At WeddingLovely, we think weddings ROCK. So today, I’ve rounded up some stationery that revolve around music. Perfect for couples who met at a concert or maybe share a love for music. See if any of these great designs strike a chord with you. ;)


Baci Designer Stationery and EventsBaci Designer Stationery + Events


Marit Hanson Weddings WeddingInviteLoveMarit Hanson Weddings


Stelie Designs WeddingInviteLoveStelie Designs


Akimbo WeddingInviteLoveAkimbo


S2 Stationery and Design WeddingInviteLoveS2 Stationery & Design


Uniquely Inviting WeddingInviteLoveUniquely Inviting


Whitney Owen Designs WeddingInviteLoveWhitney Owen Designs


The music inspiration does not end here, I’ve created a Rockin’ Wedding board on Pinterest. Take a looksy!

Amber over at Beyond Events Atlanta has such a great post for us today! I can’t even count the toasts I’ve heard that I should NOT have heard. Take these tips and tell all your friends who are going to be toasting at a wedding in the near future. :)

Being asked to be a part of someone’s wedding is an honor and privilege. Along with being part of the wedding party can also come the responsibility of giving a toast to the happy couple. Over the years I have heard hundreds of toasts, some beautiful, others funny, a few that were boring and a handful that were down right disasters.  In order to give a toast that you’re proud of and that others enjoy follow these five tips.

Beyond Events WeddingPlannerLove

1. Remember Your Audience.

For a wedding you’ll be speaking in front of children, grandparents and possible friends from church. Your speech should be tailored to the people hearing it. This means no cussing, no sexual innuendo, nothing embarrassing about the bride and groom, and no telling stories that involves being drunk, wild college days or ex’s.

2. Keep It Brief.

The length of your speech should be between 2- 6 minutes.  This is your opportunity to say a few short words about the bride and groom, if it goes on for too long people lose interest. It’s best to congratulate them and resume celebrating.

3. Be Prepared.

Although it’s not necessary to have the toast written down word for word, it’s a good idea to have a rough idea of what you’d like to say. One thing that’s often helpful is to use a small notecard to write down words or phrases to remind you of the important points you want to make.

4. Practice.

Deliver your speech in front of a small crowd a few times before the wedding. It’s even better if it is for people that won’t be attending. This serves two purposes. First, when you do the trial run(s) you get to gage people’s reactions or get feedback and second, you get to practice. By getting comfortable with what you have to say you’re less likely to get nervous, stutter or forget what you’re going to say.

5. Use Humor at Your Own Risk.

Many times I’ve heard someone giving a toast attempt to be funny only to be met with silence. This is awkward and a little painful for both the speaker and the listeners. It is best to use humor only if you’re naturally funny (according to other people) or you have practiced in front of others and be told your toast is funny.

When given the opportunity to make a speech at a friend or family member’s wedding give what you have to say real thought and consideration, it will be remembered for years to come, for better or worse. Following these guidelines will help you make a toast that is comfortable, entertaining and memorable for the right reasons!

Today’s guest post comes to us from Robert London Wedding Photography. Such great advice, thanks for sharing, Robert. :)

When your wedding day comes, it will be so overwhelming that your memory of the day may be a bit unfocused. The beautiful flowers you chose, the gorgeous dress (that you agonized over), the venue and table settings, all your friends dancing, even your hairstyle is a moment that you created and wish to cherish. Unfortunately it is just one day and it goes by so fast. This is why the photographer will be the one hire you make that is so important, not only will they be with you a good deal of time on this most important day but they are the ones who shall capture all those details that you have been thinking about for the past six months or more!

Robert London Photography WeddingPhotoLove

To make sure you achieve more than just pretty pictures I have created a list to help you weed through all the marketing garbage and mediocre photographers that may lose those memories – follow this guide so that all your memories will last forever.

1. First thing, do a little research, and become familiar with the different styles of wedding photography.

No two photographers would come out with the same images, but wedding photography broadly breaks down to three types, traditional or classic and photojournalistic (everyone was traditional 20 years ago). A traditional photographer is someone who is very involved in the day, producing mostly posed shots and will spend time arranging both people and details to look a certain way. A classic, or “balanced” photographer is one who combines aspects of both. The last type is photo journalistic, think of them as reality TV photographers they will document what happens seldom or never asking you to pose. So as you are looking through friend’s albums or magazines think of these styles, decide which you prefer and start looking for photographers who can fulfill that need, also if you hire someone with a balanced approach you should tell them which style you prefer.

2. At least have a general idea of your budget.

Pricing can vary considerable, and you do not want to waste your time with someone who is not within your reach. On the other side if the price is too good to be true, it is most likely someone who is not a real professional and you would be taking a big chance. I have a golden rule about this “cost is something that can usually be negotiated, quality cannot.”


3. Now you have lots of knowledge but how do you find the right person?

The first place to start is friends. They have already gone down this road and they might recommend their photographer or give you the name of the person they should have hired. If you do a search on the internet PLEASE go past the first page and more, the first page will be filled with larger firms with big marketing dollars behind them. Vendors can also be a good resource but be warned the venue’s preferred list is a source of advertising revenue for them and usually nothing more. A great source to find the perfect photographer is WeddingPhotoLove!

Robert London Photography WeddingPhotoLove

4. Narrow your choices down from the different websites but remember you are not hiring a web designer so do not go with someone just because you love their website.

Quality is sometimes hard to define in qualitative terms, but look for the story behind each image, one photo should make you want to see another. Finally make sure the essence of each wedding is coming through, that the photographer’s style is not overwhelming.

5. References are important and it is not a bad idea to call them but be warned the photographer is only providing the good ones.

Be ready with specific questions to ask, not just do you recommend them, one effective question I like is “did your guests like him and did he handle your family’s request well?” But, references are only one piece of the puzzle in the web 2.0 world we have today, now we have reviews on wedding websites and local vendor sites such as Yelp or Google Places. Also just search for the name, you will surprised what will come up good and bad.

6. Make sure they are not just a “weekend warrior” you want a professional photographer, someone who is doing this as their sole living.

Photography in this digital world is constantly changing, and you need someone who is dedicated to keeping themselves informed of the latest technologies and capabilities, this will ensure that you not only receive the best quality but also the most choices of products and services.

7. This is very important, ask the photographer do you shoot jpeg or raw?

If they say film move on,  if they are not willing to meet the learning curve, then what else are they not learning? To make sure they shoot in the raw format ask that you receive a copy of all the final raw files (put it in the contract). On the topic of files, are the jpegs and proofs watermarked or do you receive full size files ready to print? Many studios charge significantly extra for the raw files and/or non watermarked jpegs.

Editors note: Most photographers don’t give RAW files out since they’re unedited and can often look drastically different (and less professional) than the finished files. We don’t want to change our guest article, but keep in mind that releasing RAW files is rare and in most cases, it’s not necessary to get the originals, since you want the beautiful, finished images instead.

Robert London Photography WeddingPhotoLove

8. Ask to view samples of complete weddings and ask questions about that wedding.

Many studios substitute wedding images for staffs who are beginning, also this way you will get a feel for how they handle the stress of a complete day. I have also seen photographers who can create a wonderful “glamor” shot of the bride, one that is ready for a magazine but the rest of the wedding is very poor – just because you are a good photographer does not make one a good wedding photographer.

9. What is in the package?

You want no surprises, and you want to confirm that the packages are equal when comparing from one photographer to another. I mentioned the files earlier, but other concerns are how many hours of coverage, if you are having a large wedding you may need two photographers, how many proofs do you receive, will all the images be given to me and how, on a DVD, flashcard, downloadable, how long until I receive the images? Do not forget the album! A subject on its own which I discuss here: How to Create a Wedding Album but make sure they have available what you want, there are so many options these days and quality varies GREATLY.

10. And finally, we have talked about the packages, quality, and price now what is most important is the relationship you feel with the photographer.

Remember, a photographer who frames everything perfectly, makes sure everyone is in focus, and gets every shot on your list may seem like a great photographer–however, if no one likes him/her that will show in the pictures. Even the most unobtrusive photographer still has a significant presence at your wedding; make sure that person is a guest you would invite.
I hope this list has been informative and will give you confidence in your choice of wedding photography, I discuss this subject in greater depth along with other related wedding articles on my website Robert London Photography

Robert London Photography WeddingPhotoLoveThank you Robert! You can check his profile out on WeddingPhotoLove!

The Bay Area is full of amazing wedding venues, but CuriOdyssey provides a very unique experience. Thank you Hillary for sharing these photos with our planning brides.

Curiodyssey WeddingVenueLove

Located in the natural setting of Coyote Point Recreation Area, CuriOdyssey is the natural choice for your wedding. Our Redwood Hall is an ideal setting for your special day.

Curiodyssey WeddingVenueLove

The mulit-tiered space is largely composed of rich, repurposed wood and features environmentally-inspired architectural elements.

Curyodyssey WeddingVenueLove

Along with a nature-inspired interior, the museum also offers stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and the city of San Francisco.

Curiodyssey WeddingVenueLove

For evening events, guests have access to our beautiful gardens and main building that houses a variety of fascinating interactive exhibits.

Curiodyssey WeddingVenueLove

With prior arrangement with our Wildlife Department, you may also be able to include an up close encounter with one of our many animal ambassadors.

Rental FAQs

Rental Guidelines

Visit CuriOdyssey on WeddingVenueLove or go to their site to learn more or to book your event!

A big thank you to Felicia Events for today’s guest post! If you are trying to decide whether or not to hire a planner, then this post is for you!

Photography by Monique

Photography by Monique


Why hire a Professional Wedding Planner? Imagine an orchestra without a conductor! A wedding planner is the one voice that makes sure all lines of communication are all in order. A Professional Wedding Coordinator is the leader of the team and makes sure every detail is taken care of from the very beginning to the end.

Planning a wedding can become a whole new undertaking within itself and with a busy schedule it can become overwhelming. There are wedding planners out there that do not cost astronomical amounts. Most wedding planners do offer different levels of wedding coordination. This is a luxury that is affordable because of the different levels of wedding planning offered. Hiring a Professional Bridal Consultant will give peace of mind. The vendors and venues will even appreciate a planner has been hired. Coordination and communication is a good recipe to a stress free wedding.

Photography by Monique

Photography by Monique


Make sure while searching for a Professional Bridal Consultant that the person is knowledgeable in budget planning, negotiate contracts, strategy planning to go along with the logistics for the wedding day. The list is endless of what a Professional Bridal Consultant can do. Check the planners’ experience, education and ask to see a portfolio. Be aware of prices and the average pricing within the area. All wedding planners start somewhere in their career but make sure if they can handle the expectations for the wedding day. Don’t just pick someone because of the price; make sure there is a common ground of understanding. Interview the bridal consultant because this is a business relationship that will be at least 8 months to handle a personal vision for the wedding day.

Photography by MoniquePhotography by Monique


Take a look at WeddingPlannerLove or The Association of Bridal Consultants for bridal consultants in your area. An educated bridal consultant in the industry is highly recommended. These bridal consultants strive to better their knowledge in the wedding industry.
Gambling is for the casino but not for your wedding day, be sure to hire a Professional Wedding Planner and don’t skimp on experience.

Beyond Events Atlanta brings us today’s interview. We sat down with Amber and got the scoop on what she does, plus some extra tidbits that you’re gonna love! Thanks Amber!

Beyond Events Atlanta WeddingPlannerLove

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company:

I love planning events of all kinds! I think it’s the social aspect that appeals to me the most. There are few things in life as satisfying as seeing an event that you’ve worked on for 12-18 months come to life. You actually get to witness the joy and special memories that people are creating, and know that you’ve helped bring them to reality. My company, Beyond Events has creating and organizing special events in Atlanta (and the southeast) since 2005. We specialize in weddings, but plan all types of social and corporate events as well.

Beyond Events Atlanta WeddingPlannerLove

2. How did you get into wedding planning?

After college I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I majored in Psychology, so I knew I wanted a career that involved working with people. Coincidentally, I had a few close friends that were involved in event planning. After speaking with them and doing a little research, I knew this was the perfect field for me. I get the opportunity to work with great people, use my creativity, help people plan events that they will remember for the rest of their lives, and have fun while I’m doing it!

3. What’s your favorite part of the job?

It’s hard to say. There are so many aspects of event planning that I enjoy. If I had to narrow it down to two things I would say creating relationships and the strategy of planning. I love getting to know people, being a part of planning someone’s wedding is incredibly intimate. You get to see parts of their family and relationship that most of other people don’t see. There are many of my past clients have become friends that I still keep in touch with.  As for strategic planning; problem solving and getting a good deal are my passions. Figuring out how all of the moving parts of an event are going to come together is often a challenge, but one that I truly enjoy. It’s like working on a big, beautiful puzzle. And getting a good deal, is a personal value, I’m a closet bargain hunter! I strive to get the most value for my brides. I would never encourage some one to cheap out on their wedding, but I always urge my brides to get the most from the money they’re spending.

Beyond Events Atlanta WeddingPlannerLove

4. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding planners just getting started?

Patience and Persistence. Getting into the wedding industry can take a long time. When I first got started it was hard to figure out how to get things rolling. Starting any business takes time, but beginning in the wedding planning industry takes even longer. Planning one wedding often takes 12-18 months. This means many months or possibly years of pouring money, energy and time into building your business before you ever see a dime of profit. You will need an alternative source of income, a second job or a spouse’s salary, for at least the first 2-3 years. Becoming an established wedding planner is a long-term process.

Beyond Events Atlanta WeddingPlannerLove

5. What are your hobbies or non-work-related activities?

I love spending time with my friends and family. It sounds a little cliche’, but it’s the truth. Much like the relationships I value with my clients, the personal relationships in my life are the most important thing to me. My favorite weekly ritual is to have glass of Cabernet with my husband in front of the fire in our fireplace (during Winter). It is so relaxing and a great chance to reconnect.

6. Any great stories from working with a client?

Last September I worked with a bride that was super organized and had a real eye for design. She selected all of the decor for her wedding, and it had tons of originality. After coordinating her wedding and seeing the pictures a few months later I realized how impressed I was with her natural talents and abilities. As my business grew I realized I was in need of another planner. It was kinda serendipitous, really. I recently decided to bring her on as an event planner for Beyond Events and she continues to wow me each day. My former client is now an irreplaceable team member.

Beyond Events Atlanta WeddingPlannerLove

7. What is your current favorite color combination?

We are loving gray and aquamarine for Spring. It’s such a feminine and elegant palette. The combination is soft, but striking. Most weddings have white or black as part of their color scheme. Choosing gray instead can be bold and different. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, gray and aquamarine are a great option that are sure to get noticed.

8. Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

Love it: mix-matched bridesmaids dresses & jewelry. Allowing your bridesmaids to have different dresses has many advantages. First, everybody has a different body type. Letting your maids choose a style or cut that is flattering to their figure will be appreciated by them. It also helps reduce the bride’s stress from trying to pick a dress that fits everyone’s wallet and preference. The dresses should have some type of overall theme/color scheme, but letting each girl dress as herself is a wonderful way to let them express themselves and do something outside of the box. It really gives an extra pop for pictures, too!

Find Beyond Events Atlanta on WeddingPlannerLove, or visit Amber and her team on their site!

Robert London Photography is a vendor on WeddingPhotoLove, we are so glad to have him! Thank you Robert for your in-depth interview. :)

Robert London Photography WeddingPhotoLove

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I have been a commercial Photographer since graduating from RIT in 1987 I began to expand into weddings in 1999, for before that time I felt that the film and equipment were too inhibiting to capture a wedding on film as I would see it.  With the new technologies, I started to develop my own techniques utilizing the then recent small grain films and 35mm auto focus cameras enabling me to capture the wedding as a story – the way it was – not lighting the whole room with artificial lighting and not asking the couple to stop and pose. My wedding business expanded fairly quickly considering I had no contacts in the business, and I was featured on Daily Candy in 2003, and a FOX TV special in 2004. I like to call it the art of lighting to enhance the image, versus what needed to be done in the old days and what most photographers continue to do; which is illuminate the whole scene, achieving a technically good if not perfect image yet with no emotion or connection with what the mood of the day was! This process continues with the recent advent of advances in digital imaging enabling me to achieve what I once could only imagine in my mind.

Robert London Photography WeddingPhotoLove

2. How did you get into wedding photography?

Well working as a commercial photographer in a large city like NY is very different from most other places, everything is so specialized. The joke here is you show an art director your portfolio of various fruit, and the response is “well the portfolio of images is outstanding, I have never seen food displayed so beautifully but this job is photographing apples and you have no apples in your portfolio so I am giving the job to the person who has apples.” I have always enjoyed experiencing a variety in life and so I was looking to expand my photography beyond “apples” and as I expressed above the moons where aligned to bring wedding photography up to the quality of magazines and galleries so it was the perfect expansion of my business.

3. What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

I have always said capturing the bride and groom getting ready, for it really is the unique portion of an individual bride and groom’s wedding day. For although every wedding is different particularly in NYC having the opportunity to work with almost every religion and ethnicity, they all still fall within a certain formula. As the bride and groom are preparing themselves each experience is unique, the planning is over and the reality of the day truly is starting to sink in. A parent, other relative or friend may be there expressing their good wishes, love and advice – there are really some simple yet wonderful moments, it can be quiet touching.

Robert London Photography WeddingPhotoLove

4. What is the most awkward moment you’ve experienced while on the job?

Well I have been very lucky that I have no bridezilla stories (although I did turn one bride down, so I felt that I missed the bullet on that one) but I did have one wedding where everyone was lovely except for the divorced mother who gave an inappropriate racial slur to my assistant and my assistant did not handle it well. I just had to get her out before other guests started to know something was wrong, so I had the hotel call a cab and I sent her home. Another time the divorced father, interjected on the mother/son dance and started to do a silly dance – my first reaction was to capture it on film but then I realized I am only encouraging his bad behavior and this is something we all want to forget not remember so I deliberately stopped, and I do think it helped him to realize that he needed to check his behavior.

5. What’s the best thing you ever ate at a wedding?

I can tell you what might have been the best meal, at one wedding they set I and my assistant in the main dining room, that is how they always should do it but seldom do, they served us what looked to be a large wonderful steak and vegetables meal but then we had to work and when we had our first chance we came back and they had cleared the whole table – we never had a chance to touch the food! Mostly I eat something really fast or just drink orange juice through the evening for I cannot take the chance of missing something.

Robert London Photography WeddingPhotoLove

6. What is your favorite venue and why?

Well for me any destination wedding is wonderful for there is always something new to see and experience also unlike a local venue where you enter that day and six hours or less you leave, at a destination you are there for several days so you really get to experience a stronger intimacy with the venue. Mexico is my favorite destination, travel is very easy and cheap, and the food, beaches and people are all wonderful. I have always wanted to work at this venue  The Thorncrown Chapel–it’s just so unique and the architecture is stunning.

7. Nikon or Canon?

I have been a Canon guy for a very long time, and they were better particularly the digital cameras for many years but the new Nikons are great. But remember it is not the hammer that makes one a carpenter it is the SKILL that person brings to their craft in using the tools of the trade.

Robert London Photography WeddingPhotoLove

8. What is your dream location to shoot a wedding?

The Kjeragbolten Boulder in Norway, is it just me or would it not just be awesome to see a bride and groom on that rock!

9. If you could shoot any celebrity wedding (past, present or future), who would be the lucky couple?

Anyone who would stand on that rock! Okay I would have loved to have been the official photographer for Prince William and Kate Middleton for many reasons one being that I feel the pictures they have shown have been very average. It would just be wonderful to be a part of history and have a role in documenting a once in a lifetime event and then having your images viewed by millions of people. Also, it would be fun to be able to tell the Queen how to pose for the camera.

Robert London Photography WeddingPhotoLove

10. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding photographers just getting started?

I do some workshop teaching and am writing a college course now and what always comes up when I take new assistants or students out in the field is they shoot too much. One needs to THINK about what you are shooting, there is a combined misunderstanding that they are afraid to miss something and they figure that if they take enough pictures that some a bound to be good. Well that is not how it works for I see them shooting so fast without thinking that THEY ARE MISSING THE GOOD IMAGES. Very slight changes in composition make a HUGE difference in the quality of the image and/or telling of the story. Some people just never get it, it does take experience for you need to anticipate the shot, but you only achieve that by doing it – many are just not willing to take the leap.

A constant question I am asked by couples is “how many pictures will I get” the correct answer is “the applicable amount for your wedding” they are comparing different photographers and want to know what tangible item they are receiving for their dollar. But do you want a box full of average photos or an album full of extraordinary images that make you relive the wedding day every time you open it?

Check out Robert London Photography on WeddingPhotoLove or on his site!

We are so excited to do a giveaway today!  For our Portland area brides, or anyone who might be in the area on March 8th, you’re not going to want to miss this. The Luxe Bridal Event is the ultimate high-end bridal event for today’s most contemporary and style-obsessed couples.

Prize: Two tickets (bring a friend…or your fiancé!) to the Luxe Bridal Event in Portland, Oregon on March 8.

What you need to do: Leave a comment letting us know why you want to go to the Luxe Bridal Event, it’s that easy!

Contest Winner: Will be announced on this blog on Wednesday, March 7.

FUN  for our Attendees! 

  • We are featuring a LASH BAR/ Beauty Bar-Presented by  AJ’s Hair Design & Makeup
    • A row of directors chairs and make up light boxes will be set up by the AJ’s Team who will be offering faux lash applications and complimentary make up consults

  • Bridal Bouquet Showcase –Featuring:  PUNCH, Zest Floral & Event Design, DK Floral, Blum Design in Flowers
    • Dozens of fully constructed bouquets will be showcased for a dramatic display of blooms

Luxe Bridal Event

  • The Red Carpet experiences -Sponsored by Hush Sessions
    • Guests will walk into the event on a red carpet and get their picture taken as a keepsake
  • LIVE DJ –Sponsored by Paradox Productions
    • This event is considered a hybrid trade show as the vibe of the event is more like a lounge/party feel than a trade showcase. Music will be up and lively! DJ Paradox will be spinning all night!

Luxe Bridal Event

    • There will be an assortment of passed canapes for all guests as well as a cash bar.
Luxe Bridal Event
  • THE GOWN LOUNGE -Featuring: Charlotte’s Weddings and More, Duchess Clothier, San Damian Collection and Mandalena Jewlery
    • Featuring Portland’s BEST Gown Shop, custom men’s fashion and local accessory designers  –the Luxe Ultra Lounge will be a private viewing lounge for attendees to get up close and personal  with the latest fashions.

Luxe Bridal Event

  • The DECOR –Sponsored by Barclay Event Rental
    • We’ve worked hard to keep the ambiance of the event ultra luxe and give it a Downtown Lounge/Club feel
    • White sheers with fuchsia up-lighting
    • VENDOR tables will be covered in Black upgraded linens 
    • Key tables throughout the event will be double layered with Teal linens and fuchsia overlays
    • Red carpet entrance -photo opt with red rope sanctions and pro photographer
    • Beautiful floral designs on bar tops, registration, bathrooms etc

Good luck! Leave a comment for your chance to win. :)

Planning an outdoor wedding? You’re gonna want to read this, trust me. Jessica from Experience Events did a FABULOUS job putting together this post today.

A wedding by the beach, cocktails in the garden, pictures by the barn all sound very romantic. Until it rains. But don’t panic, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure all is as magical as it should be on that most special day.  None of which include relying on the “rain is good luck” theory.
First, IF you are planning a wedding that could be impacted by inclement weather make a plan. Not just a rain plan, but a great rain plan! Take the time to really assess the best possible solution to a rainy day. Perhaps it’s renting a second location as backup, putting a reserve on a tent for the ceremony or even a covered walkway. Whatever it is, think about well in advance and come up with a solution that you love.

Because it could be raining.  On your wedding day.  (I know, ugh.)

Eric Limon Photography

Photo by Eric Limon Photography

My advice for those facing a rainy wedding day is simple.

  1. Accept It and Move On. Making “the rain call” can be an exhausting process full of lots of back and forth phone calls, watching the Doppler and rearranging the wedding setups over and over. If it is going to be rainy and make the wedding less than what it could or should be, skip the outside option and move on (and in!)
  2. Look at the Positive. Cloudy days make for amazing photographs and that is something to be happy about. Also I find that when brought inside weddings become more intimate, more connected.
  3. Have Fun with It. Bring your pink wellies, do a “first look” with an umbrella. A few puddles make for sweet pictures and great memories especially if you are smiling through it all.

Casey Connell Photography

Photo by Casey Connell Photography


As I tell our brides, the goal is to have an excellent Rain Plan and never need it-but if nothing else, rain or shine it is going to be one of the best days of your life so enjoy it!

Wow, thank you so much for this post Jessica. Maybe rain isn’t so bad after all. Visit Experience Events on WeddingPlannerLove to learn more about today’s guest writer. :)

Today’s wedding comes to us from Sara Law Photography, a photographer who specializes in bands. She branched out and photographed a wedding this summer for a couple of friends. Girl has got talent and we are so excited to share it with you today.

From the bride: Although currently living in Los Angeles, Josh and I are both from Kentucky. When we decided to get married, we found that home was where we wanted to make it official, so we chose a venue overlooking the Cincinnati skyline from the KY side. What a great view to share with all of our friends and family on our special day! Our site was so beautifully set up already, we decided to keep things simple and classic; rose petals, hors d’oeuvres, champagne and the like, adding a few more personal touches like my brother and his friend playing acoustic guitar for our ceremony. We couldn’t have been happier with how things went!

Sarah Law Photography

Sarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law PhotographySarah Law Photography

Photographer: Sarah Law
Hair: Kim from Mi Salon
Dress: Unique Vintage
Cake: Sweet Water Bakehouse
Venue – Wiedemann Hill Mansion