I love my job. I seriously love it. I started this as a small project and it’s turned into the best job ever. However, with the bigger the directories grow, the busier I get. I’ve haven’t been able to focus as much on the community features of WeddingLovely and WeddingLovely’s directories, which has been a tragedy. Interacting with vendors and bringing on new vendors into the community is so important, so I’m hiring a community manager and evangelist to help me out!

Specific details:

  • You’re friendly, likable, and an all-around awesome person.
  • Keep track and post to the WeddingLovely social media accounts (so far, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest), and interact with vendors and customers.
  • Help review and approve vendors for the directories.
  • Reaching out via email (nicely, not sales-y) and social media to vendors to join.
  • Help coordinate posts with me on the blog. If you’d like to write full posts yourself, that’s awesome, but it isn’t necessary! A lot of the blog is coordinating posts with vendors, figuring out who’ll be the featured vendor for the week/month, and promoting existing vendors on the directories.
  • Help plan and run local meetups and WeddingLovely parties.
  • Figure out how to make WeddingLovely and our directories even more awesome.
  • Coordinate advertisers for the blog.
  • Work wherever/whenever you like!
  • Design skills isn’t necessary but let me know if you have any experience.
  • Bonus points if you worked in the wedding industry or have extra experience there.
  • Hours: Part-time (20hrs/wk) or full-time, if that’s what the right person wants!
  • Pay will based on experience and will also receive milestone bonuses. More details privately.

These all sound rather clinical — essentially it all boils down to growing and interacting with the community! It’s been important to me to be human and friendly with everyone that I’ve worked with so far, and I’d love it if anyone who worked with me has those same values.

Interested? Questions? Email me at [email protected]!

Update #1: Non-local and remote applicants are totally okay!

Update #2: Send along your resume and why you’re interested in the position in  the email. :)

Just an FYI to anyone who is linking to the WeddingLovely Blog that our URL has moved! We used to be http://weddinglovely.com/blog and now we’re http://weddinglovely.com/blog. Update your links! Links to the blog. address will continue to work but it’ll redirect, so it’s a lot better if it’s correct. :)

Quick story about why it’s changed and a bit about the disasterous process I went through this weekend:

  • I moved from blog. to /blog due to SEO reasons. Even though Google has gotten a lot better, there is still a chance that weddinglovely.com/blog would be considered a whole different site than weddinglovely.com, and therefore any SEO that the blog accrues would not apply to weddinglovely.com. That’s why I moved it over, and FYI to any other blog owners out there!
  • However, I would not recommend the disaster I went through this weekend while moving it. I created a new directory on my server and was copying my files over, then went downstairs to make some dinner, and somehow my cat managed to shut down my computer in the middle of it, disrupting the process. Stupid cat.
  • I manually started figuring out which files transferred and which didn’t, which also included all the images uploaded to the blog. I decided it would be better for the images to start from scratch, and set the directory to delete… deleting the wrong directory. Instead of deleting the new directory, I started deleting the existing directory of images and didn’t notice until halfway through (and you should have heard my reaction when I noticed…)
  • I ended up losing two full months of images and was considering that I’d probably have to rebuild those images for those posts from scratch, but the lovely Diane from Faye & Co. reminded me that website hosts usually do backups, and lo and behold, Dreamhost had a button so I could pull a backup from a week ago and retrieve all the deleted images. Phew.

So I spent about all Saturday having a heart attack. How was your weekend?

Fiore Press

fiore press wedding invitation vendor on weddinginvitelove

I love the beautiful letterpress by Fiore Press — such deep beautiful impressions! Fiore has a great sense of balance between modern and traditional, and they’re our featured invitation vendor for the week on WeddingInviteLove.


twist wedding planner on weddingplannerlove

Also featured on WeddingPlannerLove for the month of October is Twist, an event design and planning company in Lafayette, California.

Congratulations to both!

Happy Friday… and happy November! The arrival of November makes me want to jump in piles of crunchy leaves, go to corn mazes, and drink hot cider. It’s hard, though, to believe that 2011 is almost over and that the holidays are almost upon us!

Lots of great goings-on here at WeddingLovely this week:

This weeks lovely new WeddingInviteLove vendors include:

Have a wonderful weekend!


Photo by muffinman71xx via Flickr

weddinginvitelove premium lookbook

I released the WeddingInviteLove lookbook through Issuu earlier, and there was an option to buy though a saddlestitched print version through Magcloud. However, the quality of the saddlestitched version wasn’t as high quality that I would have liked, and that’s just not acceptable.

Check out the new print WeddingInviteLove Fall 2011 Lookbook — perfect bound with a heavier cover weight, plus a whole new beautiful photographed cover. I am frankly amazed by the quality of this version and I’m so excited to share this with you!

More photos:

weddinginvitelove fall 2011 premium lookbook

Whole new cover!

weddinginvitelove premium lookbook fall 2011

Contains three amazing articles by WeddingInviteLove vendors.

weddinginvitelove premium lookbook fall 2011

Separated into US and International vendor sections.

weddinginvitelove premium lookbook fall 2011

Big, beautiful photos for wedding invitation inspiration.

weddinginvitelove premium lookbook fall 2011

All vendors are listed in a directory in the back so you can head straight to their website for more.

Even if you’re not getting married, it’s so fun to flip through and just immerse yourself in beautiful wedding invitation design. Interested? Buy today on Magcloud for $22. If you want to just flip through online, see it all here. Next version coming Spring 2012!

Did you buy the previous version? Email me at [email protected] and I’ll hook you up with a discount.

Today’s featured styled wedding shoot from Country Sugar Events can be described in one word: fabulous. Here’s a little background on this unbelievably stylish shoot:

This is one of two styled shoots for Entwined 2012. Entwined 2012 is a rock-star group of wedding vendors have come together to plan and execute every last detail of this amazing 75k wedding giveaway. This is the GLAM styled wedding. Words like the following served as inspiration: fashion, softened industrial, raw, modern. The entire shoot felt completely surreal…luxe.


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november em papers wedding giveaway

Happy November, which means that WeddingInviteLove vendor e.m. papers is running her November giveaway! The details:

Prize: an e.m.papers Printable Wedding Invitation of your choice and matching Printable Save the Date card (even if you don’t see the Save the Date listed yet, I will whip one up for you).

What you need to do: In the comments section (on the post) leave the following info: Do you have any hesitations about using printable wedding invitations? If yes, why?

Contest Winner: Will be announced on this blog on Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good luck everyone!

One of the things I love most about invitations is that their design is only as limited as your imagination. No matter what the theme of your wedding, invitations can be tailored to fit even the most unusual of themes. I’ve rounded up some of our “non-traditional” invitations to inspire you:

weddinginvitelove invitation designer dogwood blossom stationeryDogwood Blossom Stationery– these invitations combine classic typography with natural 3D elements, giving them dimension and depth.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer something green weddings
Something Green Weddings– sometimes a “standard” invitation just won’t do. I love the PB&J card for fun Save the Dates!


weddinginvitelove invitation designer brooke photography & design
Brooke Photography & Design– why not get a little creative? Even if your wedding leans toward the traditional, your invitations can be a bit more “out there” by incorporating fun dimensional accents like this key.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer oslo press
Oslo Press– create true keepsakes that definitely won’t get thrown out by printing your invitations on wood!


weddinginvitelove invitation designer rotated designsRotated Designs– have a lot of information but want to conserve paper? These spinner invitations from Rotated Designs let you get a lot of information onto a relatively small space, and look great to boot.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer hoot invitations
Hoot Invitations– another keepsake invitation, guests can use the keyrings as paperweights, keychains, or even on top of gifts for wedding presents.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer classique memories
Classique Memories– having a destination wedding? Fun passport invitations are great for weddings abroad, or couples with a love of all things travel.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer paperwhites
Paperwhites– are the bride and groom big sports fans? This creative invitation included peanuts and crackerjacks, along with a “ticket” including all of the important information.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer lassod moon
Lasso’d Moon– another option for the eco-friendly couple, these invitations are not only printed on recycled paper, but they can also be planted! The seeds contained in the invitation will bloom into beautiful wildflowers- a great reminder of your special day.


weddinginvitelove invitation design uniquely inviting
Uniquely Inviting– sports fans, movie junkies, or anyone with a theatrical bent will enjoy these ticket style invitations.


weddinginvitelove invitation designer marit hanson weddings
Marit Hanson Weddings– bold black and white typography meets creative packaging in colored envelopes for a super contemporary and unique look.

This featured invitation is one I’m particularly fond of: Design Recovery | Sarah Wolfsont, a designer, had never designed invitations before. But when it came to her wedding invitations? She jumped right in… and did a great job! Sarah wrote to us, saying:

My (now) husband and I really love the look and feel of letterpress work, but realistically it was out of our budget. I visited our local stationery store, The Envelope Please in Boulder, Colorado, and checked out the products they carried. Since I planned on designing them myself, I was looking for inspiration and materials. After checking out their options, I decided to go with Envelopments, a paper distributor that has a great selection of colors and textures, and can be ordered by the piece. One piece of inspiration in the shop was a finished invitation with a wood-block style print, made on an inkjet printer. Seeing that, I was convinced that I could pull it off by printing at home and using high quality settings. It’s not letterpress, but it’s also not a bad compromise.

Our wedding took place on a working farm in Boulder, so the earthiness was important to us, as was the vintage style I love. Living in Colorado, we also wanted to tie in the mountain theme. Using old topographical maps, I made a background for the actual invite, and used typefaces with a deco feel.

The other point we wanted to communicate was the fun and casual style of the wedding. The jumble of information cards held in the inner envelope provided all the needed information, but in a fun and unstructured way.

Overall, I’m really pleased with how the digital printing worked on the cardstock. I added some darker edges and a bit of a shadow on some of the type to make it look letterpress-y, but it wasn’t really necessary. The design had enough presence on its own.

Also, the postcard RSVPs turned out amazingly! We bought a bunch of vintage cards on eBay and made templates for the RSVP information on the back. It was so much fun to check the mailbox everyday for postcards.

My favorite inspiration pieces are by Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting. She has a huge variety in her work, but my favorite pieces are: Marci + Ben’s Invites (I love the tactile opening of one thing and then another. Also, her use of address wraps was something I took. It made life easier and looked so classy.), and her Handrawn Invites (There’s less connection between these and my final design, but it was a starting point. Amazing how it all transforms.) What it came down to was a challenge of making a classy, casual, and fun to open invite that was still within our budget. I think the full bleeds totally made it.

Thanks, Sarah! If you’d like to check out more of Sarah’s design work, check out her profile on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to her portfolio is here.