Die-cutting is a process that uses a die, or plate, as a template for cutting designs out of multiple sheets of thin material, like paper. Ranging from subtle rounded corners to highly intricate patterns, diecutting can be used in an endless variety of ways to spruce up your wedding invitations and add that special little “extra something.”

weddinginvitelove invitation designer anticipate

Anticipate Invitations

weddinginvitelove akimbo invitation designer


weddinginvitelove invitation designer smockSmock

weddinginvitelove atelier isabey

Atelier Isabey

weddinginvitelove lol letterpress invitation designer

LOL Letterpress

weddinginvitelove invitation designer to have to hold

To Have & To Hold

weddinginvitelove invitation designer rane designs

Rane Designs

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Hailing from our homebase of the Bay Area, Savor the Date makes beautiful handcrafted invitations that incorporate custom invitations, hand painting and classic calligraphy. Toby Simon tells us more about her company and how she creates these works of art:

Savor The Date was created for the giddy, excited bride who savors the planning process, yet never loses sight of what her wedding is all about.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer savor the date

Each illustration starts off as a pencil sketch, then is inked with a calligraphy nib and colored with paint or Prisma Color marker. Capturing tiny details is really important to me, which is why I incorporate everything from pets and hobbies to hairstyles, accessories and scenery. It’s what makes the illustration so unique to the bride and receiving the announcement so much fun for her guests.

weddinginvitelove invitation designer savor the date 3

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weddinginvitelove invitation designer savor the date

I’ve been sketching since early childhood, but it was in high school that I took my first nude figure drawing class and discovered my love of illustrating people. With these portraits I am able to continue capturing human gestures: namely (clothes-wearing) brides, grooms and families. I run Savor The Date out of my home in San Francisco, and when I’m not working in my studio I’m usually shooing my inquisitive toddler, Mona, out of it. Those markers are messy.

weddinginvitelove wedding designer savor the date 2


To learn more about Savor the Date and see more examples of their invitations, take a look at their profile on WeddingInviteLove or go directly to their website.

thomas printers invitations wedding invitation design on weddinginvitelove

I love Thomas-Printers Invitations — not only does the company do gorgeous wedding invitation printing, Kseniya (the founder), also wrote a really fantastic article for this blog (Tips on Working with a Letterpress Printer) and she is the co-founder of Ladies of Letterpress, who had an awesome booth at the National Stationery Show.

Please congratulate Thomas-Printers Invitations for being our featured invitation vendor of the week! Check out their wedding invitation printing on WeddingInviteLove, or at the Thomas-Printers website.

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Take a deep breath… it’s finally Friday! I don’t know about you guys but I am doubly glad for it to be the weekend; maybe even more so because fall seems to be rolling into LA and that means the beginning of boot and sweater season (pretty much my favorite time of the year).


This week was my inaugural week here on the WeddingLovely, and we definitely had some great posts featured:

We also added some great new designers to the WeddingInviteLove registry, including:

And to round it all out, here are a couple great links from across the web this week:

Enjoy your weekend and take advantages of some of the last days of summer…we’ll see you on Monday!

Photo by Bill Kruffey, via Flickr

wedding invitation vendor reviews

Now on WeddingInviteLove, reviews! Vendors can have clients and coworkers review or leave a testimonial about their services, and customers can get a closer look into how a vendor works and how happy their customers are — check it out on all WeddingInviteLove profiles! Have you worked with an awesome vendor? Leave a review for them so they get more business!

In the comments — any other features that you’d like to see on WeddingInviteLove?

Today’s guest post is by the fabulous Jackie from Sweet Little Thrills, an adorable design and life blog. When you’ve finally decided that it’s time to get wedding invitations, the process can be confusing as heck and scary, and Jackie has some great tips about invitations to make sure the process goes smoothly!

wedding invitation design letterpress by girl metro

1)  Start early

Most people greatly underestimate the time needed to browse, order, receive, address, and mail wedding invitations.

Sending your invites out approximately 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding is customary, so you’ll need to give yourself time to search, order, and assemble the invitations before mailing.

Start looking at least 4 months before your wedding to ensure you have ample time to get those little gems out on time.

2) Search within your budget.

There is nothing worse than falling in love with an invitation suite (or boots, purse, or house for that matter) that you simply cannot afford.

You will either: a) woefully settle on invites that you don’t love, b) start imagining strange ways of collecting extra money to spend on your invites, c) expand your budget again, or d) cry bitter tears until you have your fiancé select something else (a bit dramatic, I admit, but it happens).

3) Browse by color, theme, or style to match your wedding.

Your guests gain their first clues about your wedding from your invitations. Coordinating a color palette or theme pulls together the individual aspects of your wedding.

Wedding invitation websites, such as WeddingInviteLove, allow you to browse by several search fields so you can easily narrow down your choices.

If you’re working with a custom designer, show them photos or examples of other wedding choices you’ve already made. They will be able to tailor their designs to your preferences.

4) Order samples.

A fairly simple task to prevent These Don’t Look Like They Did Online Syndrome is to request samples of a few designs that you like. Samples usually cost a few bucks, but that money is well spent to avoid a rush-order invitation replacement fiasco.

Once you have the samples in hand, you can rest assured you know what you’re getting.

5) Decide on other stationery.

The standard invitation suite includes: the invitation, response card, reception card, accommodations card, and directions card. Decide which of these you’ll need first. If you aren’t having any out-of-town guests, you may decide to do without the accommodations card. Make the choices that are right for you and your wedding.

Many invitation designers also coordinate table numbers, escort cards, and thank you cards to match your invitation, so it may be worthwhile to browse the options when selecting your invites.

6) Determine how many you’ll need.

The easiest way to get an accurate number is to create an Excel spreadsheet. List each household, rather than each person, that you need to send an invitation to. The number of rows in your spreadsheet equals the number of invitations you’ll need.

The next step is to add roughly 15-20% to that number. It sounds a bit high, but trust me. Between the late guest list additions, handwriting mishaps, invites that get lost in the mail, and any you’d like leftover as keepsakes, you’ll be happy you ordered extra at the beginning.

7) Proofread, proofread, proofread!

Reread and proofread the invitation text with your crazy hat on. This is one time that you REALLY don’t want any errors. A sneaky way to catch spelling errors is to read it backwards.

Give it to your mom, bridesmaid, fiancé, or someone else you trust to proofread as well. The more eyes the better.

Make sure commas are in their rightful place, all names are spelled correctly, and please, oh please, make sure the date and year are right.

8) Place your order and breathe.

You’ve made a selection, proofread the text over and over, so the only step left is to place the official order! Pour yourself a glass of wine and take a deep breath. One step down.

You might second-guess yourself on your choice, and you wouldn’t be the only bride to do so, but the truth is: your gut reaction is the one you should trust.

Thank you Jackie! Check out her awesome blog, Sweet Little Thrills, for more awesome posts!

Photo Credit: Girl Metro, Inc. on WeddingInviteLove

portland wedding invitation stationery meetup

Thank you to all the Portland lovelies who came to the Portland Stationery + Invitations meetup! I had the most fun talking with everyone (nine people total! We overwhelmed the small wine bar where we were) as well as bringing together stationery professionals in the area. There was talk about running the meetup monthly — I hope it continues! The details on the next San Francisco Bay Area meetup, a NYC meetup (and perhaps a Miami meetup?) will be posted soon.

As always, it was a bit too dark for photos but I did my best:

Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that orange invitations are going out of style! Orange hues are great for fall and can even add a bit of spice to a winter wedding invitation as well. Here are a few from our WeddingInviteLove vendors:

weddinginvitelove wedding invitation designer stelie designs
Stelie Designs


weddinginvitelove wedding invitation designer marit hanson
Marit Hanson


Hip Ink
Hip Ink




weddinginvitelove wedding designer design the date
Design the Date


weddinginvitelove wedding designer ijorere
Ijorere The Invitation, Inc.


weddinginvitelove wedding invitation designer elizabeth andres
Elizabeth Andres


weddinginvitelove wedding invitation designer kid icarus
Kid Icarus


weddinginvitelove wedding invitation designer five sparrows
Five Sparrows Design Studio


weddinginvitelove wedding invitation designer lambert letterpress
Lambert Letterpress


weddinginvitelove wedding invitation designer mperfect design
Mperfect Press

I had the honor to be invited to Flywheel Press‘s opening party this last weekend — wow, what a store! Amber has curated an amazing collection of cards, stamps, pins, and other stationery goods — not to mention her custom invitation work. If you’re ever in San Mateo (San Francisco peninsula area), I’d highly recommend stopping in the store to check it out! Not to mention she throws a rockin’ party… check these pictures out:

So delicious. The catering at the party was amazing.

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weddinginvitelove wedding invitation designer creative co claremont collection

Today’s featured invitation blends the sophistication of letterpress and calligraphy with clean design and beautiful details. Brooke of Curious & Co. Creative tells us more about their wedding invitation line, the Claremont Collection:

weddinginvitelove wedding invitation designer creative co claremont collection

Hello, readers! My name is Brooke Forry and I co-own Curious & Co. Creative with the wonderfully talented Terry Baker and Maggie Moore. Day in and day out, we create websites, logos, brochures and the like for clients, but we also love to dream up wedding invitations and paper goods for couples everywhere. We created Claremont Collection, a line of customizable letterpress wedding invitations, for the design-minded couples out there looking for something fabulous to set the tone for their big day.

With twelve designs to choose from, customizable with 30+ ink colors and a slew of paper and envelope colors, there is something for everyone in Claremont Collection. One of our newest designs that may appeal to a couple hosting a very formal or black tie wedding is the lovely Isabella.

For the girl who has everything — Isabella is classic, understated elegance at its best. A diagonally striped border paired with sophisticated and formal typography set the stage for a simply beautiful affair. We love it when our customers add an envelope liner for a pop of color; making this one-color design into a two-color piece would also give it a whole new feel.

Thanks Brooke! For more about the Claremont Collection, take a look at their profile on Wedding Invite Love or head straight to their website!

Photos by Trevor Dixon – http://www.dixonphotography.com/