I wrote an article on my personal blog about my email management strategies and how I avoid being overwhelmed by email, using a slew of tactics from canned responses, smart filtering, and multiple inboxes. While it isn’t the most invitation-related article in the world, I think most people let their email get too messy, which can lead to a ton of stress. Hope you like it — check it out over on limedaring.com!

Yay, something brand new to the blog! Katie from Invitations by Ajalon graciously invited me to a studio tour up in Northern California near Santa Rosa (the roadtrip itself was a treat with the discovery of the best cupcakes in the world), and I had the best of time seeing their office and watching their press fly on a set of custom invitations. Ajalon Printing & Design has been providing print and design services for over 50 years — find special deals on their invitations on Facebook or read more about them on their website.

Beautiful red ink for the invitations.

The best picture I could get of the press running. I wish I had video ability on my camera!

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Is it grey? Or gray? Either way, this soft color is the perfect complement to any color on your wedding invitations. Ignore those that say grey is dreary — on a cloudy day, look around: colors pop and become even more magnificent!

Here are some of my favorite grey designs on WeddingInviteLove:

Marit Hanson Weddings


Bloom Art & Design


Cartoules Press


Ruby the Fox Design


Wiley Valentine


Girl Metro, Inc.


Rigel Stuhmiller


Oblation Papers & Press


And Kathleen Design Co.


The White Aisle


Ruby & Willow


This is one of my favorite invitations on WeddingInviteLove (really, go see my Pinterest board of all my favorite WeddingInviteLove designs). Amanda from baci designer stationery + events did such a great job — it’s so lovely to see full invitation suites that work so well and compliment every piece in the batch. The rustic brown, tree motifs, and seeded paper are right up my alley, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Hi!  I’m Amanda of baci designer stationery + events, a custom stationery and event planning boutique located in Northeast Ohio. Every day I have to pinch myself because I absolutely love what I do! Making brides and grooms squeal with delight when they see their invitations for the first time is awesome, especially when it’s your friends. That’s where this invitation started, with our dear friends, Jesse and Laurinda. They were planning an October wedding with a warm and rustic fall theme (you can see what inspired us when planning here on baci’s blog!). After our initial meeting we had everything set in stone, then my husband and I went to the National Stationery Show in New York and found what has now become my favorite thing ever — handmade seeded paper, you plant it in the ground and wild flowers grow. It is amazing!!! As soon as I saw it, I knew Laurinda would fall in love and she most certainly did! So much so that we threw our initial plan out the window and began again with the seeded paper as our main inspiration. And that’s how their beautiful stationery suite came about :o)

I began the design process by creating Jesse and Laurinda’s tree logo that ending up on everything from the save the date to the programs. I even “carved” their initials, J + L, into the tree trunk. Since we did a save the date postcard, we couldn’t use the delicate seeded paper. Instead we choose a thicker stock that was made to look recycled, but was thick enough to survive the mailing process.

I printed each piece of Jesse and Laurinda’s stationery in-house due to the unique, handmade nature of the seeded paper (if you look close you can see the chunks and flecks of the paper in the photo above), it was so much easier to control the quality of each piece that way.

The suite consisted of an invitation, a two-sided directions/accommodations card, complete with a custom designed “road map” of the area, and a reply card.

We used recycled brown bag envelopes for the reply card, complete with vintage postage (hands down my favorite thing EVER!), and for the outer envelope, which I printed the couple’s tree logo onto.

We finished off the suite by hand-tying it into a beautiful little package with twine and a planting tag that read, “In memory of our special day, plant our invitation suite in your garden, keep it moist, tend it with love and watch it grow!” This let each guest know just how special the invitation really was :o)
Jesse and Laurinda really started a trend, too — I now have two other October weddings that are using seeded paper!  I can’t wait to see them finished!

Thank you Amanda! See more on baci’s WeddingInviteLove profile, or on www.bacidesigner.com/.

Woohoo giveaways — Shine Wedding Invitations has graciously donated a set of 20 table numbers to one lucky winner! Shine makes such beautiful wedding invitations and other paper goods, and these table numbers would be perfect in anyones wedding reception, party or event.

Quick details:

  • Table Numbers, Set of 20, Black Ink
  • Estimated worth: $32
  • Contest is open to U.S. residents only.
  • Enter by leaving a comment on why you’d like the table numbers!
  • Contest ends 9pm PST, this Sunday (July 3rd).
  • I will be choosing one winner to win it all, randomly chosen.
  • Winner will have three days to contact me back, otherwise I’ll be moving to the 2nd pick, then the 3rd, etc.

More pictures!

Best of luck to all that enter!

Printables are a great way to save money on your wedding invitations, but there are so many poor options out there. That’s why e.m. papers is my favorite — beautiful printables that look like custom design, perfect for those on a budget! Pick out the best paper to print on, and your guests will never be able to tell.

Congrats to e.m. papers for being the newest WeddingInviteLove’s featured vendor!


There is a few more days left in our National Stationery Show giveaway (simply comment to enter!), but I found out yesterday I made a big oops. A really big oops. Apparently, not only did I fail to credit Amber of Flywheel Press for being the genius behind the recipe card project, I also forgot to pick up Flywheel Press’s card! I rectified that today, picking up the card shown above (isn’t that die-cut gorgeous?) and the card *will* be added to the giveaway stack.

(photo from Dingbat Press)

Alas, that doesn’t quite complete the set — apparently I’m missing Dingbat Press‘s as well! The black colophon card was given to me by Adrienne of Dingbat Press, but apparently the real card showed up late to the show and I didn’t get it. The above image is the only image that I could find of the card (unlike Flywheel Press, Dingbat Press isn’t local to me) but it’s being sent out to me and I guarantee that the card will be in the winner’s package.

Phew. How embarrassing!

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Newest WeddingInviteLove vendors:


Katie from Invitations by Ajalon has graciously volunteered to explain escort cards today!

There are so many small details that go into planning your dream wedding celebration,

it’s hard to keep track of every stationery item you’ll need throughout that special day. If
there is one thing you should be sure to remember for your wedding reception, it is your
escort cards!

Some brides are at a loss as to what escort cards are, or at least a little confused about the difference between them and place cards. Aren’t they both there to help your guests find their spots? Yes! But they are, in fact, very different things.

Escort cards are used to inform guests of which table they should be looking for in your
reception area. Guest names and table numbers are gracefully displayed on the cards and
minimize confusion and wandering bodies.

There are so many ways to create a fun escort card. I’ve seen them displayed as tented
cards, hanging from twine, as small tags attached to wedding favors and much more. Not
only are they practical, but depending on how creative you get, they’re a real treat for
your guests.

After your guest has used their nifty escort card to find their table, a place card will be
waiting at a specific seat to indicate their space. Together, escort and place cards form
one rockin’ team, keeping your wedding reception flowing smoothly and your stress at an
all-time low!

Thank you Katie! Check out Invitation’s by Ajalon’s profile on WeddingInviteLove, or go directly to their website. Katie also runs a great blog with tons of wedding advice and tips!

Did you hear about our giveaway? We’re giving away over $140 worth of paper goods and stationery this week — head over here to find out more!

Invitations can be simple printed paper… but sometimes, the details really make them stand out. Glitter, ribbons, lace, perforations — the possibilities are endless for adding just a little more visual interest and texture to an invitation or save-the-date. Here are some great examples for your Wednesday morning:

Hoot Invitations


Christine Meahan Designs




Oh So Sweet Prints


Dionisa’s Designs


The White Aisle


Marit Hanson Weddings


Lambert Letterpress




Print in Cursive



Did you hear about our giveaway? We’re giving away over $140 worth of paper goods and stationery this week — head over here to find out more!