Team WeddingLovely spent our Valentine’s Day with a great group of women at Women 2.0’s PITCH Conference. There were close to one thousand female tech entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, investors and supporters, how awesome is that? We listened to many great speakers, had inspiring conversations and met some truly talented and intelligent women. It was a long day, but Tracy and I were able to talk to so many people about WeddingLovely. We received so much wonderful feedback and some really great suggestions that we hope to start implementing over the next few months. Yay!

WeddingLovely Women 2.0

WeddingLovely Women 2.0

We want to give a shout out and an extra-big thank you to the team at Locally Grown Weddings (also a group of female entrepreneurs!). They were nice enough to provide a beautiful bouquet of organic daffodils and mini cupcakes (gluten-free lemon with Grand Marnier buttercream… yum!) for our table. We were so proud to feature one of our vendors at our table. After all, that’s what we are all about: spreading our vendor love!

WeddingLovely Women 2.0WeddingLovely Women 2.0

We are passionate about WeddingLovely, so it was a fitting way to spend our Valentine’s Day. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to learn more about us!

Who knew that chandeliers would be so popular? They can transform a simple ceremony space, like a barn or outdoor garden, into an elegant backdrop for your big day. Why not take that idea and run with it for the rest of your wedding? I’ve gathered up WeddingInviteLove designers who showcase chandeliers in their designs. Take a look!

Nellia Designs WeddingInviteLove

Nellia Designs


inspiraDESIGNS WeddingInviteLove



Polkadot Weekend WeddingInviteLove

Polkadot Weekend


invitations by Chrissy WeddingInviteLove

 Invitations by Chrissy


White Peacock Productions WeddingInviteLove

White Peacock Productions


Are you thinking about incorporating chandeliers in your big day? If the answer is yes, I’ve found some great inspiration on Pinterest for you!

Today’s featured invitation from Bloomin’ Invites is quite unique. Not only is this invitation suite beautiful, but it can be planted. That’s right, this invitation can go out of the mailbox and into the ground to create gorgeous blooms. How awesome is that?

Bloomin Invites WeddingInviteLove

Bloomin’ Seed Paper Wedding Invitations are the perfect way to announce your unique, Earth-friendly wedding. Each of our designs feature the richly-textured beauty of our signature paper—handmade with an infusion of wildflower seeds, when planted, the invitations bloom into a vibrant garden of wildflowers to remind people of your special day year after year.

Bloomin Invites WeddingInviteLoveWe produce our invitation suites with the most environmentally-friendly methods possible. Each sheet is handcrafted in our solar-powered facilities in Boulder, Colorado from 100% recycled, post-consumer paper and embedded with wildflower seeds. We print our seed paper with natural biodegradable inks that will not compromise the seed’s ability to grow. All of our cardstock is FSC-certified and 100% recycled. Plantable seed paper will make a lasting impression on your guests, and show your commitment to each other and to the planet – let your love grow with Bloomin’ Wedding Invitations.

Bloomin' Invites WeddingInviteLove

Thanks for sharing your invitations with us! Our green brides are sure to love this idea!

James Paul Correia Photography wrote today’s guest post. Thanks James, this is a wonderful source for brides.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

Now that you’re engaged you must be busy planning the details of your big day, from flowers and invites to vendors such as photo and music. With all that is going on it can be easy to overlook this unique stage of your lives. It’s a time filled with anticipation, joy and love; capturing this moment in your life can often be just as exciting as your wedding day.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

Whether you are keen on having your photo taken or not, the numerous benefits of taking part in an engagement shoot (popularly referred to as an e-shoot) may not be immediately apparent, so here are a few reasons you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity for that pre-wedding photoshoot!

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

 1. Get yourself some sweet photos!

Sounds pretty obvious, right? But as time inches closer to the big day you start to find yourself getting busier and busier. Early in the engagement is the perfect time for an e-shoot; while the excitement of the proposal and visions of the future are still fresh in your mind, that emotion will be clearly evident in your photos.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

Sure you’ll have photos on your wedding day, but this is different! Your wedding is the day planned for a party with your family and friends, but this shoot is all about YOU. While the wedding day will flash before your eyes, the e-shoot is slow paced and allows you to really soak in the time you have together. Grabbing those raw emotions just between the two of you is a rare opportunity and you’ll be glad to have this to look back on when you’re old and grey. Also, wouldn’t it be great to have some fab photos of you NOT in wedding threads? Wedding gowns and tuxedos aren’t exactly our everyday attire.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

 2. A chance to let loose and get creative.

You have an opportunity to take some truly unique photos, different from any you’ve had before, so make good use of it! Start with the location and pick a place that means something to both of you. It can be where you got engaged, a first date or just a very memorable date, where you met (maybe your highschool/university). It can be any place that puts you at ease, something familiar that naturally makes you feel good, such as the zoo, a beach, or even your regular coffee shop. Where ever you decide, make it mean something to you.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

Don’t forget to get creative! You can create a theme (bake some cookies together) or bring props (maybe you are Scrabble junkies). Whatever it is, think colorful, let loose and tap into your imagination.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

 3. Your photos are actually pretty useful!

Speaking of creativity, your photos aren’t limited to the confines of a picture frame! Many savvy do-it-yourselfers are using their e-shoot photos in many crafty ways. Use them for save-the-date cards, receptions seating charts and table indicators, wedding programs, guest books, or even just a really awesome coffee table book for home.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

 4. Practice for the big day.

Chances are you haven’t had your photos taken by a professional before, so how do you know what to do? On your wedding day you’ll be surrounded by cameras, not just the one you hired. With everything that is going on during the day, it’s great to have one less thing to worry about.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

Whether you are camera shy or a photogenic vixen, the e-shoot is a great opportunity to instill confidence and build comfort in front of the camera. It can be daunting to have a camera follow you, it happens to all of us, and it’s best to get that anxiety out of the way in advance. In no time, you’ll stop focusing on the camera and more on each other. Your nerves will calm and your stress will float away. Your interactions with each other will become more natural and you’ll learn to avoid the innate reflex to stiff up and smile directly into the camera.

If you want to really make it a true dry run, try coordinating your e-shoot with your hair and makeup trials; it will allow you the chance to see how they show up in photos.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

 5. Letting your photographer get to know YOU.

Not only is it good practice for you, it’s also a great trial run for your photographer. It allows him/her to see how you interact; to learn if you are timid or big on the PDA. They will learn about your personalities, whether you are goofy or serious, and how much direction you’ll need or want. It’s a great time to learn about your love story, chat about your wedding plans, and push to see how affectionate you can get in front of the camera. The opposite is also true, you’ll be able to communicate what you like and don’t like, as well as your preference for angles, expressions, lighting, and editing styles. All this will allow them to tailor the photos to make your images more personal and memorable.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

 6. Getting to know your photographer.

It’s great to have your photographer get to know you, but it’s more important that you get to know THEM. Get a taste of their shooting style and learn how they direct you. It will be very similar to how they direct you on the wedding day so you’ll know exactly what to expect. Chat with them about your wedding plans and get tips about planning out the schedule. Your photographer has seen it all and probably has a ton of advice on how to organize the day and minimize rushing and delays.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

Lastly, think about this, you will likely see your photographer more than anyone else on your wedding day … including your fiancé! The e-shoot is a perfect ice breaker to transform your photographer from a ‘stranger’ taking your photos to a ‘friend’ taking your photos. Establish a relationship with your photographer (and all your vendors for that matter). Get to know his personality & hobbies to the point where you feel comfortable enough with them that you’ll look forward to spending time with them on your wedding day.

James Paul Correia Photography WeddingPhotoLove

By the end of it all you’ll be ready for anything the day throws at you, you’ll have some fantastic photos and you’ll be pumped for the big day! Keep Smiling!

Does Cloud Nove sound familiar? You might remember them from a stationer interview we shared earlier this month. Aside from their beautiful stationery, Cloud Nove offers wedding planning as well. Talk about a one-stop-shop! A big thank you to Regina, who answered all of our questions.

 Cloud Nove Events WeddingPlannerlovePhoto by Lightful Photography

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company:

Cloud Nove Events offers Wedding Planning and Coordination services, custom invitation and paper coordinate design and printing, favors and decor, and honeymoon/destination wedding planning in the New York Tri-State area. Nove (pronounced NO-veh) is the Italian word for “nine.” Our name is a little twist on the American term “cloud nine,” meaning to be blissfully happy and perfectly content. That is exactly how I want you to feel when celebrating your wedding!

Cloud Nove WeddingPlannerLove
Photo by JoVon Photography

2. How did you get into wedding planning?

I started Cloud Nove Events in 2009 with one goal in mind: to help as many couples as possible be stress free throughout their engagement, and most importantly, on their big day. I’ve worked with nonprofit events for over 12 years, and have experience in fine dining, directing and stage managing theater, and budget management. I knew I had a talent for pulling things together efficiently and with the most impact, and coming from a huge family I am no stranger to drama and complex relationship dynamics.  Wedding planning is a natural fit for me.

Photo by Indigo Foto

3. What’s your favorite part of the job?

There is a moment, usually during or after the first dance, where the couple looks at each other and smiles. The nerves of the day are gone, everything has gone perfectly (or near perfectly!), and here they are breathing a sigh of relief and just happy to be in one another’s arms. That’s a great moment. And I’m always proud to have helped in some small way to make that moment happen.

Cloud Nove Events WeddingPlannerLovePhoto by Black Rock Weddings

4. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding planners just getting started?

Be yourself. Put pieces of yourself into your business. Couples will hire you because they trust you can bring their vision to reality, but also because they like YOU. Don’t try to copy another planner’s style, or services. There is only one you – be proud and market your strengths.

Cloud Nove WeddingPhotoLovePhoto by Doug McGoldrick Photography

5. What are your hobbies or non-work-related activities?

Spending time with my husband, family and friends. I live in such a great area – I can take advantage of the rich cultural scene of NYC but I’m also really close to Long Island Wine Country. I love to travel, bake, entertain, read, watch scary movies, and play with my two tiny cats, Nita and Micah.

Cloud Nove Events WeddingPlannerLovePhoto by J’Adore Love Photography

6. Any great stories from working with a client?

Of course! Doesn’t every wedding planner say they should write a book? I’ve seen everything from a groom putting his fist through a wall to a bride and her estranged father reconciling during their dance. Weddings are replete with the full range of emotions. I try to add a little dose of humor throughout the process to keep my clients happy and smiling!

7. What is your current favorite color combination?

I have to confess, I’m not in love with this year’s tangerine tango, however I have worked with the color before and liked the results. I gravitate more towards earth based natural tones – warm beiges and browns, greens, greys, and ochres.

Cloud Nove Events WeddingPlannerLove
Janelle Brooke Photography

8. Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

I don’t think this qualifies as a trend, but I see a lot of couples who have seen things at other weddings and then think they need to have them at their own. They ask me, “What do you think? Do I have to have a slipper basket/cry packs/petal cones/pashmina basket/garter toss/symmetrical bridal party/etc” and I always answer “You don’t have to have anything. Is this important to you? Is this something you envision will make your day more special and more unique to you as a couple? If not, it’s superfluous. Keep it simple and authentic to you.

Cloud Nove WeddingPlannerLove
Photo by Thomas Paul Photography

Thank you Regina, for giving us a double-dose of Cloud Nove! Want more? Visit their site.

Hello lovelies! This week was jam-packed for us, so we are looking forward to the three day weekend. But don’t worry, we have some posts ready for you on Monday!

Photo by Erica of Orange Crush WeddingPhotoLove

Photo by Erica of Orange Crush via Instagram

On the blog:

  • We interviewed Panache Events on Monday.  Learn what ALWAYS makes Stacey cry in this post.
  • Asteria Photography did a guest post on Tuesday that planning brides will find very useful when looking for a photographer.
  • Also on Tuesday we announced a HUGE contest from Orange Photography. You could win 10k in photography services.
  • We rounded up bike designs on Wednesday!
  • Check out this beautiful DIY wedding we shared on Thursday.
  • Why have a wedding planner? Jackie from VT Enchanted Events will tell you!
  • This morning, we talked with Emmy Stone, a WeddingPhotoLove vendor.

Around the web:

  • Check out this funny we shared on Facebook.
  • We went to Women 2.0 on Valentine’s Day, check out our photos! Locally Grown Weddings helped spruce up our table with flowers and cupcakes.
  • We are pinning! You following our boards?
  • This post from Baci Designs is an oldie but a goodie.
  • Our founder, Tracy, was featured in an article about 2012 Wedding Trends.

Have a great weekend!


Emmy K. Stone Photography is based out of Brisbane, Queensland. We love that our WeddingPhotoLove vendor list contains great photographers “across the pond.” Take it away, Emmy!

Emmy K Stone Photography WeddingPhotoLove

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

My name is Emmy, the photographer and owner of Emmy K. Stone Photography. My business is based in Ballina, NSW. It was first established on the Central Coast, NSW, in February 2011.

2. How did you get into wedding photography?

My first wedding I shot for $600. The Bride contacted me via an online advertisements site, telling me that her photographer had cancelled her booking and now had a month to find another photographer. That’s where I came in.

Emmy K Stone WeddingPhotoLove

3. What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

My favourite part of the wedding day to capture is actually when I get the Bride and Groom alone for their creatives. Don’t get me wrong, the Bride walking down the isle is a wonderful shot, and the first kiss is magical, and the first dance is beautiful. But I just love getting a Bride and Groom out on their own, somewhere quiet, where they can enjoy one anothers company for the first time that day. Seeing all the love and emotion that their day has already brought them, all emanating from them as they bask in one anothers’ company before we return to the party – that’s the soul of love.

4. What is the most awkward moment you’ve experienced while on the job?

The most awkward moment while on the job was photographing a house wedding (my second wedding) for the first time. Here I was in the Bride’s home – and while she told me to get comfortable and make myself at home – it felt a little like I was intruding! There I was, poking around the house, getting candid shots!

Emmy K Stone WeddingPhotoLove

5. What’s the best thing you ever ate at a wedding?

Definitely the bread rolls at Michelle and Zoran’s wedding. I have no idea what kind they were, but they ROCKED!

6. What is your favorite venue and why?

My favourite venue would have to be Down on Converys Lane in Wollongbar NSW (so far). I’ve only been photographing weddings for a year and I haven’t seen a whole lot of locations, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Down on Converys Lane. Maybe because it’s how I always imagined my “dream venue” to look.

Emmy K Stone WeddingPhotoLove

7. Nikon or Canon?

Canon hands down.

8. What is your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Somewhere in Venice. I love Venice.

Emmy K Stone WeddingPhotoLove

9. If you could shoot any celebrity wedding (past, present or future), who would be the lucky couple?

My parents wedding. Ok so they’re not celebrities, but they are to me.

10. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding photographers just getting started?

Trust your instincts. Going by the book is fantastic, but all the composition methods, and lighting settings, and angles, and photoshopping can’t capture true emotion. The emotion lasts for a single second if that. The composition you can set up over and over again, but you can’t ask a Groom to tear up again.

Thank you Emmy! Check out her profile on WeddingPhotoLove or head to her site to see the rest of her portfolio.


Thank you Jackie from VT Enchanted Events for today’s guest post!

VT Enchanted Events WeddingPlannerLove

For many engaged couples, it can be a scary and difficult process to hand over the control to someone else.  After all, this is your big day and you have put so much thought and work into it, why on earth would you give all your ideas and visions to a complete stranger? Let me be the first to say as a wedding planner we are not here to take over. On the contrary, we are here to become your partner in planning.  So before you dismiss the idea of a planner don’t think of us as someone who is going to take over your dreams and visions but someone who is going to lend that extra hand where it is needed.

VT Enchanted Events WeddingPlannerLove
Photo by Paul Reynolds Photography.

The right planner can do many things such as:

  • Helping to choose the right vendors that match your needs, wants, and budget.

  • Helping you follow through with your visions of colors, patterns, and lending advice on new ideas.

  • Coordinating. This can start from the very beginning to the very end. As planners we are here to help you with the flow of your wedding that means making sure all vendors are on time and all your needs and wants are in place.

  • Picture perfect, planners go in the day of and set everything up the way you have talked about. Your planner and you have made a precise design and it is now up to them to carry it out with the tablecloths, place settings, flowers and so much more. It is your time as now you the couple get to sit back and enjoy the day and let it all unfold.

  • My personal favorite part of being a planner is being there for the bride & grooms to be. We create these great partnerships with each couple and within each partnership will come support, strength, and our immense devotion to making sure that you have the day that you want.

Best Wishes & Lots of Laughter!

Learn more about VT Enchanted Events on WeddingPlannerLove or visit their site.



Today’s real wedding comes to us from Morgan Marie Photography. I love the color combination of the green and the blue, the bride took them and ran with it!

From the Bride… I’m a DIY type of person so I wanted to be very “hands-on” for my wedding. So with the help of my sister and mom, we made basically everything from the invitations to programs to the candy favor bags and even the decorations. Many of my ideas came from pictures I found on different wedding websites and blogs. The cake stand was actually made by my brother-in-law and was used in his and my sister’s wedding as well. I didn’t have a wedding planner; instead, I had a binder full of ideas, tips, tricks, and wedding vendors which I had gathered on my own or were found by my sister. I tried to make my and Nathan’s special day, as special as possible. At the end of the day, I married my best friend and nothing could have topped that.

Morgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie PhotographyMorgan Marie Photography

Photography: Morgan Marie Photography
Source: Two Bright Lights
Venue: First Baptist Church, Morgantown, Kentucky

We’ve rounded up a fun collection of wedding stationery for you today. These designs all have one things in common: two wheels. You’re going to love these bicycle designs!

Sunshine and Ravioli WeddingInviteLove

Sunshine and Ravioli


Something Green Weddings WeddingInviteLove

Something Green Weddings


Coquette Paper & Press WeddingInviteLove

Coquette Paper & Press


Lemon Tree Paper Co WeddingInviteLove

Lemon Tree Paper Co.


Five Sparrows Design Studio WeddingInviteLove

Five Sparrows Design Studio


Jazyrain Letterpress WeddingInviteLove

Jazyrain Letterpress

 Got a thing for bikes? You’re in luck, I’ve started a board that showcases bikes + weddings.