of the type to make it look letterpress-y, but it wasn’t really necessary. The design had enough presence on its own.

Also, the postcard RSVPs turned out amazingly! We bought a bunch of vintage cards on eBay and made templates for the RSVP information on the back. It was so much fun to check the mailbox everyday for postcards.

My favorite inspiration pieces are by Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting. She has a huge variety in her work, but my favorite pieces are: Marci + Ben’s Invites (I love the tactile opening of one thing and then another. Also, her use of address wraps was something I took. It made life easier and looked so classy.), and her Handrawn Invites (There’s less connection between these and my final design, but it was a starting point. Amazing how it all transforms.) What it came down to was a challenge of making a classy, casual, and fun to open invite that was still within our budget. I think the full bleeds totally made it.

Thanks, Sarah! If you’d like to check out more of Sarah’s design work, check out her profile on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to her portfolio is here.


weddinglovely on techcrunch

Today’s the official announcement day for 500 Startups (if you recall, I made a post about it last week) and WeddingLovely is popping in all sorts of news outlets:

Not sure if being the last startup on a list of 34 companies is bad or good! Let’s go with good. ;)

fine day press wedding invitation vendor

This week’s featured vendor on WeddingInviteLove is Fine Day Press, an amazing letterpress (+more) shop out in Brooklyn, New York. I was first introduced to this studio back when I toured the National Stationery Show and I was delighted to have them sign up this week — they have beautiful, boho designs combined with beautiful, luxurious printing. For more about their studio, check out their profile on WeddingInviteLove.

Congratulations to Fine Day Press!

I don’t know about you guys, but Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. Granted, I’ll be working this year, but there’s something intrinsically special about holidays that give you an excuse to go all-out with decorating and dressing up (kind of like weddings!)  Speaking of Halloween, I love this picture from Flickr- so spooky!

Things on the blog have been much more cheerful than spooky this week- here’s what we’ve been up to:

The amazing vendors just keep on coming! Here are the newest designers on WeddingInviteLove:

And the newest members of WeddingPlannerLove’s directory:

And a few more Halloween ideas from the internet:

Have a great weekend, and a spook-tacular Halloween!

Image by Calliope via Flickr

I feel like flowers can get a bad rap when it comes to wedding invitations: often seen as “too girly.” However, today’s design roundup invitations show that flowers can be feminine, but can also be elegant, graceful, and add just enough graphic element to an otherwise simple invitation!

weddinginvitelove invitation designer senor and senora
Señor & Señora


weddinginvitelove invitation designer robynn press
Robynn Press


weddinginvitelove invitation designer vanilla inspirations
Vanilla Inspirations


weddinginvitelove invitation designer butterfly cat invitations
Butterflycat Invitations


weddinginvitelove courtney khail stationery and design
Courtney Khail Stationery and Design


weddinginvitelove invitation designer plum blossom press
Plum Blossom Press


weddinginvitelove invitation designer invitation creations llc
Invitation Creations, LLC.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer blossom accents
Blossom Accents


weddinginvitelove invitation designer stacy dutton designs
Stacy Dutton Designs


weddinginvitelove invitation designer design des troy
Design des Troy

regas new york wedding invitation vendor designer printer

On my last trip to New York, I got to visit with the lovely Regas New York ladies, a letterpress invitation studio located in Midtown Manhattan. There are so many lovely quicks about their studio — they told me it was located in a church but I still thought I was lost when I arrived! Upstairs over a small Greek Orthodox church, their studio fits their small team and a gorgeous letterpress. But I’ll stop describing it now and let my pictures do the talking…

regas new york wedding invitation design printing studio

regas new york wedding invitation design printing studio

regas new york wedding invitation design printing studio

regas new york wedding invitation design printing studio

regas new york wedding invitation design printing studio

regas new york wedding invitation design printing studio

regas new york wedding invitation design printing studio

regas new york wedding invitation design printing studio

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Our fanciful featured invitation this week comes to us all the way from Australia! Stephanie at Stelloberry Designs writes:

This invitation set is called ‘Cotton Candy’ and was inspired by my love for polka dots and pretty pinks. My aim was to create an invitation suite that was pretty and elegant, but also playful and lots of fun, for couples that wanted wedding invitations that are a little different to the norm.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer stelloberry designs

When coming up with this design, I wanted to add in something special and symbolic for the soon-to-be married couple, so I included a circular wedding logo with the couple’s names and the date of their big day set on a backdrop of flourishes.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer stelloberry designs

I used navy as an accent colour to complement the pink shades – this colour combo is one of my absolute favourites at the moment, so it was an easy choice!

weddinginvitelove invitation designer stelloberry designs

This suite is very easily adaptable and can be made to suit a particular theme with the addition of rhinestones, ribbon, twine and corner features.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer stelloberry designs

I’m looking forward to working with couples to make this design a unique reflection of their special day!

weddinginvitelove invitation designer stelloberry designs

Take a look at Stelloberry Designs’ WeddingInviteLove profile or go straight to their website here!

500 startups and designer fund

In the past few months, some really awesome things have happened for me (Tracy) and WeddingLovely, and I’m so happy to finally announce them publicly! WeddingLovely is now a part of The Designer Fund, a community of designers who invest in designer founders through mentorship and a small grant, as well at 500 Startups, a startup accelerator that provides even more mentorship, funding, and one hell of a support team. I’m so honored — it’s rare for solo, designer founders like me to be accepted into awesome organizations like these.

What does this mean for WeddingLovely?

I’ve been working on WeddingLovely and building specialized websites (such as WeddingInviteLove and WeddingPlannerLove) part-time for about the last year and full-time the last six months or so using my own funding, and this means that I have the support network to make sure that I can continue building as fast as possible without having to worry about running out of money. I can dedicate 100% of my efforts to building other specialized directories and adding more awesome features to the existing directories as fast as possible. This also means I’m officially looking for expand the full-time WeddingLovely team, and first on the list is finding a partner to start building and leading with me.

This doesn’t mean WeddingLovely is going to go the way of many of those other directories and wedding websites who grow more corporate and faceless as they grow larger. I am not hiring a sales team to start hounding vendors to join my websites. I won’t launch features that’ll compete with my listed vendors. It’s important to me to continue the personal, vendor-focused support that has made the WeddingLovely network so awesome so far. My goal is to make small and independent wedding vendors easier to find in this world of huge corporate brands, encourage community, and make vendors lives easier.

I love what I’m doing (it’s the best job ever), and I’m glad that I have two amazing organizations supporting me. Thank you to all the vendors I’ve worked with so far and everyone who has supported me, and here’s to the future!

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